How to Make a Machete Sheath – Simple Process

by Hari Won

How to make a machete sheath is a common question, but it is important for machete owners. It is because the best machete without a sheath can't provide optimal performance and durability.

It can be prone to rust so you have to keep it safe that you can get only with sheath. So if you want a machete for a long time to get high performance, you need to get a sheath.

For this purpose, markets are full of sheaths so you can make the right purchase. But if you want to spend money and have some creative skills, you can make the best machete sheath.

How to Make a Machete Sheath – Simple Process
How to Make a Machete Sheath – Simple Process

Believe it or not, there is no complicated process you need to follow. A simple process can be helpful to you. You have to follow these steps that we are going to provide regarding how to make a machete sheath. Yes, no need to go to the shops to make a purchase.

Get some stuff that you have already in your home and make a sheath for your machete with ease in the comfort of your home.

Simple Steps of How to Make a Sheath

When you purchase a machete, its maintenance is the next step to get the long-lasting service. For this purpose, you should need a sheath. It would be a secret way to keep your machete safe. When it goes to the sheaths, there are so many options.

The sheaths are made of different materials. The material includes leather, PVC, wooden, and Kydex.
Regardless of the material, here you will know about how to make a machete sheath.

If you want to make a leather sheath, it is not a rocket science process. You can easily make it by using your hands. Let us know how to make a leather sheath in the comfort of your home.

1. Design On The Paper

The very first step is to make a design on paper before making a sheath. Regarding this, you have to take your machete to create the design of it. Here three things are most important to consider.

  • You have to design the blade shape of your machete carefully.
  • Make sure the edges are outlined as they have.
  • Also, keep the distance between the sheath and blade.

To get it done, you have to take a pencil and paper and start designing the machete on your paper. Draw the sketch from the blade so you can measure the sheath without any problem. You have to carefully sketch all the designs from the tip to the end of the machete.

2. The Spacer

When you complete the design, you have to make sure about the machete and sheath space. It should be a quarter-inch long. You should not make it more significant than a quarter.

Besides that, you also make sure about the additional parts. It depends on you to add a loop and pouch with it or not. But we recommend you make a loop to get high comfort when you have to go along with your machete.

3. Putting The Design On Leather

When you have made the design on paper, you have to design the leather or any other material you are using. For instance, if you are using leather material, then it would be a bit tricky.

So you have to make some points and draw the sketch on the material without any discomfort. Regarding this, you have to make some pointy object so you can make stable sketching. Now you have to transform all the designs from paper to leather. It will let you get a better transformation.

Focus on the main parts and make a separate panel on the material. You can make a front panel and back panel separately on the material. It would be easy to get done.

Moreover, you should shape the central part on the material and make adjustments according to your machete shape. You have to make sure about the space as it would be the same dimension as the front panel.

It would go between two panels. Then you have to attach the parts to get a complete form of a sheath according to the design of your machete.

4. Cutting The Material

Once you have made all the sketches on paper, then you have to make sure that you bring the shape with proper visibility. It will provide you with a better cutting.

You have to cut out according to your drawing on the leather. For this purpose, you can use a razor blade to get the best performance. Make sure you are not cutting with your fingers.

It keeps your material and fingers safe. It is advised to cut the material by wearing gloves. Not only the sheath design but you should also make belt loops. So cut some extra pieces. Here we are going to explain briefly.

Step 1

For this step, you need a surface that is a bit hard such as you can take any wood or stone surface. Make sure that you don't use any surface which is sensitive to pressure.

However, you can also use the glass surface.

Step 2

After step 1 will be completed, you will need some pencils and a tooling kit.

Step 3

Get a little warmer water and soak the material for some time. This process will hold the design on the material.

Step 4

After that, you have to make a design by using a pencil. It is the most important step, and you don't need to make a mistake. However, if any mistake happens then rub the part and correct it as soon as possible then proceed with the design. But you have to make sure that there are no errors left on it.

Step 5

In this step, you have to apply the tool kit to the design to get the ultimate performance. So, move the kit along with the sketch that you have made and don't make any mistakes. Apply downside pressure gently.

5. Putting All Pieces Together

After that, you have to put all pieces together, so make sure that you have attached all the pieces. You have to use it as adhesive for betterment, but if you want to design it in a traditional style, you have to sew it.

For better results, you can use both adhesive and leather sewing. But if you want to make a sheath with adhesive, then it would be the most straightforward way. You have to put a thin line of it on the corners of all parts of the leather for this purpose.

Make sure you have put a thin line of it on the corners of the leather material of whichever material you are using. You have to put gently across the edges of cut pieces. After attaching then you have to leave all the parts together for 15 minutes.

6. Finishing Touches

The last step is to finish the touches. For instance, if you have drawn a design, then you have cut it down thoroughly. After that, the step is to finish the touches. It lets you make sure that the design is according to your requirements. Such as, if you dislike any point, then you can correct it.

Also, you have to make trimming extra edges by using a razor blade. When all the designs have been cut, then you need to polish your material so you can get a new look.

The usefulness of a Sheath

Like other dangerous tools, the machete is also a deadly weapon. It should have to be handled carefully. It may provide you damage or some serious issues as the machete comes with a long and sharp blade. A sheath provides you with a secure experience of carrying a machete. It would be helpful in these ways. A sheath:

  • Provides your safety against its sharpness.
  • Keep the machete rust-free for a long distance.
  • Keeps the user safe.
  • Avoids accidents.

Hence you need a sheath that keeps your machete safe and durable so you can get the best bangs for your bucks. For this purpose, we have provided you complete procedure of making sheath by own without paying money to shop keepers.

The Conclusion

All in all, we have made an easy process for how to make a machete sheath. Regardless of the material, you can follow these materials. Though all the steps are more comfortable, you have to follow all the processes carefully.

Then, these steps wouldn't be a problem for you. In this way, you can make a quality sheath that would be secure for your machete. Besides that, if you have any questions, then you can comment below. We are always here to help you. Thank you for visiting us!

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