How to use a Whetstone

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The knife is one of the most important cutting tools available in the kitchen. It’s always significant to keep its razor-sharp to support a precise and accurate cut always.

There are a lot of procedures and ways to enhance the lost sharpness of a blade, knife, razor, or a machete. This article is a complete guide about How to Use a Whetstone perfectly.

Mostly, the professional knife or machete users prefer using a whetstone for sharpening in addition to the sharpening stones. This is followed by a simple, non-tricky process, yet some time taking.

For the ultimate results, be patient, and sharpen the knife in the right way using a whetstone. Those who are master in this process, always enjoy a sharp cutting with any device

You might be familiar that the Whetstone is a tool that is used to sharpen the blades. Its structure is rectangular, a block of stone that has been used to sharpen the machetes and the knives over the year. The term whetstone is a replacement of a machete sharpening stone as people named it after measuring the flawless sharpening features.

So, you guys might have some idea about ‘What is a Whetstone’. Now its time to check its performance and get to know secret tips to use it for the sharpening.

How to use a Whetstone?

How To Use A Whetstone
How To Use A Whetstone

There is a large kind of material been used to manufacture the Whetstone and its different variations? You might find some are organic and natural while some are synthetically created. All the stones support the top sharpening feature that fills the complete purpose of creating these whetstones.

You need to know some simple ways and tips to use the whetstone of any kind for the sharpening. The life span may vary with the nature of the sharpener, but ultimately, all these are excellent toolkit to sharpen a machete or any blade.

1. Prepare the Initials:

Either you have to sharpen a machete, or it’s about a knife sharpening, there are some basic steps and format to follow. You need to arrange a couple of ingredients so the sharpening will always successful. Make sure you have a proper whetstone, a good quality machete or knife, a strong base, a cleaning cloth or towel, and some water. Prepare all these ingredients and then you are ready to use the whetstone.

2. Wet the Stone:

It is better to dip the whetstone into water. Usually, you need to dip it around 15 minutes average and confirm that the stone has absorbed enough water. Once you find the whetstone is in a wet condition completely, it is ready to use.

3. Right Placement is important:

Please note down the right, accurate, and perfect placement of the stone. It’s better to fix the stone over solid flat ground. The core purpose is to ensure that it is placed over the non-slippage surface and the stone never moves during the sharpening process.

If it’s not confirmed, then never try to start the process, as it can cause a slip and ultimately damage the human body. So, the right placement with the right angle is quite important.

4. The Right Angle

It is important to follow the right-angle white sharpening the machete. You must be applying the pressure at the 30-35 degrees on the stone for the perfect sharpening. Different blades require some variation of angles to sharpen.

It’s better to study the sharpening guide of each specific machete. For the universal approach, the angles around 35-45 degrees always work on every machete, blade, and knife. These whetstones are also been popular to sharpen the chef’s knives even, getting them back to precise cut again.

5. Choosing the side:

The selection of side is quite important and mostly, the machete condition will define it. If its highly fade or dull, then the sharpening process starts with the coarse side. If you find the device blade is not so weak, then start from the other opposite side

Make sure you apply the right pressure from the right angle and right position while the whetstone is placed at the non-slippage solid surface.

You have to select the front or the backside now. It’s better to start with the front section and then move towards the back one. Mostly, the side with usage is less rust coated and comparatively strong than the side never been used.

It’s better to perform cutting tasks from both sides, so the machete blade will stay active and remain a sharp cutting device. Use the Whetstone gently, so you avoid any damage. It’s better to sharpen the machete when you are alone, relaxed, and in a good mood.

6. Test the sharpness

Before you pack the whetstone and the machete, it is better to test the performance. The professional always check while sharpening with their thumb – not recommended for the newbies as it can damage the hand.
You can test by some cutting or by piercing any stuff. Mostly the users test by cutting the paper or the grass at their backyard.

Its always better to keep the machete in a safe zone, away from the children, and even packed inside its perfect case. Clean the machete after sharpening and then place it so you can use it again in the best manner when required.

Final Thoughts:

The machetes are very high performing and ultra-super cutting devices that require some special attention when they need sharpening. There are a large number of machetes that come with a sharpening guide, you can follow those too.

Well, this article will provide a complete detailed overview of what is Whetstone and how to use Whetstone to sharpen the blade knife. This sharpening toolkit is beneficial and productive on all types of machete blades, hunting knives, and even chef’s kitchen cutting tools too. Follow all the guidelines to stay safe during the sharpening process.

It’s better to sharpen a machete when alone, or in a far uncrowded place, where a solid non slippage and the flat surface ground is available too. So when you are trying to sharpen a machete blade with the whetstone by following the above guidelines and instruction? We hope you secure success!


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