Kamikoto Knife Reviews 2022| Is it Worth Buying?|

by Terry R.

Kamikoto knife is the most essential part of the kitchen knives due to its unique blade style, exceptional cutting power, and price competitive feature compared to other brands available in the market. That's why we now bring the Kamikoto knife reviews for you guys.

Kamikoto knives are manufactured in Japan using high-quality Japanese steel from Niigata and Honshu, Japan.

The company follows the old traditional techniques ruling over a century in Japanese iron smiting. These knives are highly invincible and are available in a wide range of sizes to counter our Chef's needs. The full tang, angled edge, single bevel design makes these knives sharper and more durable.

Moreover, the handle style makes these knives aesthetically appealing. You can enjoy your stakes and impress your guests at the same time. To get a better understanding of Kamikoto knives let's read the Kamikoto knife reviews below.

Top Kamikoto Knife by Editors

Kamikoto Knife Reviews: Top 8 Picks

1. Kanpeki Knife Set

1. Kanpeki Knife Set
1. Kanpeki Knife Set

Manufactured in Honshu, a Japanese island, Kamikoto knives are the living tradition of the ancient Japanese ironsmith family. This Kanpeki knife set by Kamikoto is a set of three knives, a general utility knife, a kitchen knife for vegetable cutting and the third one is a slicing knife. Each knife is quality tested and assured, handcrafted by using high-quality Japanese steel from Honshu.

Well, being in the knife industry over years, I have observed that this Japanese knife is the most ruthless and toughest one. Its steel remains erosion free and talking about the durability, I can surely say that the set is durable as it undergoes many quality assurance tests.

Moreover, the weight of the knife is very low around 4 to 3 pounds making its grip more strong and easy to use in the fist. These knives are specifically designed to stick the traditional Japanese craftsmanship in iron smiting, and you can easily judge it by using the knife.

The company uses an ancient iron layering technique to enhance the knife's strength. Furthermore, each step in the manufacturing process is performed by experts, says polishing, grinding, or sharpening the edges. And guess what! This knife set comes in a wooden box that will keep your knives safe for a long.

  • Each blade is forged via high-quality Japanese steel.
  • Easy sharpening of the blade by using traditional methods.
  • Improved grip and control over the handle.
  • Quality against dollars paid is perfect.
  • The blade is corrosion-resistant and durable.
  • This knife set is not suitable for beginners.

2. Senshi Dual Knife Set

2. Senshi Dual Knife Set
2. Senshi Dual Knife Set

Senshi knife set is the most popular chef knife that is intricate in its display and most professional in its task. The meticulously made knife displays the art of Japanese craftsmanship. It is made of high-quality Japanese steel cautiously selected to increase the durability of the product.

This Senshi knife set is a combination of two knives, one is 10 inches blade and the other is 5.5 inches blade. Moreover, there is an aesthetically appealing wooden stand too, that keeps your knives safe. Well, as per my opinion these knives work outstanding in the kitchen, all mincing and chopping could be done in minutes with precision.

Additionally, these corrosion-resistant, high-quality sharp blades are quite lightweight. Around 6 pounds weight blades make them easy for chopping and mincing, hence your hand feels in the air when holding these ash wood handles.

In addition to the wooden stand, these knives come in a wooden box that keeps the plain blade safe in long run. This knife undoubtedly demonstrates an outstanding balance between quality, durability, comfort, and performance, but it's been observed that few are labeled as Made in China too, so be cautious before buying any.

  • It is made of High-quality Honshu Japanese steel.
  • The sharp-edged blade glides through smoothly.
  • It comes along a separate display wooden stand.
  • Extremely solid and reliable for daily use.
  • The company offers a lifetime guarantee of the product.
  • The product price is relatively overvalued.

3. Santoku Chef Knife

3. Santoku Chef Knife
3. Santoku Chef Knife

Quality assurance and high customer satisfaction is the culture of Kamikoto Knives and so goes with Santoku knives. Living the Japanese tradition, Santoku knives are also composed of high-quality Japanese steel that is durable and resistant to rust.

These blades undergo a whole variety of sequential tests and retests to ensure the quality certification that comes along with every single knife.

This 7 inches blade is designed to be razor-sharp and undergoes a satin finish. The handle is designed in a neutral shape, this is to offer maximum grip for both left and right hands.

Moreover, the knife weighs around 2 to 3 pounds, making it extremely lightweight and easy to use. You can easily sharpen the blade at home using Whetstone. As the shape of this knife is somewhat around 15 degrees angle works best when sharpening this blade.

But, be cautious, most of the Santoku knives are assembled and made in China, be assured that the steel used is from the Japanese because it is the quality of the steel that plays the whole game.

Additionally, some suggest that these knives work for boneless meat only, well, honestly for me, these knives proved themselves as all-rounder Kitchen knives, you need to check how they work out for you.

  • It comes in an ash wood wooden box for safety.
  • Santoku knife is an all-rounder chef knife.
  • The knife is durable and tough.
  • The steel used in manufacturing is rust-resistant.
  • Capable to produce study, clear and sharp cuts.
  • It is a single-blade knife.

4. Kamikoto Kuro Series Knife Set

4. Kamikoto Kuro Series Knife Set
4. Kamikoto Kuro Series Knife Set

Kuro series knife set is the combination of three knives combining a slicing knife, a utility knife, and a vegetable knife. This set possesses the hardest blade ever produced by the company. The knives are full tang and are manufactured by multiple layer iron Japanese technique.

The three-knife set has one blade of 5 inches, the second of around 7.5 inches, and the third one is 6 inches, surely a combination of perfect cutlery pieces in your kitchen.

All the blades are composed of zirconium dioxide that makes them tough, durable, and sharp in long run. The knife is a single blade but the weight and comfortability of its handles are commendable.

Moreover, I have judged that the edges retention of this knife set is pretty good. The company offers a lifetime warranty of the product, but still you need to check and verify the offers on their official website.

For me, the knife worked well, but the retail price of this knife is inflated if you check it on the official website else other cheap third-party options are also available. So, check all these factors essentially before making any buying decision.

  • The knife possesses extremely comfortable black handles.
  • There is a certificate of authenticity and quality assurance in the box.
  • The knife comes in a handcrafted ash wood box.
  • The blades are all light in weight.
  • The zirconium oxide blade retains the sharp edges for a long.
  • Available in relatively higher price options.

5. Kamikoto Steak Knife Set:

5. Kamikoto Steak Knife Set
5. Kamikoto Steak Knife Set

Made of alloy steel, this Kamikoto knife set is perfect for cutting your steaks in the perfectly right size. These blades are hand polished and depict the perfect craftsmanship, sharped at an angle of 11 degrees.

The knives are carefully made for user comfort so the handle is composed of wood specially imported from Africa to offer strength and comfort.

The blade material of this knife set is resistant to corrosion and discoloration that increases the longevity of life. Moreover, the knife weighs around two pounds only that makes its grip more firm in your fist.

These knives are not only aesthetically fascinating but are perfect in performance too. They are easy to keep because the material of these knives is dishwasher safe. The knives in this set are non-serrated which is the traditional Japanese style of keeping edges.

Moreover, both sides of the blade are functional, although their sharpness varies both of them are at your steak services. Like few other Kamikoto knife sets these knives are also made and assembled in China, but offers Japanese quality.

For this, you have to check thoroughly if this bothers you not because for me this was not a concern point unless the knife offers excellence in performance.

  • The knife is a double-edged blade.
  • It has traditional non-serrated Japanese edges.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • The knife set comes along with a certificate of authenticity.
  • The set is aesthetically appealing.
  • Some pieces of this knife set are made in China.

6. Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set

6. Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set
6. Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set

Kensei Knife set is customized to offer versatility in a variety of tasks. These knives are the perfect chef's choice when it comes to slicing. You can slice bigger meat slices, fish, vegetables or even you can debone the lamb meat too.

This Kamikoto set is a combination of two knives one with 6.5 inches blade and the other one id 9.5 inches blade, both depict the remarkable combination of strength and agility. The high-quality steel from japan is forged to produce these crispy blades.

The knife is specially designed to allow precise piercing, slicing, and fillet cutting. And the weight of the knife is well balanced to offer stability in hand that is essential when deboning the meat with these razor-sharp tools.

Moreover, the knife is quite lightweight and easy to handle. Kamikoto Company offers a lifetime guarantee for sharpness, strength, and durability.

But if you are buying from a third party you need to check their website separately. The hand-crafted ash wood box keeps blades safe against environmental exposure that can cause discoloration and rust of the steel.

  • One set offers versatile blades.
  • The packaging is decent and attractive.
  • The handles material is comfortable.
  • The blade is capable to maintain its edge for a long.
  • Available in many low-priced options too.
  • Suitable for right-handed ones.

7. Kamikoto 13-inch Yanagiba

7. Kamikoto 13-inch Yanagiba
7. Kamikoto 13-inch Yanagiba

This alloy steel 13 inches blade is the toughest one as it is forged at 3092 Fahrenheit, such a high temperature though. The blade is designed to scale a big fish in one go, now imagine the power of this blade.

It is a plain-edged blade that is often used in sushi making too. The blade is forged to produce very thin and long slices, specifically of fish.

Overall the length of this knife is 18 inches that makes it capable to produce clean and thin fillets. Furthermore, the weight of this blade is only 3 pounds, making it more handy and comfortable in use.

Although the knife is specifically designed for slicing meat I have used it for sushi making and it turned out not less than a professional, which is remarkable.

On the downside, the knife comes with a limited-time guarantee, which can be claimed only when you get a defective piece by mistake, yet you need to prove that too, in case you want to claim the warranty.

Additionally, this model of Kamikoto knife is available in limited edition and is served on a first-come basis. So, if you are planning to get one you need to be quick!

  • The blade is one of the toughest Kamikoto blades.
  • The tip is sharp enough.
  • Suitable to produce straight and deep fish cuts.
  • The knife is sharpened easily on the whetstone.
  • When holding at 10 degrees the blade can scale a big fish at one go.
  • It is a limited edition knife.

8. Kamikoto Ryoshi Knife Set

8. Kamikoto Ryoshi Knife Set
8. Kamikoto Ryoshi Knife Set

Ryoshi Knife set is a must-have for every Fish Chef. The set has two professional knives, one is a Deba knife and the other is Yanagiba Knife. Deba knife is a 7.5 inches blade that is specially angled to fillet fish, poultry, or any meat with small or medium bones.

The angle of this blade tip allows you to feel the bones present in the meat that helps you in making perfect fillet cuts in no time. Moreover, it is a single blade, which means only one side of this blade is sharp so that you can control the knife fearlessly.

The second knife of the set is the Yanagiba knife, it is 10 inches blade with is remarkable in its strength and toughness. The long blade with an angled tip allows producing boneless fish fillets in no time.

Furthermore, you can smoothly slide across the fish threads for sushi cuts, using this Yanagiba knife. It is also a single bevel design and never produces any rough cuts. Although it is specified for fish, trust me you can use it on my kind of meat slicing or even thinnest vegetable slicing. It will perform best in all conditions.

  • Perfect for slicing fish.
  • The set offers a perfect balance of power visa single bevel design.
  • A perfectly angled tip allows slicing with precision.
  • Available in low price options.
  • The set can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Made in China.

Kamikoto knives vs Shun

Being a Japanese knife lover, I too get confused on which knife to prefer, a Kamikoto or Shun. Well, there are few consideration factors that you can look upon before making any decision.

1. About Brand

Kamikoto knives are run by the fourth generation of ironsmith family from Japan. They hold a sound grip on old and modern techniques of crafting a knife, while using the highest grade of steel from Honshu Island, Japan.

Shun also is a very well-developed brand from Japan, that loves to craft a knife manually at many of its construction stages and it is what makes its price high.

2. Edges and Handles

Edged of the most German knives is 22 degrees angled while Shun and Kamikoto have edges around 12 to 16 degrees angled at both sides. Moreover, both are hollow ground at one side and single bevel in functionality this increases their overall performance.

Shun uses resin impregnated in the wood, this is to make the handle soft and easy to grip on, while Kamikoto knives have plain wooden handles.

3. Steel

The steel used by Shun is optimized carefully by adding chromium, vanadium, and magnesium alloys. The company uses authentic Japanese steel but still, modifications are there.

Kamikoto knives are known for their steel that is carefully chosen from mills of Honshu, Niigata, Ibaraki, and Kanagawa. Well, Kamikoto knife steel is the toughest in use as compared to Shu knife steel.

4. Construction

The construction process is where the main difference lies between the two Japanese brands. Shun knives are made by VG-MAX, VG10, SG and Higher carbon Blue plates stake together to form a layering tough, heavy metal plate.

This plate is angled at the edge to form a very beautiful appearing metal sharp edge. And the best part is, nearly all of these 100 steps are performed manually.

While Kamikoto knives also follow the traditional metal layering techniques but these knives are now constructed in China, maybe cost-cutting is one of the considerate factors behind this!

What to Look Before Buying Kamikoto Knives

Here is the detail that you need to look upon when choosing a Kamikoto knife for your kitchen.

1. Design

As mentioned, Kamikoto is backed by old Japanese traditions of knife making that ruled over more than a century. So the design of this knife always makes it stand out from the crowd, as it shows a unique combination of old and new techniques and styles.

The knife is perfectly designed with a shin finishing that adds a spark. It has optimum balance in blade weight and handles comfort.

Moreover, the tip is designed to offer effortless straight deep cut slicing and chopping. Overall, Kamikoto knives follow a single bevel, hollow ground one side design.

2. Construction

Kamikoto knife is constructed by following many meticulous steps to make a masterpiece. To understand the construction part, knives are generally segregated into the following parts;

3. Blade

Many Japanese knives follow multiple metal layer techniques to form a metal plate of the blade initially, but the Kamikoto knife used the top-notch stainless steel from Honshu, or else it uses zirconium oxide that makes the blade the toughest one.

The steel is forged at a high temperature of 1922°F and is annealed at 392°F for around two hours. This level of toughness adds strength to the blade and that is why the Kamikoto knife can retain its blade more than any other Japanese knife, subjected to its care and maintenance.

Moreover, the steel used for the Kamikoto knife is corrosion resistant and anti-discoloring too.

4. Handle

All of the Kamikoto knives are full tang, this makes their handles most stable. The handles of Kamikoto knives are made of ash wood or special softwood imported from Africa.

The handle is designed to give a well-blended eye drop shape at its end and the edges here are angled to provide security and strength.

Furthermore, Kamikoto follows the traditional No bolster style, so you can say that these knives are not beginner-friendly.

5. Size

Kamikoto knife is available in a wide range of sizes ranging from 5-13 inches in total. The size of the knife is dependent upon its job, chopping knives come in blades of 5 inches while the other slicing knives come along a blade length of as high as 9.5 inches.

Most of these are single bevel, hollow design patterned knives. Subjected to your use, you can find a Kamikoto knife as bigger as 13 inches knife, in the market.

6. Sharpness

Kamikoto knives blade is angled at 16 degrees making them sharp enough, moreover, these knives are composed of Zirconium oxide that is one of the toughest element on earth and adds in the toughness of the knife.

This makes the knife capable to retain its edges for more periods. Thus, the steel quality, the degree of an angle at its edge, and its single bevel design make the knife the sharpest. This makes the knives.

7. Care and Maintenance

Although the Kamikoto knife is dish wash friendly and the steel used in making is highly resistant to corrosion, but still the knife needs to be handled with care and requires proper maintenance.

Most of the damages caused to knives are by bad washing practices, so, always wash your knife with a brush using soapy water. Later damp it with a soft piece of cloth and leave it to get dry.

Moreover, for good maintenance, you need to sharpen the edges regularly, subjected to your Kamikoto usage. It is better to consult a professional in this matter because sharpening a single bevel design is somewhat tricky.

But if you have been cooking for many years you can sharp your Kamikoto using 100 and 3000 grit whetstone at home.

Lastly, the storage, Yes! You must store your knife properly if you want to elongate its life. Throwing your knife in your messy kitchen drawer will badly harm it.

Keeping the fact, all Kamikoto knives come in ash wood storage boxes. You can use these boxes for later storage. And yes, don't forget to make sure that your knife is completely dry before you arrange to store it somewhere.

8. Durability

High-quality steel, along with a full tang design, these knives are surely invincible. As mentioned earlier, the way steel is forged, annealed, and then passes across the whole length of knives' blade, there is no knife more durable than this Kamikoto.

And trust me, if you will take care of this knife with caution and love, you can pass it over to your next generation too!

9. Price

Well, mostly suggest that the price of this knife is somewhat inflated. But as per my observation the level of quality, durability, and performance it offers, the dollars paid are worth it. Moreover, you can get a lifetime guarantee for your Kamikoto if you opt to get it on the company's official site.

Although the price of Kamikoto is at the higher end, many discount list options are also available by third-party listings on Amazon.

Buy on Walmart, Etsy, eBay (quality guaranteed)

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Kamikoto - Senshi Dual Knife Set - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Kamikoto - Senshi Dual Knife Set with Wooden Display Stand - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Kamikoto 7in. Santoku Chef Knife - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay


Kamikoto Knife Reviews
Kamikoto Knife Reviews

Thus, the Kamikoto knife is the most competitive Japanese knife available in the market. It is made of either stainless steel from Honshu, Japan, or from Zirconium oxide.

It is the toughest, durable, and high-performance blade you will ever find. Many chefs remarked on its job performance speed.

Moreover, Kamikoto looks are cherry on the top, putting only these on your dinner table is enough to impress your guests.

Hopefully, the article illustrated above will give you all the technical insight you want before buying any Kamikoto knife. Enjoy your culinary art along with Kamikoto!

Which one you selected from Kamikoto knife reviews, don't forget to mention in the comment.

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