Best Edible Printer For Cakes: Reviews 2023

by Hari Won

Have you ever heard of or used an edible printer?

It's highly unlikely, if you have never worked in a bakery, a home-based baking business or in the food industry. Unlike traditional printers, edible printers are only used for designing on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries and other such confectioneries.

However, if you have ever wondered how expert bakers duplicate your photographs or complicated designs and cartoon on birthday and wedding cakes, you can now know the answer. These are all done with an edible printer!

Edible printers make it possible to transfer your images, logos, cartoon characters or complicated, colorful designs on to your cake, and you can eat it too! It has come as a revolution in the baking industry, and now our cakes and cookies are pieces of art.

Here you can learn everything about the best edible printers, important information that you can use, especially if you are on the lookout for buying one.

Summary Table for Best Edible Printer

Image Name Price
Icinginks Edible Printer Art Package Price Check
Icinginks Cake Printer Bundle System – Includes Icinginks Wireless Cake Ink Printer, Set of 5 Ink Cartridges, 50 Wafer Papers, Cake Ink Refill Bottles and 1 Set of Refilling Kit
Icinginks Latest Edible Printer Bundle Price Check
Canon Edible Printer Package - Printer, Ink, Paper and Icing Sheets Price Check

What is an Edible Printer?

 What is an Edible Printer?
What is an Edible Printer?

Now is the time to be pleasantly surprised if you have just heard of an edible printer for the first time in your life. This is not an everyday tool that people use, except for professionals in the food and hospitality industry.

An edible printer is not a tool that we can use in the kitchen regularly, unless you own a business or you are extremely passionate about baking.

Edible printers are basically printers that use edible ink, or food coloring on real food that you can eat without any health worries. If you have ever wondered how your photographs or favorite cartoons turn up on the top of a birthday cake, you have the answer now.

Bakers and designers use an edible printer to transfer your photographs or any other paintings, images and pictures on cakes, cookies or other confectioneries for your delight.

Edible printers are completely different from an ordinary laser or inkjet printers, and the cartridges these printers use are also not ordinary color. All kinds of food coloring that can be used in edible printers have been certified safe for consumption by the International Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Edible inks, or food colorings, are made from a formulation of glycerin, water, preservatives, ethanol and consumption-safe food coloring. If not completely healthy, they are considered bio-degradable and 100% safe for anyone without any particular allergies.

Some cartridges of edible ink are also compatible with inkjet printers, but they work best with an edible printer.

Top 7 Best Edible Printer Reviews 2023

Most of the edible printers that you can find in the market all have similar features, but they may be different from each other when it comes to quality and performance.

Here is a list of the top 7 edible printers that you can find under a reasonable price.

1. Icinginks Latest Edible Printer Bundle - Link

Icinginks Cake Printer Bundle System - Includes Icinginks Wireless Cake Ink Printer, Set of 5 Ink Cartridges, 50 Wafer Papers, Cake Ink Refill Bottles and 1 Set of Refilling Kit
Icinginks Cake Printer Bundle System - Includes Icinginks Wireless Cake Ink Printer, Set of 5 Ink Cartridges, 50 Wafer Papers, Cake Ink Refill Bottles and 1 Set of Refilling Kit

This is not just an edible printer from Icinginks, but a kit of everything that you are going to need for your first few projects. You can get this complete baking kit for a reasonable price that includes 50 edible frosting sheets, 5 catridges filled with edible ink, a cleaning kit for the printer and the cartridges, along with the edible printer.

When you bring this printer home, you won't have to buy anything else to start baking and designing, and transferring your images to your creations.

You can use this edible printer with both MAC and Windows laptops/computers. Any kind of edible paper can be used in this printer: icing sheets, frosting sheets, wafer sheets, sugar sheets, rice paper, and chocolate transfer paper.

Any size paper up to 8.5" x 11.7" can be used in this printer, or any size smaller of any thickness. The 50 sheets that come with the printer are wafer sheets that are completely edible and 100% kosher, approved by the FDA.

This edible printer from Icinginks can be used to print and transfer designs and images to birthday and wedding cakes, cupcakes, cookies, meringue, macarons and even dessert pizza.

No matter how big or how small the designs are, they will be bright, flawless and attractive. It doesn't take much time to print on these sheets, and the whole operation will be done in a matter of moments.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with 50 edible sheets and cartridges of edible ink
  • Comes with a cleaning kit
  • Compatible with both MAC and Windows
  • Compatible with all types of edible sheets
  • Can use edible sheets up to 8.5" x 11.7"
  • Lightweight at 22 pounds
  • Bright and flawless prints every time
  • Can be used for design on cakes, cupcakes, frosting and cookies
  • Reusable and reloadable cartridges

2. Icinginks Edible Printer Art Package

Icinginks Edible Printer Art Package
Icinginks Edible Printer Art Package

This is another, a much more elaborate, starter pack from Icinginks where you get everything you are going to need for the first few projects you are going to make.

With an edible printer, you get a starter pack of 50 edible wafer sheets, 5 edible icing sheets, all the cartridges you are going to need inside the printer filled with edible ink, as well as 5 edible markers - in short, everything that you are going to need.

For a reasonable price, you can start baking and transferring your designs to your cakes, cupcakes and cookies without having to shop for anything else. This machine works with every kind of edible sheets available in the market, including frosting sheet, wafer sheet, icing sheet, rice paper, sugar sheets, and chocolate transfer sheet.

This machine accommodates paper of any size and shape up to 8.5" in width and 11.69" in length. The pictures that come out of this printer are beautiful and perfect every time, whether you are printing a simple image or a complicated one.

Setting up this machine is extremely easy and can be done by anyone. The company provides excellent support when needed, at no extra charge. Besides, this edible printer from Icinginks is compatible with both MAC and Windows laptops and computers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent startar pack
  • Comes with edible frosting and wafer sheets
  • Comes with ink-filled cartridges and edible markers
  • Compatible with every kind of edible paper and sheets
  • Can accommodate edible paper up to 8.5" x 11.69"
  • Beautiful and flawless printing
  • Compatible with Windows and MAC computers
  • Easy Installation
  • Lightweight at 17 pounds
  • Compatible with Android phones to print

3. Canon Edible Printer Package - Printer, Ink, Paper and Icing Sheets

Canon Edible Printer Package - Printer, Ink, Paper and Icing Sheets
Canon Edible Printer Package - Printer, Ink, Paper and Icing Sheets

We all know of Canon's popularity and reputation when it comes to inkjet and laser printer, and they have maintained their standing when it comes to an edible printer.

This edible printer from Canon comes with a starter pack of cartridges filled with edible ink, icing sheet and edible paper for your first projects. All you need is to order this starter pack to start baking and designing, and not go looking for additional tools for a few weeks.

Using the Canon Edible Printer is not very different than using a regular printer. Installing it is easy, as is connecting it to any Windows or MAC computer/laptop. It weighs only 18 pounds and will last you years of use.

This edible printer prints out bright and flawless images and designs every time, just as well as the first time. The prints are good enough not for amateur baking, but for professionals.

Highlighted Features:

  • Basic Starter Packs
  • Comes with icing sheet, paper, and ink
  • Easy to install and use
  • Lightweight at 18 pounds
  • Compatible with all edible paper types
  • Comes with refillable and resettable chips
  • Multiple settings available
  • Works in both portrait and landscape setting
  • Can be used with jello

4. Canon Edible Printer Bundle -XL Edible Ink Cartridges

Another starter pack from the world-renowned brand for printers - Canon. With this pack, you get not only frosting sheet and cartridges of edible ink, but also XL-size cleaning cartridges that you can use in cleanup later.

This is actually similar to a wireless inkjet printer where you can use edible ink to make edible art, something every baker is definitely going to love.

This printer and ink works on all kinds of edible paper, including frosting sheets, wafer sheets, rice paper, chocolate transfer sheets and sugar sheets. The entire process of printing is extremely easy; all you need to do is to decide on an image/design, edit it, resize it and click "Print".

The printer is a wireless one, so there's no messy tangle or wires around. You can just connect the machine to your computer/laptop via Bluetooth and work from it.

This Canon Edible printer is lightweight at only 18 pounds and can work with both MAC and Windows computers. This special starter bundle comes with cleaning cartridges so that you won't have to buy some later.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with XL-size ink cartridges and frosting sheets
  • Comes with additional XL-size cleaning cartridges
  • Can work on all types of edible paper
  • Easy to install and use
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth
  • Lightweight at 18 pounds
  • Works with both MAC and Windows laptop/computer

5. Icinginks Edible Photo Printer for Cake Bundle

Icinginks Edible Photo Printer for Cake Bundle
Icinginks Edible Photo Printer for Cake Bundle

This is a starter set from Icinginks where you get everything: an edible printer that comes with everything from frosting sheet, edible cartrisges with edible ink, cleaning cartridges, as well as tools for refilling.

With this starter pack ordered for your home, you won't need anything else for baking and designing something extraordinary.

The printer in this starter pack happens to be the all-in-one cannon edible printer, perfect for professional grade printing. It is both a scanner and a wireless printer that can be used on a number of paper types and sizes, up to 8.5" x 11".

In this starter pack, you can also find 5 cartridges filled with edible ink, perfect for all kinds of images and designs.

Besides, you get something with this kit that you can't get with any other starter kit: refilling tools. When you have used up all the ink from your cartridges, these tools will come in handy to refill the cartridges.

This saves you the trouble of buying new cartridges once you are done with the old ones; you can refill and reuse the original cartridges many times. Don't forget the cleaning cartridges, either!

Highlighted Features:

  • Advanced starter kit
  • Comes with Canon Edible Printer
  • Comes with 12 frosting sheets
  • Compatible with all kinds of edible paper
  • Comes with ink-filled cartridges and cleaning cartridges
  • Comes with refilling tools
  • Compatible with edible paper up to 8.5" x 11"
  • Compatiblle with both MAC and Windows computers

6. Edible Printer Bundle - Canon Wireless

This starter pack contains all the basic tools you are going to need for edible art on your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and confectionaries. It comes with a Canon Edible Printer, which is easily one of the best edible printers available in the market.

Along with the edible printer, you also get a total of 6 frosting sheets and 5 cartridges filled with edible ink. Without any excess tools to confuse you, this affordable starter kit has the exactly ingredients you are going to need for your first few projects.

The Canon Edible Printer that comes with this starter pack is incredibly easy to install and use. You can connect it to both MAC and Windows computers, and there are no wires to make your working space a messy one.

This is a wireless device that you can connect to your laptop or computer via Bluetooth very easily. Besides, you can also use your smart phone or tablet to directly print any image or design on frosting paper.

You can use any kind of frosting paper on this printer, including sugar sheets, wafer sheets, chocolate transfer sheets and frosting sheets. You get 6 frosting sheets free with this kit but you can buy any other kind of edible paper later. You can also use the cartridges later again simply by refilling them again.

Highlighted Features:

  • Basic starter pack for beginners and first timers
  • Comes with a high-quality Canon Edible printer
  • Comes with 6 frosting sheets and 5 ink-filled cartridges
  • Refillable and reusable cartridges
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Can be used on all kinds of edible paper
  • Can be used by connecting to smartphones and tablets
  • Compatible with both MAC and Windows computers

7. Edible Printer System - Comes with Edible Cartridges

Edible Printer System - Comes with Edible Cartridges
Edible Printer System - Comes with Edible Cartridges

This bundle pack from Icinginks is perfect for you if you are just not an amateur baker, but a professional one. If you have your own bakery or if you have a baking business you run from home, this is the perfect bundle package for you.

This pacage has more tools and ingredients than an amateur baker will need, but eerything perfect for a professional.

This professional bundle package comes with a Canon Edible printer, but many more items than that. You will be getting two dozens of the highest quality frosting sheets with this bundle, as well as 5 ink-filled cartridges and 5 cleaning cartridges.

When you have completely used up the ink from the cartrdges that come with this package, you can use the refill tools and the refill edible ink bottles that also come with this bundle.

Canon has one of the best edible printers in the market. You can use any type of edible paper in this machine up to 8.5" x 11". This is a scanner and a printer that will give you the brightest and the cleanest print possible.

You can print any type of images, photographs or designs with this printer - complicated or simple. The instruction guide that comes with this machine is extremely helpful; you can follow it easily to use and install this machine, and print anything you want on edible paper.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extensive bundle for professional bakers
  • Comes with a high-quality Canon Edible Printer
  • Comes with 24 frosting sheets and edible ink cartridges
  • Comes with cleaning cartridges, refill ink and refill tools
  • Can accommodate up to 8.5" x 11"
  • Works with all kinds of edible paper
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Printer + Scanner

What can you do with an Edible Printer?

Edible printers are one of the latest, intensely stunning inventions of modern life that makes a lot of activities easier than they were ever before. It's amazing just what you can do with an edible printer.

Edible printers, filled with edible ink cartridges, are usually used to decorate confectionery. Previously, these printers were used to print your chosen images and photographs on birthday and other cakes; these days, edible printers can also be used on icing sheets to print and cut out shapes for cakes, or create 3D cupcake/cake toppers.

You can print any kind of simple or complicated designs and images on edible paper with an edible printer, if you have the right color cartridges in hand.

The addition of edible printers to the food industry has made baking and designing food much more interesting than before. It has made it possible to unleash your creativity into making cakes, cupcakes and cookies, and any other kind of confectioneries that you will be able to design in any way you want to.

There are a number of techniques that you can adapt to decorate a cake with the help of an edible printer. For example:

  1. You can print out a sheet from a coloring book and apply that to a frosted cake. You can use a piping bag to draw out the outlines of the cartoons and then fill it up with cream, and let the edible paper dissolve into the cake;
  1. You can print your designs on a thin frosting sheet, then cut out the designs with a pair of scissors. Freeze the shapes inside a ziplock bag as the frosting sheet melts away, and then stick the designs to your cake;
  1. You can print your images on a frosting sheet, cut it according to the shape of the cake, and put the image on the top of the cake, with time for the frosting to melt away; or,
  1. You can print cartoon characters on some frosting sheets, then place them on flat cookies to be used by the side of birthday cakes after the frosting sheet has dissolved.

You can be as creative as you want to when you have an edible printer with you. Your cakes, cupcakes and cookies can be completely different and more attractive than anyone else's.

How to use an Edible Printer?

Using an edible printer is not very different from using a regular inkjet or laser printer. The procedure is almost the same, although the types of paper/sheet used are different in this case.

People who love to bake or run a bakery has no trouble using these printers to customize and personalize their creations.

First of all, this is a list of everything you are going to need:

  • An edible printer
  • Cartridges of edible ink
  • Edible ink or food coloring
  • Frosting paper or sheets
  • A pair of scissors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Parchment paper (optional)
  • Fondant smoother (optional)
  • Water
  • A Cake, cupcake, cookie or pastry slice

Here are the steps you need to follow for using an edible printer in your creations:

  • Take a regular size fondant cake.
  • First of all, you need to decide on a design or theme for your cake. If you are making a birthday cake with someone's photograph on it. All you need to do is print that photo on a frosting sheet to apply it to the cake. The sheet will eventually dissolve and disappear, leaving you with the photograph on the cake.
  • However, if you want a cartoon character, a logo or a special drawing for your cakes, you can make them on Photoshop or any other photo editing software. The shape and size of the design will, of course, depend on the edible frosting sheet you are using. These sheets usually come in two sizes: the letter which is 8.5" x 11" and legal which is 8.5" x 14". Choose the size you need and adjust the design(s) accordingly.

If you don't want to use Adobe Photoshop, you can use any other Photo Editing software you are comfortable with. There is a simple software named "iPrint" that has been specially made for edible printers that you can try.

  • Load the cartridges on to the printer. The instructions for doing so will be available on the guideline that comes with the printer.
  • Load one frosting sheet into the printer. This is done just like normal paper in a regular printer. However, frosting sheets are thin and come with plastic backing. The backing is necessary when you are printing on these sheets, but needs to be peeled away later.
  • Connect the printer to the computer or laptop you are using, and choose the other necessary settings. Hit "Print" just like you'd do for regular printing. If the connection is fine, the printer will start printing on the frosting sheet.
  • Give the frosting sheet a few minutes to dry and harden.
  • If you are going to use the whole design, you need to gently peel off the plastic backing and place the frosting sheet on your cake top. If you need to cut your printed design into strips or squares, you need to do it with a pair of scissors. The plastic backing needs to be attached to the frosting sheets while and after cutting.
  • Use a large paintbrush to apply water to your cake surface where you want to place your frosting sheet. The water is needed to moisten the fondant cake.
  • Peel off the plastic backing of the frosting sheet and place it on the cake.
  • Put a piece of parchment paper over the frosting sheet and use a fondant smoother to smooth away any gaps or bubbles on the design (optional).
  • Over time, the frosting sheet will slowly melt and dissolve into the cake.

Using an edible printer is more about practice and experience than about skill. This is not something very hard to do, but an extremely creative way of baking.

If you are passionate about baking and always love to do something different, an edible printer is just what you need to create wonderful cakes, cookies and confectioneries for your loved ones or for your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Edible Ink safe to eat?

If the brand of edible ink that you are using has been approved by the FDA, it is safe to eat.

Edible ink is made from a mixture of water, ethanol, glycerin, preservatives and food coloring approved by the FDA - all of these ingredients are completely safe to use in cakes and to consume. Besides, all edible ink is free of ny kind of allergens, as well.

Q. Is it important to clean your printer?

Yes, you need to clean your printer head every now and then, more frequently if you are a regular user. Since edible printers deal with food coloring that you are going to eat, they need to be cleaned thoroughly.

Edible printers cannot be cleaned with water or soap; you need cleaning special cartridges for this. Some packages come with cleaning cartridges, for others, you have to buy these cartridges for yourself. Using these cleaning cartridges to print a few blank pages will clean your printhead for the next few uses.

Q. Can I use a normal printer for edible ink?

Technically, you can use a regular printer to print edible art using edible cartridges, but the result will not be as brilliant as with an edible printer. Only with an edible printer, you will get the perfect finish and clarity needed for a beautiful cake.

Also, you shouldn't use an old regular printer for edible art that has used normal cartridges before, If you choose to use a regular printer instead of an edible printer for your cakes, it should be a new printer.

Q. What will happen if I use regular paper to print on instead of edible paper?

If you use normal paper in your edible printer to print your designs, and then put the design on your cake, it will not be edible. Normal paper will not dissolve over time and you cannot cut through it.

Although the ink would be safe to eat, the paper will not be. However, you can use normal paper for printing as a topper on your cakes and cupcakes and throw them away later, but you will be wasting expensive edible ink on them.

Q. Will the image on my cake look exactly like the one on my computer?

Almost. There may be a slight difference in the color because of the edible ink that you are using, but the design will be the same.

Q. Are the edible papers safe to eat?

Yes, all kind of edible papers is also safe to eat. This includes frosting sheet, sugar sheet, wafer sheets, icing sheets, chocolate transfer sheets, etc. They will dissolve with your cake or stay straight depending on the type, but they are all completely safe and usually allergen-free.

Final Words

A good-quality edible printer is going to make all the difference in your work as a baker; it is going to determine whether you are an amateur baker or a professioanl one.

With an edible printer, you can create any kind of designs or images on your baked goods and confectionaries. These printers are an one-time investment to your work; the better the machine, the better your creations are going to be.

If you are enthusiastic about baking or if you want to be a professional baker, this is a tool that you are definitely going to need in your life.

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Icinginks Cake Printer Bundle System - Includes Wireless Photo Printer, Set of 5 Ink - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Canon TS6120 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner and Copier: Mobile and Tablet - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Icinginks Exclusive Cake Printer Package – Cake Wireless Image Printer, 10 Flexible - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Canon Compact TS6020 Wireless Home Inkjet All-in-One Printer, Copier & Scanner, Mobile - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

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