Best Pool Pole: Review and Buying Guide 2023

by Joshua Speaks

If you have a pool in your home, you need to clean it very often. You can indeed call a cleaning company to handle it from time to time. But, there are times when you need to rid the pool of unwanted materials and can't wait for professional services. So, that's when the right pool pole will be of excellent service.

This simple but efficient tool helps you to remove dirt or floating items out of your pool. With a pole handy, you can save money, time, and keep your water neat always. All it requires is to attach a net, a rake, vacuum head, or skimmer to it, and you're good to go.

The best part is that a pool pole will ensure that you take care of the four corners of your pool without a dip. Moreover, cleaning your pool won't need to be on a time table since you have the necessary tools around.

So, let's help you to invest in the best one out there.

Top Pool Pole and Buying 2023 by Editors

Summary Table for Best Pool Pole:

Image Name Price
JED Pool Tools 50-560-16 Professional Deluxe Anodized Telescopic Pole Price Check
ProTuff 16' Ultimate Series Pool Pole Heavy duty Telescoping Design Price Check
EVERSPROUT 6.5-18 Foot Telescopic Extention Pole Price Check

Top 10 Best Telescoping Pool Pole

 Top 10 Best Telescoping Pool Pole
Top 10 Best Telescoping Pool Pole

1. JED Pool Tools 50-560-16 Professional Deluxe Anodized Telescopic Pole

JED Pool Tools 50-560-16 Professional Deluxe Anodized Telescopic Pole
JED Pool Tools 50-560-16 Professional Deluxe Anodized Telescopic Pole

This is one of the brands out there that offers a commendable length, durability, strength, and versatility. The JED pool pole is an extendable piece that helps you to reach far and near across your pool. It is 16 feet long when extended and can also be retracted to 8feet depending on what you want to pick. So, you can clean your pool anywhere you're standing without having to take a dip in the cold water.

Another commendable aspect is thickness. A thick pool pole is usually stronger than a thin one. According to the users, the outer pole is thick, and the inner pole is also as thick, thereby ensuring that your pole lasts longer with you. Moreover, it features an external cam that ensures a firm hold.

When it comes to durability, this pool pole has you covered. The anodized aluminum material used in the construction protects this JED pool pole from rust & corrosion. The handle of the pole is a professional one, and the thickness, according to the manufacturers, is better than other models.

So, if you've had a bad experience with previous models from JED, this particular one will change your opinion. It is very light, not minding the material, and it's also versatile. You can use your pool pole for vacuuming, brushing, and netting. No matter what you use it for, this piece from JED remains sturdy and efficient. Moreover, it pairs with other standard accessories, especially from JED.

Highlighted Features

  • Extends from8 to 16 feet for more efficiency
  • The anodized finish promotes durability
  • Aluminum construction material
  • Features External Cam
  • 2 piece pool pole construction for versatility
  • Compatible with standard grade JED accessories
  • 1.24mm professional-grade thickness

2. ProTuff 16' Ultimate Series Pool Pole Heavy duty Telescoping Design

ProTuff 16' Ultimate Series Pool Pole Heavy duty Telescoping Design
ProTuff 16' Ultimate Series Pool Pole Heavy duty Telescoping Design

If you're looking for a stiff and thick pool pole that won't bend nor break, check this particular one from ProTuff. Moreover, this particular pool pole is 16 feet when extended and 8feet when adjusted. You can use it to reach every dirt in the pool and also quicken the job for you. According to the manufacturer, if you've been wasting money on fake poles that can't withstand little pressure, this particular one will be different.

Many users commend the Lock-Right technology that ensures anti-slip experience. Many brands feature twist-lock technology that is not reliable. But with this mechanism on this brand, you can go ahead and clean your pool without any incident.

Also, this tech prevents what many people complain about, which is a jammed lock. You can lock and unlock the pole with the click of a button and nothing more. Moreover, this pole doesn't collapse accidentally. With its locking cam as never seen on others, this pool cleaning tool will always serve.

Have you ever felt frustrated due to a broken or bent pool pole? You can rest easy with this brand. The thickness of the pole at 1.8mm ensures that you can lift heavy dirt or even work longer hours without disappointment. Since the pole is of aluminum, it offers a strong and dependable inner and outer pole.

Another great news is that this pool pole is compatible with cleaning tools, not minding the brand. So, you're free from double purchases.

Highlighted Features

  • Lock-Right tech ensures reliability and anti-slip
  • 1.8mm thickness of pole enhances strength
  • Aluminum construction material ensures durability
  • The 2-piece design promotes the versatility of usage
  • 16feet length for proper pool cleaning
  • The rubberized handle ensures a firm grip during cleaning.

3. EVERSPROUT 6.5-18 Foot Telescopic Extention Pole

EVERSPROUT 6.5-18 Foot Telescopic Extention Pole
EVERSPROUT 6.5-18 Foot Telescopic Extention Pole

If you want to work without ever stretching unnecessarily, this 18-foot pal is here for you. This is one of the longest pool poles that enables you to reach anywhere in the pool and eliminate every dirt. It reaches more than 25 ft when standing. You can adjust this pole to any height you want, depending on the job you want to do. Investing in this pole is like grabbing a one-for-all tool

One great aspect is that this pole serves multi-purposes. You can fix other tools and use them to clean your pool. Also, it can be the pole where you attach a brush head for painting. You can use this pole to do ten things.

For instance, you can attach a cobweb duster, mop, fruit picker, fan duster, squeegee, broom, bulb changer, etc. One satisfied customer mentioned that he used it to reach the solar panels on the roof of his house. That's to tell you how functional it can be.

When it comes to durability, this pole has it to offer with an aluminum construction material. Apart from lasting longer, the material makes it a lightweight compared to others. With the EVA-foam handle plus the metal tip also, you can use it even under wet conditions without fear of slip. If you're afraid that its extension pole will be fragile, don't be. It's sturdy and reliable no matter the number of times you use it.

Another impressive feature of this pole is the flip-tab locking technology. It ensures that you don't get frustrated anymore. Other locking mechanisms may get stuck and make you so angry. But this particular pole features a locking system that will eliminate such experience.

Highlighted Features

  • 18-foot pole reaches 25ft while standing
  • Accommodates ten different attachments for many uses
  • Aluminum construction material ensures durability
  • Eva-foam handle prevents slips under wet conditions
  • Metal tip enhances ease of use
  • Flip-tab locking tech prevents jammed locks
  • The locking mechanism ensures adjustability.

4. Unger Pro Connect and Clean 4 to 8-foot Telescoping Pole

Unger Pro Connect and Clean 4 to 8-foot Telescoping Pole
Unger Pro Connect and Clean 4 to 8-foot Telescoping Pole

Unger is a multi-purpose brand that can serve you for a very long time. It comes from a respected brand in the industry with years of experience and millions of satisfied customers. This particular pole is made with one of the best materials in the market known for durability and sturdiness. It's not just made with aluminum, but the material is anodized to ensure durability and ease of use.

This pole can withstand rust and corrosion. It may not be the longest, but it's efficient and versatile. You can use it for cleaning the surface of the pool at a 4-foot distance or 8-foot distance. Also, you can use it to clean your outdoor windows or other places once you attach the necessary cleaning tools

Unger telescoping pole is durable and sturdy. The construction material is anodized aluminum, which protects it against rust and corrosion. Apart from making the pole a strong and dependable piece, the material contributed to its lightness.

The locking cone of this Unger pole is commendable. It ensures that the extension pole and other attachments lock in place and doesn't slip no matter what. You don't have to experience a jammed lock or disconnected pole when busy.

You can use this pole without your ladder while painting, cleaning, or dusting around the house. The threaded tip also helps a lot. It accommodates every attachment you need for multi-purpose usage.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a locking cone that ensures a secure fit
  • Aluminum construction material makes it sturdy
  • Lightweight to ensure ease of use
  • Anodized finishing ensures durability
  • Versatile for multiple cleaning functions
  • Threaded tip accommodates every Unger attachment

5. Aquatix Pro Pool Skimmer Strong Pole with Mesh Bag

Are you tired of spending your dollars on accessories or numerous attachments? Get this best economy pool cleaning tool. You're not going to attach anything because it's already ready with a mesh bag at the tip. All you're required to do is invest in it and go home smiling. Once you open the package, take it to the pool and start packing all the debris away.

This pool maintenance tool is effective for your daily needs. You don't have to wait for a professional cleaning service if you have it. Instead of allowing the leaves or sticks to remain in the pool, use the mesh bag attached to the tip and remove them. Don't worry about strength. The skimmer can outlast many of the brands you spend so much money to buy.

One thing we love is that you can use Aquatix pool skimmer for in-ground and above ground cleaning. It doesn't matter if you can see the dirt or not. The skimmer is equipped to expose and collect every hidden dirt no matter where. No need to worry about reach.

This pole takes a few seconds to extend or detracts for any distance you wish to reach. It also closes nicely and compactly for easy storage.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy skimmer for all pool cleaning requirement
  • Attached mesh bag for collection of debris, sticks, or leaves
  • Supports in-ground and above ground pool cleaning
  • Detracts and extends in seconds to enhance performance
  • Closes compactly for easy storage
  • 6-foot poles clean pool nicely

6. HydroTools by Swimline Anodized Telescopic Pool Pole.

HydroTools by Swimline Anodized Telescopic Pool Pole.
HydroTools by Swimline Anodized Telescopic Pool Pole.

Here is another durable and long pole to consider for your pool cleaning exercises. This best pool pole is mostly suitable for small pools. It comes with amazing features as should be seen on a pole, and it also serves multi-purposes. You can attach your skimmers, brushes, or rakes to this HydroTools by Swimline pole and clean dirt. The pole is sturdy and can withstand pressure.

One of the things to love about this pole is the length. You know how important it is to buy a long pole so you wouldn't need to hurl a ladder always. Well, this brand can adjust from 8 feet to 15 feet. If your target is a close up object, you can use this buddy at eight feet. But when the dirt is far from you, simply adjust the pole to 15feet and grab the nuisance instantly.

You can't help but love the design of this pole, either. It's made of aluminum to ensure sturdiness and durability. Apart from that, it comes with a fine blue anodized finishing to protect it from rust or corrosion.

Moreover, the construction material makes it one of the lightweights in the market today. So, no matter how heavy the wet leaves are, this pole can hurl it in. Also, since it's lightweight, you can work as long as you want without pains in your arms.

This telescopic pool pole features an external locking mechanism that ensures a firm hold. You can work with ease, knowing that there won't be a slip since the pole is locked in place.

Highlighted Features

  • External Locking mechanism keeps it firm
  • Serve for multipurpose cleaning activities
  • 8-foot length cleans close-up object
  • Extends to 15 feet for far off cleaning
  • Aluminum construction ensures durability and sturdiness
  • Anodized finishing protects it against rust

7. Ettore 43012 Extension Pole

Ettore 43012 Extension Pole
Ettore 43012 Extension Pole

If you don't have enough storage space, this product is a good option to consider. The pole is very strong and performs amazingly. But users can't stop appreciating the design since it collapses to a broom size. According to the feedback, this pole can reach the farthest dirt, not minding where it is hiding. Although it depends on the height of the users since the pole is 12 feet when standing on its own.

This pole is made of aluminum, and that alone makes it strong and durable. The clamp mechanism works greatly when you extend it. It doesn't take minutes to extend it because it features a quick open or close tapered design.

Moreover, the manufacturers made it to be user-friendly as well. You can grip it firmly even under wet conditions due to the design. At the head, you'll notice the plastic material that ensures an easy grip for users. Moreover, there is also a hole to enable you to hang it after use.

The locking mechanism is innovative too. It's a click-lock design that the pole and the extension pole is secured tightly. With that, you can work without incident no matter what you are doing.

Highlighted Features

  • 12 foot when extended for farthest cleaning requirements
  • Aluminum tubing ensures durability
  • Plastic tip for easy gripping under wet conditions
  • Click-lock tips ensure a firm hold when extended
  • Open/close clamp design enables the quick extension

8. Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescopic Pool Pole

Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescopic Pool Pole
Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescopic Pool Pole

This pole is simply a heavy-duty pool cleaning tool that you shouldn't miss. Everything about this product is awesome, and it's also as functional as it's dependable. It is made of sturdy aluminum material, and its thickness is impressive too. You can use it for as many years as you want and won't be afraid that it will bend, break, or crack during use.

One of the things you'll love is the weight. It weighs next to nothing and protects your arms from stress. No matter the load at the end of the pole, you can comfortably hurl it in without breaking a sweat. Now, the handle is another great feature.

It is coated with rubber to ensure that the pole doesn't slip out of hands as you clean the pool. Moreover, the locking cam is also there to ensure a firm grip as you work.

Many users are happy about the ease at which they attach other cleaning tools. It doesn't take minutes to attach tools such as pool brush, skimmer, vacuum head, or even net. All it takes is a few seconds, and you can take care of that since it features a clip release mechanism.

When you need to eliminate close-up objects, use the 6ft length. But when you need a longer reach, extend this Aqua Select pool pole to 18feet and do your thing.

Highlighted Features

  • Pole extends from 6feet to 18 feet for short and long distant cleaning
  • Aluminum material ensures sturdiness and durability
  • The rubber-coated handle ensures a firm grip when wet
  • Clip release mechanism quickens and simplifies attachments of other tools
  • Accommodates multiple cleaning requirements
  • Locking cam ensures a firm grip while cleaning.

9. Swimline 3-Piece Anodized Telescopic Pole

Swimline 3-Piece Anodized Telescopic Pole
Swimline 3-Piece Anodized Telescopic Pole

This 3-piece model from Swimline is another pool pole you need to check out. Although it's not designed for heavy-lifting like the others, it can still serve your simple pool cleaning needs. The length of the pole is also great. It sets at 5 feet, but if you need to clean a farther spot, you can extend it to 15feet.

The construction material is light and features an anodized finishing to ensure durability. One satisfied user commended the lightweight. According to him, other poles stressed him out due to their heavyweight. But this model was a perfect fit for him.

This pole stays firm during use; the 3 piece dual locking cams ensure that it doesn't slip nor shift as you work. Moreover, you'll love the magnetic insert that simplifies the process of attaching other cleaning tools. As such, you can attach your net, brush, or any other tool you need at the time.

Highlighted Features

  • Magnet Insert facilitates the attachment of other tools
  • Extends from 5 to 15 feet for optimum performance
  • Anodized finish ensures durability
  • 3 piece double-locking cams ensure a strong hold

10. Aqua Select 6-18 Foot Telescoping Pool Vacuum Pole

Aqua Select 6-18 Foot Telescoping Pool Vacuum Pole
Aqua Select 6-18 Foot Telescoping Pool Vacuum Pole

This aluminum pole from a well-known brand is worth every penny, depending on what you're using it for. It is long enough for any kind of distance you have in mind, and it's versatile to serve multi-purposes. You can use it for vacuuming, cleaning, and even dusting once you attach the right tools.

The construction material is durable and protects you from double investment. You can use this pole for many things. All you need to do is to adjust it to the length you need, and you're good to go. This same adjustability makes it an easy-to-store cleaning tool. Moreover, this pole is thick, and the ribbed aluminum makes it very strong.

Do you know that you can clean with ease as long as you use this pole? The external locking cam plus the handle grip enables you to work without stress. We also love the fact that it is compatible with many cleaning accessories, not minding the brand. But if you want the perfect fit, you can get Aqua Select accessories at once.

Highlighted Features

  • 6 to 18-foot length for all cleaning angles
  • Accommodates skimmers, vacuum heads, brushes, etc.
  • Ribbed aluminum material ensures durability
  • Thick design to withstand pressure
  • Contracts easily for easy storage

What to look for while buying Best Pool Pole

The pool pole looks simple, but it's not something to invest in carelessly. You may not know this, but there are different types, and the market is also saturated with many brands of pool poles.

So, if you're not careful, you may end up with an unsuitable and fake product that won't last a day cleaning. So, if you want to get it right the first time, follow our guide. We've shared some factors that you must consider before buying a pool pole.


The material of a pool pole is one of the important factors to consider while shopping. With the right material, you're sure to use it for a very long time. Also, you can be sure that it will perform well no matter how long you've used it. Right now, some of the brands we see in the market are of aluminum. Some are of plastic materials, but it's best to go with a pool pole that is lightweight but sturdy.

From our findings, the aluminum material seems to be the winner. It's very light and also strong. Moreover, if the manufacturers anodize it, this material can resist corrosion and rust, thereby ensuring that the pole lasts longer. So, if you find an aluminum pool pole with an ABS material at the handle, you've made a great investment.


Always consider the cleaning mode of the pool pole before you buy it. When ridding your pool of unwanted materials, you may sometimes need to clean both the surface and the bottom. The dirt is not always in one area, so; you must get a pool pole that can clean both the surface and the pool bottom.

In the market, there are brands of pool poles that are made for surface cleaning, while others are for bottom cleaning only. The good news is that there are also some brands that can handle both. So, you have to invest in those poles that can serve you where you need it. It's not wise to buy two poles because you made a mistake the first time. Get an all-purpose pool pole and rest easy.


One of the determinants of the length to go for is your pool. First of all, what type of pool do you have? Is it the above-ground type or the in-ground pool? Now, what's the size of the pool? Once you determine the size, you'll know the length of the pool pole you need.

However, our suggestion will be to get a brand that can extend and also retract. When you need to reach the deepest, you can extend it. But, when it's merely a close-up cleaning, you can retract it. Another commendable aspect of an extendable pool pole is that it makes storage a breeze. No matter the space you have, you can retract the pole and pack it nicely.


Before buying a pool pole, you have to know the different types available and then decide on a suitable one. Right now, there are three types of poles in the market for pool maintenance. There are the manual pool poles, the self-contained poles, and the automatic poles.

The manual pole features mesh nets at the end to handle simple pool cleaning activities. It doesn't filter tiny particles such as debris, stones, or even leaves.

The self-contained poles float automatically and take care of dirt in the pool. The best part is that they grab their power from the sun. Lastly, the automatic pool poles connect to the pump inlet of your pool and move around the pool surface either with propellers or paddles. The choice is now dependent on how you want to clean the pool.


One of the factors worth considering before buying a pool pole is the features. There are two important ones that will facilitate the proper functioning of the pool pole. The first one is the locking mechanism or cam.

Also, check if the length is adjustable and if the pole is made to be compatible with other important accessories. The reason to check the compatibility is to be sure that you can use it on any accessory, no matter the brand.

You'll be surprised to discover that some pool poles can only accommodate accessories of the same brand. So, if you don't want to spend doubly, pay attention to these details before deciding on the brand to pick.


A pool pole with a solid build can withstand numerous cleaning activities and still remain strong. Sometimes, you may need to skim and vacuum your pool,, thereby exposing the pole to water pressure and excessive weight. If the pole is not the strong type, it'll break.

So, make sure that the brand you pick will not bend or even break if you extend it. The best way to be sure is to get a thick pole with a strong locking cam and ribbed build.

As for the durability, anodized aluminum material is assuredly the best option to ensure that it lasts longer than others. At least, it will resist corrosion and rust no matter how long you use it. You don't have to spend unnecessarily buying another pole in a short time. Lookout for anodized finishing and get it right the first time.

Buy them at eBay, Etsy, Walmart (quality guaranteed)

JED Pool Tools 50-560-16 Professional Deluxe Anodized Telescopic Pole, 16-Feet,Black and - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Aqua Select 2 ½ - 7 ½ Foot Telescoping Pool Vacuum Pole | Heavy Duty Aluminum Pole for - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

8/16' Telescopic Pool Pole - Unlimited Free Replacement - Bonus Threaded Adapter for - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Swimline 3-Piece Anodized Outside Cam Mailer Telescopic Pole, Blue - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Aqua Select Telescopic Vacuum Pole Variety Kit (EZ-Clip Pole, 5' - 15') - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Swimline 3-Piece Anodized Outside Cam Mailer Telescopic Pole, 5-Feet to 15-Feet - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Poolmaster, Inc. 21328 Posi-Lock External Cam for Swimming Pool & Spa Cleaning 3-Piece - Walmart, Etsy, eBay


No matter how available and affordable it is to use professional services for your pool cleaning, you still need to do it sometimes. You don't have to wait or plan it when you can attach a net or skimmer and clean your pool. Without a handy pool pole, you may swim in dirty water, which is unhygienic. So, make sure you invest in one today.

We have shared some of the best pool poles in the market today. These brands are affordable, durable, sturdy, and dependable. Moreover, they can serve other cleaning purposes once you attach the right tool. It's time to grab your pole and simplify your cleaning processes.

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