Best Area Rug for Kitchen: Reviews in 2023 (Expert’s Guide)

by Hari Won

Area rugs for kitchen add beauty to the decor, prevent accidents and oh! It turns an ordinary cooking space into a homey environment.

Yes! You need to have it in your kitchen but if you already have one, make sure that it is the best. Your kitchen deserves a beautiful and durable area rug, and it is not enough to pick a fanciful one if it is not going to last long.

I want to share some secrets to acquiring the best area rug for the kitchen so that you will not make a wrong choice. The kitchen is too essential to be bland, and any of these products here will brighten it up.

Summary Table for Best Area Rug for Kitchen

Go through them carefully and make a choice.

Image Product Name Price
AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat Price Check
NewLife by GelPro Anti-Fatigue Designer Comfort Kitchen Floor Mat Price Check
Sky Mat, Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat, Perfect for Kitchens Price Check
KMAT 47" x 17" Long Anti-Fatigue Memory Foam Kitchen Mats Price Check

Top 10 Best Area Rug for Kitchen Reviews

Top 10 Best Area Rug for Kitchen Reviews
Top 10 Best Area Rug for Kitchen Reviews

1. The Original ¾" KANGAROO (R) Mat

The Original ¾
The Original ¾

Worried about the best rugs for wood floors?
Here the Original Kangaroo mat that you could ever acquire if you are amongst the people that have suffered from back pains, foot, joint, knee, and leg pains.

It comes from premium grade foam that only knows how to eradicate pressure or fatigue and provide support to the user for a very long time.

The high-quality material used in the production of this comfort mat makes it impossible to compress or break down over time also to work efficiently in high traffic places.

If you are using the Original Kangaroo comfort mat, be assured of enjoying muscle conditioning, total well-being, better posture and improved health.

A slightly textured polymer material is what covers the top side of this comfort mat to provide it with additional traction.

The base of the mat has a grooved surface that is compatible with clean, smooth, and dry surfaces. This feature makes it not advisable to use in your shower or bath.

The Original Kangaroo comfort mat is safe for everybody to use since it does not have the crafting of toxic substances. Also, it is free of phthalate.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is a lightweight of 3.35 pounds, and the dimensions are 31.8 x 20 x 1 inches.
  • There is a ten-year warranty provision for this product.
  • The materials for the crafting of this mat are the highest quality that will never compress or break down over time.
  • The waterproof material used for the top cover makes it easy to vacuum, wipe with a wet cloth or keep clean.
  • KANGAROO comfort mat is durable, sturdy and the best to use for high-traffic areas.
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • It is free of phthalate, non-toxic and safe for everybody's use.
  • The edges carry the high-end beveled design to prevent tripping and to slip.
  • The base foam is grooved to help keep the mat in place for little adjustments.

2. NewLife by GelPro Kitchen Floor Mat

NewLife by GelPro Kitchen Floor Mat
NewLife by GelPro Kitchen Floor Mat

This product is a light duty fashionable and valuable comfort mat that you can rely on for support. The manufacturing of this attractive comfort rug was in the United States of America with high-quality top fabric.

It contains an eye-catching cover fabric that is more than 5/8 inches thickness. The top surface is stable and helpful in combating fatigue and discomfort.

The core of this attractive best kitchen rugs washable comes from a polyurethane material which is high-density foam to make it durable.

NewLife Comfort Kitchen mat has an ergonomic design that enables it to offer soothing relief and support to the owner's feet, legs and back respectively.

No matter the place you are using this floor comfort mat be it your garage, your kitchen, your laundry or any other workspace, be sure that it will satisfy you.

This comfort mat is also stain-resistant, waterproof and convenient to keep clean unlike all the other ordinary kitchen rugs available today.

Highlighted Features:

  • The surface is stain resistant, and this makes it easy to keep clean.
  • It comes in multiple grass cloth colors and patterns so that you can choose any color or model that will be suitable for the place you want to keep it.
  • The construction of NewLife comfort mat comes from high-density foam to ensure durability.
  • It has beveled edges which will never curl and cause problems like tripping over the mat.
  • The core of the foam has an ergonomic design that can offer the maximum user support and protect your legs from pain.
  • The bottom is non-skid which makes it stable and slip-resistant thereby preventing any slipping accident.
  • It comes with a one year provision of warranty to guarantee its durability.

3. Lifewith 70.9" x 25.6" Area Runner Rug Mat

Lifewith 70.9
Lifewith 70.9

This specific Area runner rug is the best rug that you can use for your kitchen at its 6 feet. It is highly absorbent to water and dries up quickly so that you can re-use it as new one anytime.

The Newlife rug mat is highly durable in such a way that other mats in the market can never compare to it due to the non-shedding and power-loomed crafting.

The rubber used for the manufacturing of this rug is a long-lasting and anti-slip type to prevent all kinds of slip accidents. It has a stable pattern with a non-slip back that provides stability, and you can wash it with a washing machine.

This rug weighs 5.15 pounds and has the dimensions of 17.8 x 13.7 x 5.3 inches respectively.

Highlighted Features:

  • This rug mat comes from 100% chenille material which makes it eco-friendly.
  • It weighs 5.15 pounds with the dimensions of 17.8 x 13.7 x 5.3 inches.
  • The construction of this rug is power-loomed ensure that it lasts long and remains non-shedding.
  • You can wash this rug with your washing machine since the chenille material for its production is water absorbent and can dry very fast.
  • Its usage is versatile since you can use it for your hallway, bathroom, living room, office and home entrance respectively.
  • The back of this rug has an anti-slip covering that allows moisture and air but resistant to tear and dirt.

4. K-MAT 47" x 17" Kitchen Mats

K-MAT 47
K-MAT 47

If you are looking for the best area rug for kitchen that you can use to relieve stress and fatigue from your leg, the K-MAT 47" x 17" Long Anti-Fatigue Memory Foam Kitchen Mats is your best option.

The primary objective of this mat is to cushion your feet and to eliminate fatigue from them.

It is a multi-purpose area rug which you can use in any place you want. You can keep it on a concrete floor opposite your workbench, or you can also keep it in your office to stand on if your work keeps you standing all day long.

It serves well also as your bathroom rug since it can absorb moisture quickly from your feet and prevents water seepage, and as a kitchen rug right in front of your sink to rest your feet as you are preparing meals of doing chores.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is absorbent to water and can dry quickly also.
  • This mat prevents water seepage highly
  • The body construction consists of premium soft flannel covering, non-slip eco-friendly rubber underlay and high-density thick memory foam.
  • You can handle this mat comfortably since it is 100% anti-deformation and 100% machine washable.
  • It is sound-proof, has cold insulation appropriate for many surfaces and will never hurt your leg no matter how long you stand.
  • There is a six-month provision of problem free warranty for money back or replacement.
  • It weighs 2.1 pounds with the dimensions of 17.9 x 11.7 x 3.7 inches respectively.
  • The surface material comes from Farley velvet, the material used for the filling is memory foam, and the back material comes from environmental TPR.

5. Ottomanson Glamour Collection Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Area Rug

Ottomanson Glamour Collection Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Area Rug
Ottomanson Glamour Collection Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Area Rug

It is just beautiful and attractive to look at with the eye-catching trellis pattern that is complete with the two complementing tones of its design.

It takes on the double task of looking beautiful and combating kids, high traffic zones and pets to protect your floors. The low-pile surface provides support for you and your family or pets while adding color to your home as well.

The construction comes from high-quality nylon fibers with over-locked reinforced edges to provide a tidy, glamorous and neat outlook.

This particular mat has been tested and proven to be shedding free, resistant to tear or wear and non-stain.

The Ottomanson Glamour Trellis Area Rug production is in Turkey with premium quality materials. It becomes complete with a non-slip rubber backside that is resistant to skidding and has a firm grip.

To be precise, this best kitchen rugs for hardwood floors can change an otherwise ordinary looking room into a vibrant and decorative room that you can take pride.

You can place this patterned mats on your kitchen or any other high traffic areas in your home or office and have the assurance of its durability.

Highlighted Features:

  • The design is in neutral, smooth shades of ivory and grey to give off elegance and classic feel.
  • It is hemmed at the edges to show a tidy and clean look and prevent tripping accidents.
  • The rubber back provides safe footing for your pets and children and prevents falls and slips.
  • Very easy to clean due to the nylon material used in the production that is naturally resistant to stain.
  • The quality and style of this area rug is unparalleled and comes from a famous brand that assures durability in the rug category.

6. Sky Mat, Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat

Sky Mat, Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat
Sky Mat, Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat

This area mat can quickly eliminate the pressure or fatigue that is on your lower back, feet or knees by 32%. When this happens, your feet will have the feeling of losing about 60lbs.

Instead of feeling all the pains of standing on your feet all day long, you will feel like you have been on recreation near the poolside all day.

The style of this product is beautiful and modern to compliment your kitchen design. You can keep this mat on any of the traffic areas in your home, office or behind the counter if you have a coffee shop.

The primary objective of Sky Matt is to offer comfort to all workers that spend long hours standing on their feet all day long. This rug is supportive and stable to enable you to stand on it comfortably for extended periods of time.

You don't need to worry about accidental tripping or slipping due to the low seamless angle of the beveled edge, and it's ultra-gripping.

Its crafting comes from premium quality materials that have proven to be eco-friendly which means that you don't need to fear that your kids or pets will inhale toxic fumes. This product is highly durable and a lifetime warranty provision.

Highlighted Features:

  • This product has the modern style outlook that does not collect dirt and easy to clean.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty provision to assure you that it can stand the test of time.
  • The materials used in the crafting are non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  • The beveled edges provide safety from slipping while the high non-slip back prevents tripping.
  • Its softness provides support and comfort for all those that stand on their feet in the kitchen all day long.

7. Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat
Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

​​​​If you are a cook or chef, counter personnel that stands on desks or an individual that does any standing job, this mat is for you.

This area mat provides support and stability for those people that stand all day long in the kitchen, workstation, bathroom, workshop or playroom.

It does not mind where you keep it, the clean, modern style and the choice of colors will surely suit your décor.

The size of the Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat is a bit on the broad side which makes it perfect for commercial or home use. It can work well with any flooring and can be easily cleaned or vacuumed to your satisfaction.

The material used for the manufacturing of this comfort mat is non-toxic neither does it contain phthalate; chemical leaching or noxious smells that have proven to be detrimental to health.

Its edges had a stay flat feature and also beveled to prevent slip or curl that can cause an accident. It is resistant to tear, sturdy, durable, and can never puncture.

You can clean this mat conveniently with a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner. It is a lightweight of 2.76 pounds with the dimensions of 32 x 20 x 0.5 inches respectively.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can relieve about 40% fatigue or stress from your feet, knees or joints.
  • Royal area rug is multi-surfaced which enables you to place it any flooring like marble, laminate or wood.
  • Has a multi-purpose usage which means that you can use it in your home or for commercial purposes.
  • It is a lightweight of 2.76 pounds and the dimensions of 32 x 20 x 0.5 inches.
  • The thickness of the mat padding is up to 0.75 inches which provides comfort and support.

8. AmazonBasics Premium Comfort Mat

AmazonBasics Premium Comfort Mat
AmazonBasics Premium Comfort Mat

The addition of this particular comfort mat to your home decor is an investment that you will never regret.

The cushiony top surface is smooth and supple and combines with a sturdy base that provides your leg with the needed support and comfort it requires for standing all day long.

No matter the kind of work you are doing like stirring candy recipes slowly, chopping veggies, washing dishes or any kitchen work, this specific mat will transform it into a joyful and relaxing experience.

It will fit perfectly to the contours of your feet to reduce stress and fatigue from them. The edges have a specific design that makes it non-curling, non-slip and trip-free to prevent accidents and improve safety.

The vibrant color of dark-brown that this comfort mat comes in makes it fashionable to blend with the decor of your home or office appropriately.

It has an ergonomic design that makes it remain free from stain and resistant to abrasion. You can conveniently clean this product by just wiping it off with soapy water as much as it is needed.

Highlighted Features:

  • The weight is 4.75 pounds, and the dimensions are 20 x 36 x 1.2 inches.
  • AmazonBasics edges are non-curling to tripping.
  • The base is non-slip to provide the make sure that the mat remains stable at a place.
  • Its surface is resistant to stain and any abrasion and easy to clean.
  • The inside filling is with cushiony foam which will fit appropriately to the contours of your leg
  • The best anti-fatigue comfort mat for standing desks or kitchens.

9. Supper Area Rugs Maui

Supper Area Rugs Maui
Supper Area Rugs Maui

The Supper Area Rug is a product that is used to patronize the local business. It is braided in the United States of America with top quality materials.

This kitchen rug is crafted by hand and guaranteed to last for more than ten years. You can use either side of the Supper Area rug since their design is reversible.

You can use these Supper Rugs for both indoors and outdoors purposes and still be satisfied with their result.

If you want to know the difference between this rug and other available rugs, place this hand braided rug in your living room, kitchen or dining room today and watch the apparent difference.

The materials for the braiding are from 100% polypropylene, and their cores fillers are unique to make sure that it does not curl instead remain flat.

The yarns and dyes for this specific product come from the most exceptional quality. Although this comfort area rug is sewn by hand, the stitches are strong to make it last longer and look attractive.

Highlighted Features:

  • This product is hand sewn with the safest tested and proven techniques.
  • The combination of colors for the design of this comfort rug is unique to match any home décor.
  • Maui materials of this rug are 100% texturized polypropylene.
  • Super Maui braided technique ensures comfort and durability.
  • The core fillers used are unique to prevent tripping or slipping.

10. Ottomanson Ottohome Area Rug

Ottomanson Ottohome Area Rug
Ottomanson Ottohome Area Rug

These runner rugs can serve dual purposes. They can work as a decorative item to compliment your home décor and living space. Their functional goal is to protect your floors from the tear, wear, dirt and scratches respectively.

The floral design of this Ottomanson Ottohome area rug has an intricate and classic decorative standard.

The original seafoam coloring depicts the background surrounded by delicate flowers and leaves in shades of seafoam, dark-red, dark-brown and beige.

The package is completed by a narrow mark on the border that produces a unique look to compliment your office or home furniture and décor.

The Ottomanson rugs are perfect for homes with children, high-traffic areas and pets since it is resistant to shading, fading, and stains.

It also offers stress-free maintenance. This area rug is woven with a machine with 100% high-quality nylon low-pile to ensure its durability.

This material makes it convenient for the rug to have a comfortable feel as it lies flat under the feet of your pet or children.

The base of this particular area rug is backed by a non-slip rubber to enhance gripping and keep the rug stabilized even during vacuum.

Highlighted Features:

  • This product is imported and crafted from 100% polypropylene.
  • There is a non-slip rubber backing.
  • It is resistant to stains, fading and shedding respectively.
  • The low-profile surface is complimented by the vibrant classic fashionable, customary and elegant colors.
  • It is suitable for heavy traffic areas in your office or home with pets and children.
  • The exceptional power-loomed crafting of this product makes it durable.
  • All the edges are tightly bound to present a tidy and clean look that will last for a long time.
  • This brand comes with the money back guarantee.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Area Rug for Kitchen

We all know that an area rug in the kitchen is an excellent addition, but while choosing it, you must be careful to get the best brand.

Don't just decide on anyone you see without checking out some things first. When you choose to gift your kitchen with an area rug, consider the following:

  • Size of the carpet

In your search for a suitable kitchen rug, the first thing you will check is the size of the area in the kitchen where you will place the rug.

When you have determined the size of the available space, you will now look for a rug that will fit it. Also, as you check the size, don't forget to determine the shape that will meet your requirements.

Area rugs for kitchen come in seven shapes. The commonest amongst them are the round shape, runner shape, and rectangular shapes. Anyone you decide to pick, make sure that it will be the right one.

If you want to add a little style to your kitchen, you may consider choosing the runner shape because it will bring comfort and a stylish look to the décor. All you must do is take accurate measurements and go ahead with your search.

  • The construction of the rug

You have to consider this factors very seriously because they will determine the durability of your kitchen rug. To ensure that you get it right, you have to decide between, tufted rug and woven rug.

Woven kitchen rugs are more durable than tufted rugs because they are handmade.

Also, woven rugs come more expensive than tufted rugs. Therefore, the issue here is that you will have to check your budget and how long you will want the rug to last.

Tufted rugs are less expensive but may not last as long as woven rugs. So, if you have a higher budget and looking at a long time investment, get the woven kitchen rug.

On the other hand, if your budget is low and you wouldn't mind a short-term usage, go for the tufted rugs.

  • The type of material

Before deciding on the brand of the rug, you will buy, don't forget to consider how busy your kitchen usually is in a day.

Is there always a lot of foot traffic in your kitchen or is it only you that use it? If the first scenario applies, you must get a flat weave kitchen rug.

Flatweave cotton rugs are the best for a crowd-prone kitchen. These rugs are also impressive because they come in cotton fibers making it easy to wash in the washing machine.

On the other hand, if your kitchen doesn't get many visitors, any other type of material like natural fibers like sisal, jute or bamboo. You can also decide to pick woolen rugs that are soft and sturdy.

There are other synthetic kitchen rugs like nylon, viscose polyester, and polypropylene. These types can also feel a little like natural fiber rugs.

  • Safety

The type of kitchen floor you have will determine the brand of rug that will promote safety in your cooking area. If the level is slick like those floors covered with tiles or with polished hardwood?

You must make sure that you make safety a priority.

If you have any of these types of the kitchen floor, make sure that the rug you will buy has a non-slip back so that it will not shift anyhow and cause you to fall.

  • Rug Cleaning

Your kitchen area rug will not stay for a long time without cleaning, isn't it? Therefore, before you pick any brand, make sure you know how to clean it to check if you can or not.

Some area rugs are machine washable while you must wash others with hands.

If you have the time, washing with your hand will not be an issue, but when you are a busy person, the best option is a machine washable kitchen rug.

If we go by the materials, area rugs made with flat weave cotton are machine washable and still last for a long time.

Kitchen rugs made with natural fibers must be washed with hands and not in the washing machine. Synthetic rugs require cleaning with hands since they usually have some properties of natural fiber rugs.

As you go through the ten brands area rugs for kitchen, it is left for you to decide the one to choose according to your requirements.

How To clean a Large Kitchen Area Rug?

Kitchen area rugs come in thousands of different materials, sizes, and shapes. Since there are so many area rugs to select from with different patterns, it is essential to know how you can take care of the one you chose.

Understanding how you can take care of your area rug is a vital factor to prolong the lifespan of your kitchen area rug. Just read through this guide and get the necessary info on how you can remove the stain and how to care for your area rug.

Basic Steps to Follow:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner on the rugs

It is vital to make use of a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt especially if the area rug is large. Run a vacuum cleaner on your kitchen area rug from time to time. If it can turn both ways then, try to vacuum the front and the back.

By cleaning both sides, you are cleaning out the grime and grit that is liable to cause wear and tear to your area rug untimely. On the back, you can use a beater bar brush to push the grit and grime which hide deep down. However, while you are cleaning, remember not to use the vacuum cleaner on the fringe of the rug.

On the front wool of your area rug, remember to use suction alone. If your area rug material is wool, vacuum it only a few times in a month to avoid pulling out its fibers.

  • Use the brush on the rug

Even though you vacuum your rug, it is imperative to apply a stiff brush on it also. This act will help you to remove some of the pet hairs that the vacuum cleaner left behind. Just make sure that you only focus the stiff brush on the nap of your rug.

Make sure you turn your rug annually or monthly- When you do not rotate your area rug from time to time, sun and foot traffic alone can beat tracks in the pattern of the rug fibers.

These actions alone can create additional stress that will make the rug to wear out. That is the reason you should always turn your rug once or as many times as possible in a year to balance the extent of the wear it sustains.

You can also change the position of your furniture from time to time to prevent uneven fading or unsightly impressions on the rug.

For storage and moving, tightly roll the rug- If you want to relocate or store your area rug, it is important to fold it tightly to avoid folds and creases that may form on the rug.

  • Apply a diluted white vinegar

This is a sure way to restore shine and color of your rug. Just mix the vinegar with one part to three parts of water, and then blot carefully with a sponge.

Remember not to soak the rug with water just dampen it. Keep the rug to air dry; also prevent its exposure to the sun which is the fastest way to bleach the color of your rug.

  • Remove insect infestation if there is any with borax

If your rug has experienced the infestation of an insect colony, it is vital to sprinkle borax on the rug which is the best way to get rid of them.

The work of borax is to degrade and coat the exoskeletons of the insect also to kill their eggs and larvae. When you sprinkle the borax, wait for about 20 minutes then you vacuum the rug.

Do not allow children or pets to get close to a borax sprinkled rug since it has a mild toxic irritant that can disturb them.

Use a 100% dry white cotton towel for blotting- Immediately you notice any spillage on your rug, don't waste any second just use your dry cotton towel to blot it at once.

Turn the folded white cotton towel as many times as possible to make sure that all the moisture is absorbed. Remember not to rub the towel in circle formation as it can cause damage to the rug fibers. Instead, rub the white cloth in straight line formation.

Only treat your area rug according to the degree of spillage it has sustained- If your rug has some mild or mud stains, what you have to do is to blot dry and apply a vacuum cleaner.

However, if the stains are severe or complicated, you can make use of mild chemicals to remove the stains on your rug.

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Conclusion for Kichen Rug Buyers

Area rug for the kitchen is a must-have if you want to prevent accidents, protect the floor of your kitchen and add this style and beauty that will transform that part of the house.

There are many brands available in the market but if you must get one, go for the best so that you can enjoy your investments.

We have provided you with adequate information on how to sieve through the brands and go home with the best area rug for kitchen that will serve your needs.

There are also the best ten brands of area rugs which we took our time to check for you. Right now, it is safe to assume that you have found the correct and suitable brand for your kitchen.

Don't hesitate and give your kitchen the do-over it needs.

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