Do You Need A Vent Hood For An Electric Stove?

by Joshua Speaks

Cooking in a stuffy place filled with fumes and odor could be quite irritating. Such an experience could also be challenging if you have a bronchial disorder or sickness. However, using a vent hood for your stove offers you a better atmosphere with fresh air in your home.

A vent hood is an exhaust hood that removes fumes, heat, steam, and odor from your kitchen while cooking. This device comes with a built-in fan that helps push the fumes and heat upwards through a ventilation system.

The hood also removes grease particles from your kitchen, thereby reducing their buildups on cabinets and walls.

Do You Need A Vent Hood For An Electric Stove?
Do You Need A Vent Hood For An Electric Stove?

Thus, besides cleaning the air, a vent hood also cools the air. It is usually installed above your cooking stove/range; hence many people call it a range hood.

Since a vent hood helps keep the air in your home clean and fresh, you need to have one. It doesn’t matter whether you have a gas stove or an electric stove in your home.

Though with a gas stove, especially in a commercial kitchen, there is a tendency to produce more fumes and combustion products. However, even in small apartments and condos, where people use more electric stoves, you still need a vent hood.

Types of range hoods

Types of range hoods
Types of range hoods

Range hoods are generally of two categories; ducted range hoods and ductless range hoods.

Ducted range hood

This is also known as the vented range hood. It has a duct that holds the fan. This hood is more effective in clearing fumes, heat, humidity, and combustion particles from your home.

Before mounting a ducted hood in your home, you’ll need to consider your kitchen layout. If you prefer to mount the hood on the wall or under the cabinets, the duct must be run accordingly.

You will connect it behind the cabinets and terminate it at the outer wall. If you already have a duct in place, its location will determine the position of your range.

Also, you need to know that the length of the duct affects the effectiveness of the hood. The longer the duct length, the less effective the hood will be.

Ductless range hood

This type has no duct. It also has a fan, but it cleans the air using filters and recirculates the air again.

Unlike a ducted hood, a ductless hood is less effective in cleaning the air. It also doesn’t remove heat and humidity; hence it can’t cool your kitchen when cooking.

A ductless hood is easier to mount and is less expensive. It consumes less energy as the fan blows softly. It’s also more convenient if you live in a rented apartment or condo.

Reasons for a vent hood for your electric stove

Reasons for a vent hood for your electric stove
Reasons for a vent hood for your electric stove

Like we’ve said earlier, even while using an electric stove, you need a vent hood. Below are some of those reasons:

Maintaining clean air

The basic need for a vent hood in your home is to clean up the air in your kitchen while you cook. Inhaling some smoke and pollutants that come from your food preparation may be dangerous to your health.

In situations where one has a bronchial sickness, such inhalations could be fatal. A vent hood will remove fumes, pollutants, and grease from the air. It clears up the air in your home and makes it fit for everyone around.

A vent hood also removes other toxic gases such as carbon monoxide from your home. It reduces the breeding possibilities of some bacteria and mold from the kitchen as it sucks those particles away.

Eliminates kitchen odors

Some food odors can linger while cooking and even after cooking. Where there’s no vent hood to remove such odors, they can drift to other rooms in your home.

Some odors can even get attached to some furniture and clothing in the home. This can be quite disgusting after some time.

But having a vent hood removes such problems from your home. The hood sucks up food odors from your kitchen and keeps the air around your home fresh and nice.

Improved lighting

Another benefit of having a vent hood in your kitchen is extra lighting from it. The vent hood has small LED bulbs or light that helps to give better illumination in your kitchen. This enables you to see everything happening on top of your stove.

Due to the extra lighting from your hood, you will see clearly what you are preparing. You will know how your cooking is turning out and may also avoid burns where necessary. The light also provides illumination while cleaning your stove. You’re able to pick out every dirt and crumps on your stove and wipe them out thoroughly. This will help to preserve your cooking appliances.

Cooling effect

When you’re cooking, the air around is heated by both heat from the cooking stove and steam from the food. If you’re using a vent hood in your kitchen, it will invariably reduce the hot temperature that accompanies cooking.

This is because the hood will cool the air by removing the heat and steam. This gives you a more comfortable and pleasant feeling as well as a cool temperature around your kitchen.

The vent hood is designed to suck up heat from the air, just like fumes and smoke. It uses the working of the fan to pull the heat and steam and creates cool and clean air in your kitchen.

Maintains aesthetic view

The use of a vent hood adds to your kitchen’s beauty in particular and your home at large. As the hood sucks up fumes, steam, grease, humidity, and other particles, it creates a clean environment for you. This helps to enhance the durability of most of your kitchen wares.

If you leave some of these particles and gases in your home, they will cause the corrosion of some of your appliances. This will, in turn, destroy the beauty of the property in your home.


You can agree that you have lots of benefits when you install a vent hood in your kitchen. A vent hood will not only ensure you maintain good health, but it will also provide a clean and comfortable environment. It helps to maintain freshness and to control the temperature around your home.

You’ll also love the aesthetic beauty that a vent hood will add to your kitchen. Above all things, you can reignite the joy of daily cooking while staying in a comfortable environment with a vent hood.

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