How To Make A Cake Turntable: An Easy Solution!

by Hari Won

Want to know how to make and decorate a cake?

Well, you will find thousands of video tutorials waving on the internet. But before you set off to make one yourself, there's certain equipment you need to collect first. A cake turntable is one of them.

Icing or frosting the cake without a turntable is quite difficult. If you want to buy one from the shop, that's ok.

But what you may find amazing is, you can make one with what you already have in your kitchen! But how? That's what I am going to tell you in this article, some easy ways to make a cake turntable at home.

How To Make A Cake Turntable

How To Make A Cake Turntable
How To Make A Cake Turntable

Technique 1: Using A Lazy Susan

It's probably the best substitute for a cake turntable. Though, it's shorter than a traditional turntable, works pretty well. Moreover, they are less expensive. A Lazy Susan can be of wood, plastic and sometimes even stone.

Step 1: Pull off the spice bottles and make it clear so that you can use it as an icing board. Or you can buy one from a goods store.

Step 2: If you want to raise its height, place the Lazy Susan on a box or cake stand.

Step 3: To prevent its movement while working, stick non-skid dots at the bottom of it.

Technique 2: Using Cheese Tray

Necessary Equipment:

  • A round marble cutting board (cheese tray)
  • A round bowl
  • Silicone (glue)

Step 1: peel off any labels, foot pads or stickers from the marble.

A good quality marble board has, not stripper sparkle but natural sparkle on it. So you may find it quite hard to label it off.

The board also has small felt feet. You have to scrape them off too. For doing so, your teeth and armpit is enough. What you have to do is to wedge the marble board under your armpit. Then simply fret away at the feet and they will split. The removal of the sticky thing may take about 2 minutes.

Step 2: center the bowl-base on the underside of the marble board.

Now it's time for starting the real work. Center the bowl. The base of the bowl must touch the base of the marble. Now take a pencil and mark the circle of the base with it.

Step 3: run silicone bead around the base of the bowl.

Once you finished drawing the circle on the base of the board, flop over the bowl. Then apply silicone along the perimeter of the circle at the base of the bowl. Do this as precisely as possible.

Step 4: place the bowl on the board.

Place it back the same way you placed it for doing the circle. Use the pencil mark as a guide for lining up the base of the bowl with the mark. Wipe away any excess silicone that spreads out.

Step 5: wait for several hours.

Take some rest because now it's time the glue will set and the bowl will get stuck with the marble.

After the joint has been created, flip the blow over along with the board so that the board rests on the bowl. Congratulation, you've made it.

Technique 3: Using A Microwave Plate

Because of the insert ring that comes with the microwave plate, you can easily turn it into a turntable.

Necessary Equipment:

  • Microwave plate
  • A flat plate or cake board
  • An oven mitt

Step 1: place the microwave plate over a cake stand.

If you don't have any rimmed stand, then collect any other container that'll contain the microwave insert.

Step 2: place a cake board over the microwave plate.

Any flat plate will also work. It removes the difficulty that the lip around the edge of the microwave plate creates.

This will prevent it from slipping around the plate. This will also provide more clearance so that you can swipe with the icing spatula around the cake.

Step 3: place an oven mitt underneath the flat plate.

You can use a dish towel instead. This will keep this plate steady over the microwave plate.

Finally, you can place the cake on the top plate and do the frosting easily.

Technique 4: Using A Cake Stand Or Plate

When none of the above techniques is possible, a traditional cake stand will somehow manage to do the job.

While buying, choose one that has a wide and flat top and a short and wide base.

But achieving a smooth and perfect finish with a cake stand is quite challenging if you're not so skilled. Again, it's more time consuming and headache-causing.

To save time, you can use cake finishes that will prevent creating rustic swoops. Single lines are also created by the icing spatula while dragging it through the frosting.

To have a smoother finish like buttercream, work in section. With one hand, move the bench scraper or icing spatula around the cake outside. And with the other hand, carefully rotate the cake stand a bit at a time.

Don't miss out the following video!

Final Verdict

Creating your necessary stuff using the existing home materials is an art. At the same time, it's inexpensive and creative. However, to make a substitute of a turntable, you may also need some equipment to buy (like silicone).

But the overall work will cost you less than buying a cake turntable from a store. Again, you will get a satisfactory result once you get skilled. You can instantly prepare this before frosting the cake or you can also save one to use in the future.

You can also separate the parts once you finish the icing. Then use the plate or the bowl or the Lazy Susan in other purposes like the Lazy Susan as a spice cabinet etc.

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