Best Ulu Knives: Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs 2022

by Terry R.

The ulu knife is a unique knife. It is not like common knives that we used in our kitchens. It's very unique in its style and design. Due to its uniqueness, it made a mark in the knife industry. It has been used in the past for many purposes. The ancient people of Alaska used these knives for skinning animals and even for hair cuts if children. But in the modern era it is used for multiple purposes. The addition of this ulu knife in your kitchen will be a good decision.

The ulu knives are used for many purposes. It is mostly used in kitchen for all activities like cutting, slicing, mincing, and chopping. It is also used for cutting meats. It is available in the market in different shapes and styles. It will help to chop vegetables nicely. These ulu knives are also used by professional chefs. It reduces your preparation time. The sharp edges of the blade cut and chop the fruits and vegetables very neat and fast.

When you talk about the history of Alaskan ulu knives, the roots are back in 2500BC. The history of ulu blades is very old. The style of ulu knife is old and traditional. The simple and rounded appearance made it remarkable. The old people of Alaska made the traditional ulu knives. They hunt and eat everything with the use of this blade. The main feature of this blade is that the most of the force is used in the center of the knife. It helps to cut every little thing with enhanced force on hard things like bones. Ulu knives made up of sharp helps to cut the meat, fruits, as well as vegetables. The rocking activity is good to cut and chop the meat fast. The other knives do not work so nicely. The Alaskan ulu blade is made up of tempered carbon steel. It has a diagonal side that makes the blade a good device.

Top 7 Best Ulu Knives

Here are some options of best ulu knives for you. It will help you to use best one:

Top 7 Best Ulu Knifes
Top 7 Best Ulu Knifes

Amhoo Pizza Cutter Chief Mezzaluna Knife Handle - Link

Amhoo Pizza Cutter Chef Mezzaluna Knife Handle Color Wood Grip Sharp Rocker Slicer Stainless Steel Blade Salad Onion Vegetable Chopper with Holder Base Christmas Gifts
Amhoo Pizza Cutter Chef Mezzaluna Knife Handle Color Wood Grip Sharp Rocker Slicer Stainless Steel Blade Salad Onion Vegetable Chopper with Holder Base Christmas Gifts

Product Description:

The Amhoo ulu knife is made up of stainless steel. It is easily washable with dishwasher soap. It is very convenient and safe in use. The handle is made up of wood which makes it more comfortable and elegant. The material of knife meets all the standard of good quality product. It is used in kitchen for different activities like chopping, cutting and slicing. It comes with wood stand to place on it. It is easy to store and very safe in use.


  • Its design is very elegant. The sharp steel blade cuts the vegetable and fruit very smoothly. It is also used to cut pizza.
  • The beautiful colored handle makes it different from other traditional ulu knives. The blade is made up of premium quality.
  • The edges of blade are very sharp. The cutting and slicing is done very smoothly due to its sharp blade. The handle made up of wood provides good grip. It makes easy to handle it.
  • The Amhoo ulu knife is need of every kitchen. Its traditional style gives cool look. It works as an everyday kitchen tool. Without ulu knife, your kitchen seems incomplete. Its sharp blade helps to cut the veggies and fruits fast. It will save your time and energy


  • It is easy to handle
  • It is made of sharp stainless steel
  • The size of blade is 6 inch
  • It is multipurpose blade, can do multi task in your kitchen
  • The cost of knife is affordable
  • Can easily washable and easy to store


  • You need to do oiling frequently to increase its durability
  • Its blade is very sharp, handle it safely. It can be harmful if use roughly
  • The color of wood handle can be fade after frequently rinse with water

Handmade Traditional Ulu Knife with Damascus steel Blade - Link

Handmade Traditional Ulu Knife with Damascus Steel Blade, Custom Handle, and Custom Sheath (Walnut Inupiaq)
Handmade Traditional Ulu Knife with Damascus Steel Blade, Custom Handle, and Custom Sheath (Walnut Inupiaq)

Product Description:

The Damascus steel blade is completely handmade. This feature increases its versatility. The elegant design shows the Damascus art. In the past, the people of Alaska used these knives for hunting and skinning animals.

Now its purpose is not hunting only. It used very nicely in kitchen activities. This knife is very easy to use. You didn't get tired if you use it for long time. Its wood handle is very comfortable in handling. It works really well for cutting and chopping purpose. The blade is sharp made up of steel.


  • North Celebrity Blade & Ulu Company makes ulu knives. The 1074 and 15N20 carbon steel blades feature 2.5% nickel, makes a blade that can endure years of use. It can be used for multipurpose in kitchen.
  • The good grip and sharp blade make it useable for long time.
  • It can be use of dicing vegetables, reducing pizza, reducing meat, cutting nuts, as well as dicing vegetables.
  • The ulu knife shape produces reliable ergonomics. You didn't get tired if you use it for long time.
  • It is good to gift someone because this is the most useful tool in kitchen.


  • A very good handmade sharp ulu knife
  • Handle to hold and sharp steel blade
  • Very durable and heavy


  • It can easily rusted if not used and dried properly
  • Not very easy in chopping due to thick blade

Alaskan Ulu Legendary knife of Arctic - Link

Alaskan Ulu, Legendary Knife of the Arctic
Alaskan Ulu, Legendary Knife of the Arctic

Product Description:

It is the most preferred ulu knife. The measurement of blade is 6 inch. It is very good in use. The beautiful handle and sharp blade gives a nice and firm look. It is the most useful tool of kitchen. It's easy to use and easy to store. The material of blade is not very prone to rusting. To avoid rusting, use oil on the blade before storage. The blade made of stainless steel material that can be sharpen when needed.


  • It is a rocker blade worthy of fantastic chefs. Ulu knives have a different style. It increases dexterity, making fine cuts easy. It also makes slicing less complicated.
  • The blade is made from stainless steel and has a big, simple to grip. Handle is made of wood. This is a superb tool for single-handed individuals or people with weak hands.
  • The Ulu rocker knife done most culinary chores easily and also efficiency, from chopping nuts to cutting meats and cheese. One aspect of this knife that makes it different from other rocker knives is that it's easy to sharp it. It gives a longer usability.
  • The blade on the Ulu knife measures 6". Walnut blade stand. It included an instruction book in it.
  • The Ulu blade comes from Alaska, and also has actually been made use of by people of the Arctic for centuries.


  • It is good for single handed people
  • It included a walnut stand
  • It's easy to sharpen


  • Need regular oiling to avoid rusting
  • You need to wash it immediately after use to keep the edges rust free

Inupiat Alaskan Cutlery Ulu Knife Exotic Colored Wood w/Etched Map - Link

Inupiat Alaskan Cutlery Ulu Knife Exotic Colored Wood w/Etched Map
Inupiat Alaskan Cutlery Ulu Knife Exotic Colored Wood w/Etched Map

Product Description:

This ulu knife is made by Inupiat people. They were the first who make the knives with material which is steel. The Inupiat knife is made just like to the Inupiat tribe of Alaska. They used steel material and craft a knife. This knife signifies pure workmanship. This ulu blade has a sharp blade that originates from the much sharpened steel material. The handle of knife has good grip which makes it more comfortable. The ulu knife is relied on for numerous uses like cutting vegetables and meats, slicing pizza.


  • The steel blade of knife has high edge retention and does not require to sharp frequently.
  • The ulu knife box reveals the historical background of ulu knives. Additionally, it contains a care and instruction booklet in it.
  • The handle and stand made up of vibrant and exotic colors. It shows the culture and history of tribe of Alaska.
  • The beautifully painted stand and handle are made from unique wood.


  • It is a traditional ulu knife
  • The map is etched on the blade
  • 6" blade
  • It is completely made up of steel


  • It needs frequently oiling for durability

Ulu Factory Ulu Bowl set Birch Handle AK Cutlery - Link

Ulu Factory Ulu Bowl set Birch Handle AK Cutlery
Ulu Factory Ulu Bowl set Birch Handle AK Cutlery

Product Description:

If you want to get good Ulu knives, you must consider this knife. It will be a good addition in your kitchen. This ulu knife is used by professional chefs. The high quality of slicing swiftly and fabulously makes it good tool. It is the only feature that makes a knife elegant. There is an enough gap between the handle and blade. This gap makes it easy to handle. It features a wooden cutting bowl and has two-tone birch. Put the ingredient in this birch bowl and move the knife to slice off the veggie, meat, fruits, as well as herbs.


  • The blade remains sharp after usage of many years
  • The wooden handle of the ulu knife has actually an engraved Alaska Blade.
  • The measurement of the knife is 7.99 × 7.91 × 1.5 inches.


  • The grip of handle is very good
  • It contains a chopping board and knife
  • Made up of stainless steel to avoid corrosion
  • It has capability of edge retention


  • The copping board can easily damage
  • It is important to grip its handle with care

Checkered Chef Mealuna Chopper With Cutting Board Set Rocker Knife - Link

Checkered Chef Mezzaluna Chopper With Cutting Board Set - Rocker Knife - Mincing Knife With Cover and Herb Board - Round Wooden Curved Board
Checkered Chef Mezzaluna Chopper With Cutting Board Set - Rocker Knife - Mincing Knife With Cover and Herb Board - Round Wooden Curved Board

Product Description:

Home chefs around the globe are discovering that how easy chopping and dicing can be with Checkered Chef's Mezzaluna. It is available as complete set of knife and wood board for cutting. A rocking activity is need to chop or slice onions, veggies, herbs or nuts you can easily done your work in kitchen with the help of this knife set. If you've never used this knife before, you'll be surprised at just how conveniently it can cut as well as mince. It is good in one-handed shaking movement.

The Checkered Cook Mezzaluna Chopper blade is very sharp. It is ideal for tough herbs or nuts to cut them. It comes with rounded cutting board. It contoured flawlessly to match the shaking action of the knife.  The mezzaluna knife is created from stainless steel material. It makes it dish washer risk-free. It includes a safety cover for store safely. The nice grip of handle makes it comfy and easy to use. The chopping board is specially made from long lasting rubber wood.


  • The covered cutting board of this product provide good surface for a rocking motion
  • The bowl helps you to keep all the herbs on place.
  • It provides you good copping board
  • It become easy with one handed operation due to easy to grip handle
  • It is safe and very easy to store
  • It is easy to rinse it and make the chopper clean


  • The versatile wooden cutting board provide enough surface for chopping and cutting
  • Made up of stainless steel
  • Easy to store
  • Easy for one hand use due to good grip of handle
  • Sharp blade make easy to slice vegetables and other ingredients
  • Use the concave side to chop the herbs
  • Flip the board if you want to use the flat surface
  • Its specially designed sheath makes it safer for blade and your fingers


  • Board is prone to damage easily with rough use
  • The ingredients stuck in the tiny groove etched into the wood near the edge of the tool
  • Hard to clean

KEISSCO Ulu Knife and Pizza Cutter with Upgraded Ergonomic Anti-Slip Handle - Link

Pizza Cutter Stainless Steel Ulu knife Razor Sharp Rocker Slicer Cutter Mincing Mezzaluna Knife Salad Vegetable Chopper with Upgraded Ergonomic Anti-Slip Handle
Pizza Cutter Stainless Steel Ulu knife Razor Sharp Rocker Slicer Cutter Mincing Mezzaluna Knife Salad Vegetable Chopper with Upgraded Ergonomic Anti-Slip Handle

Product Description:

Your life becomes easy if you have KEISSCO's good size ulu knife in your kitchen. Its anti slip and soft grip of handle create a good and effective rocking motion. You can nicely mince and chop garlic, onion, and ingredients to make salad. It will reduce you preparing time.


  • It is a versatile kitchen tool. You can cut vegetables, fruits cheeses, pizza and all sorts of meats.
  • This ulu knife offers you to cut effortlessly
  • It's cool design is much better than others
  • Its top quality material and easy to grip handle makes it easy to hold.
  • You can cut pizza, vegetables and foods with this super sharp blade easily
  • Its use is very easy and comfortable. Your actions like cutting, vegetables, fruits, other items become easy with upgraded soft handle
  • There is no resistance in slicing and cutting ingredients due to its perfect size and weight
  • Now, you don't need years of training to chop the veggies. It allows you to chop like a professional chef


  • Sharp blade made of stainless steel. It will increase you chopping power and reduce preparation time
  • The quality of steel meets all the standards of good quality product
  • Multi task ulu knife. You can chop onion, garlic and others herbs easily. You can even cut pizza and cheese with it.


  • The handle is prone to damage easily
  • Don't place it on wet surface for longer time
  • It doesn't come with knife stand or leather sheath

Ulu Knife Buying Guide

It is right to say that all ulu knives are not same. Every knife is different in its composition, length of handle, design and size of knife. They may seem to be identical, but they different from each other. They have different specification and purpose of its use.

When you are going to buy ulu knife, you must have good information about it. You should know all the parameters for buying the good one. We will help you to select the best one in this buying guide.

You must know the purpose of purchase

When you are going to purchase an ulu knife, you should know the purpose of your purchase. Ulu knives are used for different activities and purposes. In the past, it was a time when ulu knives are only used for skinning animals and cutting hairs of children. But now, they are used for other purposes too.

They are used for slicing, cutting, dicing, chopping and mincing things. If you want knife for these reasons then you must purchase a good ulu knife. If you are a pizza lover, you can use it to cut your pizza.

Select the knife of good size

Ulu knife come in different sizes. You should know which one is best for you. It must meet your need to purchase it. It comes in 2 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches and 12.

The small ulu knife was called as kimagtuut. It was used to make patterns and designs on wild animals. But today, a 6" knife is most popular. The blade of knife is very sharp and it is best for kitchen activities. The 12" knife is also good for other purposes. While buying, you must know that why are you buying it. It should meet all your requirements.

Different types of knives

If you want to purchase ulu knife online, you will fine different types of ulu knives there. You will see the Inupiat and Alaskan knife. There are also some other types which termed in their native area.

  1. Alaskan or Inupiat knife: This knife is made by cutting a blade. The blade is fit into a handle. The ends of blade are fitted in it.
  2. East Greenlandic: It is a rectangular shape blade. Its handle is curved.
  3. West Greenlandic: The West Greenlandic knife is small in size. It is its distinctive feature. The handle connects the blade with stem.
  4. Canadian: This knife is attached to handle with stem. The knife contains a curved blade. The Canadian knife id of two types. The knife that belongs to Canadian Arctic region of the west is in triangular shape blade. Other one is like a pointed knife. It belongs to Eastern region.

Material of knife:

The ulu knives were made up with rocks, slate and jade in the past. The handles were made up with bone or wood. But now, the ulu knives are made with steel blades

The blade is made with pure stainless steel material. The handles are manufactured with plastic, wood. This material makes them sturdy and durable. This makes these knives long lasting. They can be used roughly.


The main point to consider is the handle of knife when you buying it. The knife can't used easily if its handle is not strong and comfortable. Its grip must be good. The design must consider because this will decide who much pressure can be put on the handle while chopping or cutting.

There must be enough gaps between the handle and edge. It makes your grip firm when you are cutting or chopping something.

Ulu Knife FAQs

What is the material of ulu knife?

In the past, the ulu knives were made of slate, wood, ivory, jade or rock. But in today's century, they are made of pure stainless steel. Their handles are made of plastic or wood.

For which purpose these knives are used?

These knives are used for cutting, chopping, slicing and mincing any ingredient in your kitchen. The ulu knife is also used for skinning animals. In the past, they were also used for cutting children's hair. But now, they are mostly used in kitchens.

How to sharp the Ulu knife?

There is need to sharp the knife frequently like other steel knives. Diamond coated steel, Wheatstone, File paper, can be used to sharpen the knife. Place the blade on the table. Keep away the other things on the table. The edges should be bulge out from the table which you want to sharpen. Move the tool that you are using to sharpen along the length of blade. Then gently and accelerate the pace slowly. When the knife looks shiny, it means the knife is sharpened.

What are the other names of Alaskan knife?

The Alaskan ulu knife is also known as a rocker or mezzaluna knife.

How do we clean an Ulu knife?

It is necessary to keep it clean after use. It will increase its efficiency. You can wash and rinse the Ulu knife with warm water. Make sure that it is completely dried when you are going to store it.

Try to prevent mold from the base of knife handle. Don't soak the knife in water; otherwise the handle will lose the integrity.

Buy them at Walmart, eBay, Etsy (quality guaranteed)

Ulu Factory Ulu Bowl set Birch Handle AK Cutlery - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Alaska Ulu Knife Set-Curved Knife with Wood Handle plus Chopping Board with Bowl-easy to - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Gil Hibben Legacy Ulu Knife and Leather Sheath - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Lamson Ulu Knife, Walnut Handle, 6.25 " - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Alaskan Ulu, Legendary Knife of the Arctic - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Conclusion for Ulu Knife Buyers

Alaskan Ulu, Legendary Knife of the Arctic
Alaskan Ulu, Legendary Knife of the Arctic

When you want to cut and chop like an expert, buy ulu knife. Keep all the considerations in your mind when you going to choose one. It will prove a good helping tool for you in your kitchen. It is also a good choice for professional chefs. It will reduce your preparation time. Your confidence boost up when you finish work in time and perfectly. The ulu knife is used for different purposes. It is used for chopping, slicing, mincing and even skinning the animals. It is used for hair cutting in the past but it is not practiced now.

The ulu knife proved best choice for household use and even commercial application. It will make your cutting and chopping smooth. It is easy to handle it. Its storage is also very easy.

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