How To Cool Cupcakes Fast? (4 Simple Steps!)

by Terry R.

Cupcakes are delicious treats which you can prepare very fast and serve your guests without many hassles.

No matter the number of people you want to host in your birthday party or family reunion, you can impress them with this delicious dessert. One good thing about cupcakes is that you can bake many in one batch and after five batches at least, you can have up to sixty cupcakes.

After baking, your cupcakes, the next thing to do if you want them to appear beautiful and attractive is the frosting. But before you frost the cupcakes, you must make sure that the cakes are cool.

4 Simple Steps To Cool Cupcakes Fast

4 Simple Steps To Cool Cupcakes Fast
4 Simple Steps To Cool Cupcakes Fast

The reason for allowing the cupcakes to cool is to prevent the frosting from melting away. Even if you want to use icing on the cupcakes, you must also allow the cakes to cool before any of the options.

So how do you cool the cupcakes fast? There are many ways to ensure that your cupcakes are cool before decorating.

1. Put Your Cupcakes in the Fridge

So many people use this method to cool cupcakes fast. After removing the cupcakes from the cake pop maker put them carefully in the freezer and let to cool for about ten minutes before bringing them out for frosting or icing.

While putting them in the fridge, make sure that there is enough space for air to touch them and also ensure that other food items in the fridge will not touch them. This is to make sure that the cupcakes will not be pressed and damaged.

It is not advisable to put your cupcakes in the freezer so that the texture and taste will not change. However, if you are in a hurry, you can use the freezer but make sure the cupcakes don't stay a long time in the freezer.

Cool Cupcakes
Cool Cupcakes

2. Place Near the Window

Another method to cool cupcakes fast is by utilizing the natural air. After baking, bring out the cupcake pan and take it close to the window. As the cool breeze blow over it, the cakes will cool down very fast.

However, this method will work faster if you are living in the tropical areas where there is constant wind.

3. Using a Cake Wire Rack

Apart from the fridge, you can also use the cooling rack to cool your cupcakes fast. One good thing about using the wire rack to cool cupcakes is that the air will circulate freely on the cakes. If you place the cupcakes on the wire rack, after fifteen minutes, your cakes will be ready for frosting.

4. Use a Flat Box.

If you don't have the wire rack, you can get a flat box and insert hole where the cupcakes can rest for air to touch them.

These are the simplest ways you can cool cupcakes very fast without stress. If you a fridge, you can utilize it but if you don't, make use of the natural air to prepare the dessert for frosting.

Just remember that before applying frosting or icing, your cupcakes must cool down first and if you are using your freezer, you must monitor the cakes closely.

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