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The beer pong game is a famous drinking game that brings so much happiness, laughter, fun, and emotions to tailgates, parties, and events. Due to the game's increasing popularity, there is a broad variety of beer pong tables with many features adding more flavor. Thus, if you are searching for an adult game to play with your friends, or maybe you are looking forward to participating in any game that involves the drinking of beer, then you should check out the beer pong. It's a perfect team sport for the weekend.

The beer pong game is very entertaining and easy to play. While most beginners tend to learn to play the game using a basic ping pong table, I highly recommend getting an actual beer pong table so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

In this article, I have reviewed the best beer pong tables in the market based on personal experience. Alongside the review is a well-detailed buying guide to assist you in making the right decisions when purchasing your beer pong table.

But, before we get right to it, let's briefly talk about how the beer pong game works.

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How to Play the Beer Pong Game

Understanding how the beer pong game works are as simple as learning the alphabet. The beer pong game is the best drinking game today, and players are not required to have any skills to play.

Like every other game, the beer pong is enclosed with the mysteries of playing and scoring, which players need to learn. It's likely going to be very tough for beginners, but if you are willing to pay attention, you will master the game in no time.

What Are the Things You Need for The Beer Pong Game?

What Are the Things You Need for The Beer Pong Game?

In contrast to the two squads who will be playing against each other (comprising an even number of players - each team with a minimum of two players), there are a couple of things needed for the beer pong game. They are listed below;

i. Beer beverage.

ii. A beer pong table.

iii. Six (6) to twenty-two (22) plastic cups. The most used cups for this purpose are the red solo cups that are often 16-ounces. However, if you wish, you can opt for 12oz or preferably the 36oz cups.

iv. Ping pong balls. The least required number of balls is two (2). However, you can get more. The more balls you have, the better.

Note that If there is an odd member in a team, the person can choose to act as a referee, cheerleader, or bartender, as long as everybody participates in the game and have fun.

Game Objective

The beer pong game object is to collapse all the opposition's cups.

How Do You Set Up the Beer Pong Game?

First, you should note that the game of beer pong has so many variations. Thus, the number of cups, players, and balls is adjustable depending on the agreement reached before the game's onset. Let's get right to how to set up the gameplay.

i. Tables

If you can't afford a standard beer pong table, feel free to use any available table at the gameplay arena. Any accessible flat surface will be perfect too.

However, make sure that the chosen object is around 4 to 8 feet. There should be a line visible at the center of the object (though not necessary).

ii. Drink

You sure know the type of drink to be used for the gameplay from the game's name. However, players can decide to play with any carbonated drink of their choice or, preferably, water. This drink (whatever your choice is) will be used to fill up the cups. The normal amount is around 100 - 250 ml per cup.

iii. Cups

Six (6) to ten (10) cups are placed on the opposite ends of the beer pong table. Arrange the cups in a triangle form. Also, in addition to the cups placed on the table, an extra cup is allocated to each team to rinse the ball.

iv. Ball

Each player is allocated one ping pong ball. Once the game is on, each player is expected to throw the ball into the opponent's cup at the appointed time. The game continues that way until the objective of the game is achieved.

The Basic Rules of Playing the Beer Pong Game

i. For the game, party cups and beer pong balls, also called ping pong balls, are needed.

ii. If you are going for the 6-cup mode, you must have 12 party cups, 6 for each team.

iii. Apart from the party cups used in the gameplay, there should be extra two water cups.

iv. At some point, things are likely going to get rowdy. Thus, it is advised to get at least two (2) ping pong balls for the gameplay.

v. To throw like a professional, an 8 feet beer pong table is required for the game.

Top 8 Best Beer Pong Table

Product Review of The Best Beer Pong Table

Below is the list of the best beer pong tables today. Alongside each review are their corresponding features, pros, and cons.

1. Go Pong Lounge Floating Beer Pong Table - Link

GoPong Pool Lounge Floating Beer Pong Table Inflatable with Social Floating, White, 6'
GoPong Pool Lounge Floating Beer Pong Table Inflatable with Social Floating, White, 6'

This is one of the best beer pong tables to look out for. With the lounge floating beer pong table from Go Pong, you are sure to add more flavor and fun to any pool party.

The beer pong table set from this brand features six ping pong balls, six cup holders, and four (4) roping grommets. The complete set of the beer pong table permits ten (10) beer cups, a perfect way to have a fun time at the pool.

I highly recommend this product due to its thick material and durability that allows it to float effortlessly.

For this purpose, the Go Pong lounge floating beer pong table is a versatile pong table for relaxing at the pool, even during the summer periods when the temperatures are on the high side.

The Go Pong lounge floating beer pong table quickly inflates upon pumping. There is, however, no hand pump for the product.

This amazing product is also an excellent gift idea for valued friends and families on any occasion.

Key Features

i. It can be inflated.

ii. It features six ping pong balls, six cup holders, and four (4) roping grommets.


i. The product is versatile.

ii. It features an elegant design.

iii. The product inflates or enlarges easily.

iv. The product is made with thick and sturdy materials.


i. The product does not feature a hand pump.

2. Go Pong PRO 8-Foot Premium Beer Pong Table - Link

GoPong PRO 8 Foot Premium Beer Pong Table - Heavy Duty (Black, 36-Inch Tall)
GoPong PRO 8 Foot Premium Beer Pong Table - Heavy Duty (Black, 36-Inch Tall)

This is currently the best beer pong table. This beer pong table is inexpensive, feature the standard size and tall height, and is made with heavy-duty construction materials. It is perfect for tall people who intend to play like a professional and long for a beer pong table that would last for a long time.

The Go Pong PRO 8-foot premium beer pong table measures around 36 inches in height, making it a great option if height is a problem. On this note, the table isn't ideal for short people. The reason is that the height is much and the legs are not adjustable.

This product is made by the Go Pong brand and is designed in black color. They are also made with steel and composite materials, making them heavy-duty and solid tables.

The base of the beer pong table is constructed with aluminum material, while the frame is constructed using metal. The aluminum used in the base is further coated or covered with black powder, providing additional protection from rust and enhancing or improving its appearance.

The surface of the Go Pong PRO 8-foot premium beer pong table is further constructed using a reinforced MDF that is not affected by beer spillage. However, the manufacturers, Go Pong, warn against using the beer pong table outside, exposing it to some harsh elements that will damage it.

Key Features

i. 36 inches in height.

ii. It features black powder-coated frames.

iii. The surface is reinforced with MDF.

iv. Made from aluminum, composites, and metal.


i. Portable and foldable.

ii. Scratch and water-resistant.

iii. Standard dimensions.

iv. One-year warranty.


i. Cups are not included in the package.

ii. The table is not ideal for short people.

3. Red Cup 6-Inch Portable Beer Pong Table - Link

Portable Beer Pong Table - 6 Feet with Ball Rack & 6 Pong Balls!
Portable Beer Pong Table - 6 Feet with Ball Rack & 6 Pong Balls!

This is an amazing product from the Red Cup Pong brand. This unique table is foldable into two halves. Its overall length is six (6) feet. It has a total dimension of 72 inches (length) × 36 inches (width) × 26 inches (height). This is not the standard requirement height; however, it is a great design for beginners on a tight budget.

The red cup portable beer pong table model also features a ball rack containing six (6) ping pong balls.

The most notable bad side of the model lies in the weight. It weighs about 24 Ibs. Because there are no integrated wheels to aid movement, the beer pong table is very heavy. In comparison, it's heavier than the official beer pong table with about 2 Ibs.

However, compared with the previous models, this is more stable, sturdy, and durable.

According to the manufacturer, the beer pong table is easy to maintain, scratch-resistant, and repels liquid.

Key Features

i. Foldable design.

ii. It features a glossy surface to help resist water.

iii. The table is 6-foot tall.

iv. It comes with six (6) ping pong balls.


i. Easy to clean.

ii. Foldable into two.

iii. The surface is scratch-resistant.

iv. Stronger compared to previous models.


i. Has no wheel; thus, it is very heavy.

ii. The size is not standard.

4. Red Cup Pong 8 Inches Folding Beer Pong Table with Bottle Opener - Link

8' Folding Beer Pong Table with Bottle Opener, Ball Rack and 6 Pong Balls - Basketball Design - By Red Cup Pong
8' Folding Beer Pong Table with Bottle Opener, Ball Rack and 6 Pong Balls - Basketball Design - By Red Cup Pong

This is yet another cool beer pong table you need to check out. It is, in fact, one coolest pong table from the Red Cup Pong. This model is unique in the sense that its features a basketball design. Just like the table above, the Red Cup Pong folding beer pong table comes with a ball rack, ping pong balls, and an excellent bottle opener.

The model comes with a 1-year warranty. It weighs about 23.8 Ibs. According to most users, the Red Cup Pong folding beer pong table is low and non-extendable, thus not ideal for very tall people.

The product is made from aluminum and stainless steel. It can be folded into a compact briefcase with handles.

Key Features

i. It has an 8 feet size.

ii. The package comes with a bottle opener, six balls, and a ball rack.

iii. It weighs about 23.8 Ibs and has a height of 30.


i. The beer pong table is perfect for professionals.

ii. It comes with an incredible basketball design.

iii. It is portable as it is easy to fold.

iv. Construction materials are sturdy and stable.


i. It is likely going to be too short for most people.

ii. The surface does not provide enough bounce.

5. Party Pong Tables 8-Foot Beer Pong Table - Link

PartyPongTables.com 8-Foot Beer Pong Table w/Cup Holes & LED Lights - USA Edition
PartyPongTables.com 8-Foot Beer Pong Table w/Cup Holes & LED Lights - USA Edition

The mention of beer pong often means a party happening somewhere, and this is where the beer pong table comes.

The party pong table 8-foot beer pong table is an excellent option if you are looking for the best beer pong table to purchase.

It features LED lights, which adds to the overall appearance, making it cooler. With these LED lights, the game of beer pong can be played at night.

The beer pong table package contains six (6) ping pong balls to begin the game with.

The beer pong table is lightweight; thus, it easy to move around. It is foldable too. This model features so many designs. However, the most common is the US flag.

Key Features

i. LED lights.

ii. Presence of cup holes.

iii. The package comes with six (6) ping pong balls.


i. The beer pong table is available in numerous designs.

ii. It is portable and can be folded into two halve.

iii. Table package comes with ping pong balls for users to get started with.


i. LED lights require batteries to function.

6. Go Pong 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong /Tailgate Table - Link

GoPong 8-Foot Portable Folding Beer Pong / Flip Cup Table (6 Balls Included)
GoPong 8-Foot Portable Folding Beer Pong / Flip Cup Table (6 Balls Included)

Yet another incredible beer pong table from Go Pong. This model features amazing American flag graphics on its surface. Thus, it is ideal for various celebrations and holidays like Labor Day barbecues, Fourth of July, among others.

I highly recommend this product because of its high quality.

Key Features

i. Metal and wood construction.

ii. Foldable and portable.


i. It is weather-resistant.

ii. Foldable.

iii. MDF and metal construction.

iv. American flag design.


i. The table is not capable of holding heavier items.

7. Pong Squad Football Field Beer Pong Table - Link

Football Field Beer Pong Table with Predrilled Cup Holes
Football Field Beer Pong Table with Predrilled Cup Holes

This is another impressive beer pong table from Pong Squad.

Incredible, the pong table is lightweight yet strong enough to counter or withstand violent players. It is very portable too, as it can be folded into a smaller size.

The table comes with an outstanding design. The surface features twenty-two (22) holes meant for holding the beer cups and the wash cup.

It is a perfect gift idea for friends and family.

Key Features

i. It has 22 cup holes for holding cups.

ii. Lightweight and sturdy.


i. It folds up nicely.

ii. Comes with a handle.

iii. Easy to clean.


i. There is no or little space on either side.

8. Eastpoint Sports Easy Folding Cup Pong Tables - Link

EastPoint Sports Easy Folding Beer Pong Tailgate Tables with Cups and Balls, Black Perfect for Cookouts, Yards, Parties, Park, BBQ, Beach and More
EastPoint Sports Easy Folding Beer Pong Tailgate Tables with Cups and Balls, Black Perfect for Cookouts, Yards, Parties, Park, BBQ, Beach and More

This beer pong table adds more fun to the gameplay of beer pong. Players can decide to fill the cups with a drink or leave it empty.

This beer pong table comes with 22 cups (11 blue cups and 11 red cups). It is equally easy to set up, portable, and easy to learn.

Key Features

i. Made of aluminum.

ii. It is lightweight.

iii. It is easy to transport (portable).


i. The table package comes with 22 cups.

ii. Easy to carry around.


i. Requires extensive care.

Buying Guide for The Best Beer Pong Table

Most people find it very difficult to choose a beer pong table. This is because they do not know the exact factors to check out for. Thus, this section will expose you to the main factors to check out when purchasing a beer pong table. With these factors, all you need to do is carefully make your choice based on your preferences.

Below, these factors have been listed and explained. Check them out.

1. The thickness of The Table Top

This is possibly the most important factor to consider when you are purchasing a beer pong table. For those that don't know, this refers to the surface thickness of the top of the table.

With a thick table surface, the ball can evenly bounce. Also, competitive games are often played on a table with a surface thickness of 25mm, while non-regulation tables feature numerous thickness levels.

You should also note that the specifications for outdoor and indoor tables differ greatly because outdoor tables are usually thinner and are made from several materials. The thicker the surface of the table, the lesser the risk of warping. The thickness differs with the various types of the product. Usually, the less costly the pong table is, the more likely it is for the tabletop to become deformed.

Below are some of the popular table thicknesses used for pong tables.

i. 14mm

This is the least, and I strongly do not advise you to go for this thickness. The main reason is that the bounce here is inconsistent.

ii. 15mm

This thickness is mainly for beginners. However, I still strongly stand against this unless you are searching for a lightweight table or have a tight budget.

iii. 19mm

Next is the table with 19mm thickness, mainly for intermediate players. Tables with this kind of thickness often have moderate weight and a good bounce.

iv. 22mm

This is second to the best and is found in most club class tables. Tables with 22mm thickness provide an incredible bounce. They are often tables from top brands.

v. 25mm

This is the best, as long as the thickness is concerned. It provides the most consistent and best performance bounce. There are found in most competitive class tables.

2. Outdoor Vs. Indoor

This is another important factor to consider. First, you need to ensure that you answer questions about where you will be placing the pong table. Will it be inside your house, or will you place it on the lawn or patio? Yes, there are two types of beer pong tables: the indoor and outdoor tables, and the place of use has a role in the table's durability. Knowing your pong table location is very important as indoor, and outdoor pong tables are different to some point.

The outdoor beer pong tables allow for the use of the table outdoors without any sudden risk of breaking down. Since bad weather and temperature changes are not adequate for products like this, it is advised you always wrap the table up with a protective cover if it will be left outside over a long period.

Outdoor tables should be weatherproof because they are often exposed to many natural elements like sunlight, wind, humidity, and rain. They are also constructed using stronger and cured materials like synthetics and metal compared to indoor tables. Outdoor pong tables are also quite more expensive than indoor tables. Yes, of course, they last longer too compared to the indoor ones.

It's cool to use outdoor pong tables indoors, but then it might not be the best option in terms of pricing.

On the other hand, indoor beer pong tables are constructed with materials that deliver better value for your cash than outdoor tables. These differences can be noticed in the stability, rebounds, and weight, usually lower in the indoor tables. All these are also reflected in the price.

To prevent indoor pong tables from deteriorating, it is advised that users hold them and store them in a location free from heat and humidity. These could help prevent deformation.

Also, very important. These tables usually come with manufacturer's instructions like "Suitable for outdoor use." Make sure to check out for them.

3. Size

To gain the best experience, I highly recommend you go for a beer pong table with the official size (27.5 inches high and 8 feet long by two (2) feet wide). This height is crucial as it is low enough, allowing for a perfect aim. Thus, make sure to avoid going for anything lower than the standard height to avoid the need to lean in, which is not permitted while throwing.

4. Construction Material, durability, and stability

If you would love to have a beer pong table that won't distort or warp at some point, then you need to talk about this factor seriously. Playing on a distorted surface can be unfair and frustrating, especially when just one side of the table is affected. Also, due to the crazy nature of the game, the pong table will receive a couple of hits; it is inevitable. Thus, it must be hard or strong enough to withstand them. If not, the table becomes fragile along the line, making the game less entertaining or even impossible to play. I'm sure you wouldn't want that. This is why you must make sure to go for beer pong tables that are sturdy.

The construction material plays an important role in the durability and stability of the beer pong table. From my extensive research, I noticed that pong table models with metal legs and frames tend to be much more stable on the floor. The beer pong table surface also has a role to play in its durability. It's only a matter of time before you start having beer spilling on the table. These spills are capable of penetrating the surface and causing damage if the material used isn't of high- quality. Hence, I would highly recommend you go for scratch-resistant as well as water-resistant pong table surfaces.

5. Essential Beer Pong Table Features

There are some important features to consider when you are purchasing a beer pong table. Most of them are listed below.

i. Portability

Most people do not always want to go for a permanent beer pong table because they want to be able to move it from one place to another. If you fall under this category, portability is the factor you need to check out for. This is why I will recommend the "set up and breaks down" option. A lightweight beer pong table that allows you to fold it into a big briefcase with grips.

ii. Design

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going for a beer pong table with general features. However, based on your preferences, you can also purchase something more fun, say a beer pong table that looks like a gridiron, basketball court, soccer field, American flag, etc.

iii. Cup holders

So many beer pong tables come with marks that allow players to know where to position their cups. However, the best beer pong table models feature cup holders carved into the table. This doesn't only allow players to position their cups; it also makes it possible for players not to reset the game when the table is accidentally bumped into.

6. Price

The price is another important factor to consider when you intend to purchase a beer pong table. The piece of these tables comes in three relatively different price ranges.

i. Inexpensive

Here, beer pong tables range from $15 to $40. You should note that the tables under this category are inflatable rafts designed to be utilized in the pool. The cups here fit in so tightly into the cup holders, preventing them from falling off the raft while the game is on.

ii. Mid-range

Beer pong tables under this category range from $50 to $100. You will be able to access a wax-coated beer pong table that can fold up. This allows you to easily carry with the help of a handle set.

iii. Expensive

Beer pong tables under this category are worth over $100. They feature bells and whistles, like cup holders built into the table surface to help keep the cups in a steady position, sports theme, color-changing LED glimmers around the rim of the table, among other features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Beer Pong Tables

Are the Cups Part of The Beer Pong Table During Purchase?

The playing cups are hardly part of the beer pong table package. To play the beer pong game, you will need at most twenty (20) cups (10 cups on each side of the table). In most cases, it is also possible to play with twelve (12) cups (6 cups on each side of the table). Normally, red solo cups are often used. However, in most cases, other options can be explored. Options like the use of reusable or color cups.

Are Balls Included in The Beer Pong Table After Purchase?

Yes, balls are usually added to the beer pong table after purchase. However, there is a limited supply of these balls. Thus, If by any chance you lose them or you wish to go for other options such as balls with special or unique designs, you are welcome to purchase them.

How Much Does Beer Pong Cups Worth?

If you intend to purchase them in bulk, I'm sure you will find plastic cups worth around eight (8) cents per one. However, if you will be going for high-end reusable cups, you should be willing to pay around $3 for one cup.

How Much Does Beer Pong Balls Cost?

Like the cups, if you buy in bulk, you can get them for as low as six (6) cents per ball. However, since you won't need that many balls to play the game, you can decide to go for one or two. This is likely to cost you more.

How do I Make My Beer Pong Table Waterproof?

If you ended up with a beer pong table with no water-resistant feature by chance, there might be a way to make it waterproof yourself. To achieve this, you have to coat your beer pong table's body with a polyurethane sealer. To protect the beer pong table from moisture, all you need to do is separately coat the table and the undercarriage.

Is It Possible to Create an Economical Beer Pong Table?

Yes, it is possible to create your own DIY beer pong table. To achieve this, you will need an eight by 4-foot plywood or plexiglass. After purchasing the plywood, place it on your football table or preferably on your dining table and proceed to paint the surface into your valued beer pong-themed design.

Also, if you wish not to spend on a standard beer pong table, you can opt for a regular ping pong table. With this, all you need to do is make provisions for your cups, bottle opener, and rack.

What Is the Ideal Length of a Beer Pong Table?

Regarding the official regulations of beer pong, a standard beer pong table is supposed to be eight (8) feet long. Players often get a little wild and loud most time, and to enjoy the game, players are required to shoot like a pro, using the standard beer pong table length. However, in most cases, where there is less space in the room, a lesser or shorter table can be used. A shorter table makes the game of beer pong advance much faster.

Which Is the Ideal Height of a Beer Pong Table 6 Feet or 8 Feet?

The most commonly used beer pong table sizes are the 8 feet and 6 feet beer pong tables. However, among the two, the 8 feet beer pong table is considered the standard size used in competitions and professional games. For outdoor beer pong tables, it features a thickness range of 4 to 9mm while a range of 19 to 25mm for the indoor beer pong tables.

The thickness alters the height of the bouncing ball (the thicker the surface of the table, the higher the bounce).

Also, please note that if you must play indoors, make sure to have enough space to move around.

What Does It Mean When A Cup Is Knocked Over the Beer Pong?

Normally, when the ball hits a cup, the opposing squad gets to make the cups move without any sanction. However, if the ball knocks down the cup, the said cup is eliminated from the table and game.

Thus, players should avoid such a scenario by making sure they fill up their cups, so they don't get knocked over during the gameplay.

What Is the Ideal Number of Cups to Be Used to play the Beer Pong Game?

The minimum number of cups to be used is two. However, the sum of cups to be used is dependent on the players and game in general. For example, 6-cup games will require twelve (12) cups, while a 10-cup game will require twenty (20) cups.

Buy on Walmart, eBay, Etsy (subject to availability)

PartyPongTables.com 8-Foot Party Pong Table - Sink It.Drink It Edition - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

GoPong 8-Foot Portable Folding Beer Pong / Flip Cup Table (6 Balls Included) - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Go Pong Pool Pong Table with Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table, Neon Green - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

8' Folding Beer Pong Table with Bottle Opener, Ball Rack and 6 Pong Balls - Sports Design - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Versapong Portable Beer Pong Table / Tailgate Game with Backpack Carry Case and Balls - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

GoPong Pool Lounge Floating Beer Pong Table Inflatable with Social Floating, White, 6' - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

JOOLA Inside - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table with Quick Clamp Ping Pong Net - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Binrrio Aluminum Folding Table, 6ft Outdoor Panic Foldable Table Adjustable Height Beer - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Grown Man Games Mini Beer Pong - Drinking Game - Party Game - Beer Game - Tabletop Beer - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Drinking Games Table Cover, Game Booklet and Two Ping Pong Balls - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Conclusion for Beer Pong Table Buyers

It doesn't matter if you are partying by the pool or at home; a beer pong table is one way to have much fun.

Moreover, most beer pong table models are portable, featuring a compact design, thus, won't take up much space. Most models also feature so many cool fancy designs such as ball racks, lights, and more.

Purchasing a beer pong table is one remarkable alternative to ping pong. Also, playing with an Official-sized beer pong table is ideal as it is more fascinating and fun. Also, you get to prepare for competitions.

To get the best beer pong table, I advise you to budget around $60 to $200. This should be enough to get you a complete beer pong kit, comprising the balls, the table, and the cups.

Furthermore, to get the best and value for your money when purchasing a beer pong table, explore the important factors like stability, the material used in the construction, and other vital factors discussed above.

I hope this was an interesting article. Do not forget to share with family and friends. Feel free to drop your comments in the comment section.

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