Best Micron Gauge: Reviews in 2023 (Recommended!)

by Terry R.

If you like to take the matter into your own hands instead of depending on a professional then you must get a micron gauge.

The device is used to check the level of degassing, dehydration, and vacuum in a system. This information can help you keep a check on the health of your machines. Micron gauges are usually used for ACs and refrigerators at homes but professionals also use the device for a number of other machines.

Today's systems are more complex and sensitive than ever. Inaccurate readings can lead to severe damages. Hence, it is important to keep an eye on the system and a micron gauge can be helpful in this regard.

This article brings you unbiased reviews of the 9 most precise and accurate micron gauges on the market. We have also covered all that you need to know about buying a micron gauge.

Summary Table for Best Micron Gauge

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Image Name Price
Fieldpiece SM480V SMAN Digital Manifold Wireless Data Logging Price Check
F2C Digital Refrigerant Electronic Charging Scale HVAC AC Manifold Gauge Set R134a Price Check
Uniweld UVG Digital Vacuum Gauge & Adaptor Price Check

What Is A Micron Gauge?

A micron gauge is a device used to measure the level of vacuum or evacuation in a system. Along with this, it also measures the level of dehydration and degassing of different machines including ACs, refrigerators, and deep freezers. Some people use the device to measure vacuum in motor engines as well.

It uses mercury to measure the absolute vacuum. Microns refer to the level of vacuum; approximately 1,000 microns are equal to 1 millimeter of mercury.

The tool is also referred to as a vacuum gauge since its main purpose is to measure the level of vacuum in a system or a unit.

Top 9 Best Micron Gauges on the Market

 Top 9 Best Micron Gauges on the Market
Top 9 Best Micron Gauges on the Market

We reviewed the market and picked the 9 best products based on performance, price, and durability. Let's have a look:

1. Fieldpiece SM480V SMAN Digital Manifold Wireless Data Logging

Fieldpiece SM480V SMAN Digital Manifold Wireless Data Logging
Fieldpiece SM480V SMAN Digital Manifold Wireless Data Logging

This Micron gauge is one of the best rated and fairly-priced micron gauges available on the market.

Thanks to its rugged and sturdy construction, it provides top-notch performance. Design-wise, it has a heavy-duty casing, a water-resistant screen that can endure impacts and a reinforced hook.

The sight glass is airtight which prevents inaccurate readings due to the induction of moisture. Moreover, the thermocouple ports are strategically placed for easy operation.

It has the ability to store 9 different calculations. The data can also be transferred to a USB or a PC in a.csv file. On the display, you will be able to see the percentage of free space available on the memory card.

Since the device also comes with level testing ability, it can be used to determine leaks during the repair and installation process.

This Fieldpiece micron gauge features a time tracker that can be used for finding out the pressure differential over time. The best part is that it is fully customizable with options to adjust auto power-off, alarms, units of measurement, and backlight.

Key Features:

  • 4 port SMAN Manifold gauge.
  • 350 feet wireless range.
  • Airtight sight glass and reinforced hook.
  • Stores 9 different job readings.
  • Keeps the data logs for 7 days.

2. F2C Digital Refrigerant Electronic Charging Scale HVAC AC Manifold Gauge

F2C Digital Refrigerant Electronic Charging Scale HVAC AC Manifold Gauge
F2C Digital Refrigerant Electronic Charging Scale HVAC AC Manifold Gauge

This Micron gauge by F2C is ideal for HVAC and refrigeration services. It is optimized for cooling machines like air conditioners and refrigerators.

With the highest accuracy of +/-0.25oz. (5grams), this micron gauge also delivers dependability.

Its non-slippery body can handle all platforms. Plus, it can be used for recharging refrigerants. The system comes with a large display that shows readings in kgs, lbs. and oz.

The F2C Digital refrigerant also has the ability to store readings from previous services. The flexible long coil design and the rugged yet portable construction improve the functionality of the device.

It is constructed to be easy to use and operate. The system comes with a heavy-duty case to keep the gauge secure when not in use and during traveling. The best part is that it can be used for all refrigerants and has a resolution of 5g /0.010lbs./0.25oz.

Key features:

  • 9" x 9" slip-resistant weighing Platform.
  • 100 kg capacity.
  • 9V DC power.
  • LCD with a background lamp.
  • 32 F to 113 F (0 C to 45 C) operational temperature.

3. Uniweld UVG Digital Vacuum Gauge & Adaptor

Uniweld UVG Digital Vacuum Gauge & Adaptor
Uniweld UVG Digital Vacuum Gauge & Adaptor

From the looks of it, the device may not appear very impressive but it is truly futuristic when it comes to applications, functionality, and performance.

This digital vacuum gauge comes with high accuracy and shows results in Microns, Pascals, Millibar, and mmHg with a high 1-micron resolution.

The best part is that it does not use an oil sensor but still features self-calibration. Moreover, it is pretty low maintenance. All the user needs to do is clean it with isopropyl and it will work as good as new.

The device is designed such that it optimizes power. It comes with two AAA batteries that can run it for a minimum of 1000 hours. Thanks to its compact size, the Uniweld UVG Digital Vacuum Gauge & Adaptor is portable and easy to carry since it only weighs 7.8 ounces.

It comes with a rubber casing that makes it impact resistant and durable. The backlit display, high accuracy, high resolution, and easy functionality are some other great features.

Key features:

  • It can tolerate an overpressure of 500 psi.
  • Two AAA batteries can provide 1000 working hours.
  • Self-calibrating.
  • Four units of measurements: Microns, Pascals, Millibar and mmHg
  • Protected by an orange rubber boot.
  • Backlit display.

4. CPS VG200: Vacuum Gauge with Digital LCD Display

CPS VG200: Vacuum Gauge with Digital LCD Display
CPS VG200: Vacuum Gauge with Digital LCD Display

This CPS micron gauge comes with a 5-digit display which is a tell-tale of its accuracy and precision.

It is calibrated according to NIST's standards and also comes with NIST certification.

Unlike other micron gauges, this one has a simple design that is optimized to provide hassle-free operation.

The CPS VG200 features a built-in self-heated thermistor bridge in combination with an automatic temperature compensator. This advanced sensor design provides better functionality. It can withstand 400 psi pressure.

Design-wise, the device is constructed to be sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain. Its user-friendly display shows real-time readings of evacuation. This can also help in finding out about leaks during repair and installation.

It allows users to change the unit of measurement since the device provides microns, torr, in/hg, and mBar options. The CPS VG200: Vacuum Gauge with Digital LCD Display is pretty low maintenance, all you need to do is keep it in its case and clean the dust every now and then.

Key features

  • Calibrated according to NIST's standards.
  • It has four units of measurements: microns, torr, in/hg, and mBar.
  • Easy to use, 5-digit, backlit LCD.
  • Can withstand 400 psi pressure.
  • Weighs 10.6 ounces.

5. Refrigeration Digital Manifold Gauge Meter HVAC Vacuum Pressure Temperature Tester Kit

Refrigeration Digital Manifold Gauge Meter HVAC Vacuum Pressure Temperature Tester Kit
Refrigeration Digital Manifold Gauge Meter HVAC Vacuum Pressure Temperature Tester Kit

This refrigeration group instrument by Autool is an intelligent electronic device that is used for installation, testing, and maintenance of machines like cold storages, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

The tool is ideal for all HVAC systems since it not only offers vacuum measurement but also has the ability to measure pressure leak measurement and leak time speed record. This best micron gauge is easy to use and operates on top of being multi-functional.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, it also has a double pressure set, a digital readout, a dual temperature test along with multi-unit testing, a multi-mode function, and a built-in database.

The database has 89 built-in refrigerant pressure evaporation and temperature values. All the information regarding the features and measurements is displayed on the large-sized liquid crystal LCD, which makes things easier to handle.

It is developed using high-strength engineering plastics and comes with a silicone cover that is non-slip. Hence, expect the Refrigeration Digital Manifold Gauge Meter HVAC Vacuum Pressure Temperature Tester Kit to be with you for a long time.

Key features

  • Kpa, Mpa, inHg, PSI pressure testing units.
  • 0 Kpa - 6000 Kpa Pressure test range.
  • It does not come with batteries included and requires a 4 X 1.5V power supply.
  • 101 Kpa - 0 Kpa vacuum testing range.

6. Testo 557 Refrigeration System Analyzer

Testo 557 Refrigeration System Analyzer
Testo 557 Refrigeration System Analyzer

This four-way manifold system comes with two temperature compensated pressure sensors. These pressure sensors automatically calculate the theoretical evaporating and theoretical condensation temperatures. They can also calculate the superheating and subcooling ranges.

Testo 557 Refrigeration System Analyzer is built to maximize comfort and convenience. Hence, it comes with a built-in sight glass, a robust valve block, two temperature inputs that provide real-time calculation, and a compact design.

The set-up process, unlike other micron gauges, is very easy. It will not take you long to get started. Plus, it's fairly easy to use thanks to a large and backlit display that comes with excellent housing.

Apart from this, the device features a high-precision Pirani gauge which is known for its highly accurate and precise vacuum measurement. This addition makes it ideal for refrigeration systems and heat pumps. This micron gauge can store 60 refrigerants and can be connected to a smartphone.

Key features

  • Micron tolerance of 0 to 20000 microns with ± 10 microns.
  • 950 psi overpressure endurance.
  • 4 x 1.5V type AA batteries can provide 250h of working.
  • 20 to +50 °C operating temperature.

7. Robinair RAVG-1 Digital Micron Vacuum Gauge

Robinair RAVG-1 Digital Micron Vacuum Gauge
Robinair RAVG-1 Digital Micron Vacuum Gauge

If you want something compact, portable and lightweight, this micron gauge is the one for you.

Robinair has not compromised on the performance, efficiency, and functionality of the device. The construction of this micron gauge is top-notch. Plus, it is optimized for high falls and impacts. Moreover, it can also withstand high pressure and poor handling.

Its integrated display is claimed to be the industry's first multi-color backlight display which shows real-time readings along with a go/no go indicator.

The best part is its stubborn connection. It is not uncommon for micron gauges to lose the firmness causing leaks. However, with this Robinair micron gauge, you will not face this issue.

It comes with the company's patented Pending design that uses a MEMS Pirani sensor that is known for its accuracy and precision. The large display shows five digits and supports 6 measurement units: Microns, mmHg, inHg, mBar, Pascals, or Torr.

Key features

  • It can respond to vacuum changes as small as 10 microns.
  • Large and easy to read 5-digit display.
  • Water-resistant protective rubber boot.
  • Weighs 1.19 pounds.

8. RITCHIE 69075 SUPER VAC LCD Vacuum Gauge

RITCHIE 69075 SUPER VAC LCD Vacuum Gauge
RITCHIE 69075 SUPER VAC LCD Vacuum Gauge

Featuring laboratory-tested thermocouple technology, this vacuum gauge is one of the best pressure measurement tools on the market. It provides accurate and precise deep vacuum range sensing and has a full LED display.

Since the thermocouple technology used has been certified by the lab and industrial instrumentation, there is no doubt in the high accuracy it provides.

The vacuum gauge can carry out refrigeration in both cold and hot weather conditions. It runs on 'D' battery and lasts longer than most other devices due to its robust and sturdy construction.

It comes with a cleanable sensor and has a heavy-duty protection case as well. Apart from the durable molded case, it also has a brass connector and cable that keeps the micron gauge calibrated even after it is turned off.

For better accuracy, this Ritchie micron gauge has automatic ambient temperature calibration as well.

Key features

  • Compatible with NIST standards and certified by NIST.
  • Precision circuitry controls the sensor.
  • No constant calibration required.
  • Lab and industrial instrumentation certified thermocouple technology.

9. Supco VG64 Vacuum Gauge

Supco VG64 Vacuum Gauge
Supco VG64 Vacuum Gauge

Apart from having vibrant colors, this Supco vacuum gauge also boasts a plethora of features that will make your life easier.

Don't be deceived by the compact size of this vacuum gauge, it has all that you want in a micron gauge. However, what we liked the most is the audio and visual alarms for low and high vacuums. They notify the user that the limit has been achieved and can be used for refrigeration as well as for heating systems.

Thanks to its universal design, it has high compatibility. It is extremely easy to use and is very functional as well, which is why even newbies can easily use the device.

This vacuum gauge is optimized for rough and tough usage; hence, you will not be getting rid of it anytime soon after the purchase. The device is pretty accurate, thus, over or underfilling your machines will not be an issue.

It has a high resolution between 0.5 to 1000 micron and a 0 to 12,000-micron vacuum range. The real-time readings help in determining any leaks during the installation or repair process.

Key features

  • Backlit LCD display.
  • 0.5 to 1000 microns resolution.
  • 0 to 12,000-micron vacuum range.
  • It can measure 7 international units.

Buying Guide for Best Micron Gauge

Investing in a micron gauge that does not give you precise and accurate readings will not only result in a waste of money but may also damage your machines in the long with inaccurate readings. Hence, it is important to be careful when picking one.

All the products we mentioned above are great. Yes, it is important to know of a few factors that you need to consider before investing in a micron gauge.

Here they are:

Precision And Accuracy

The accuracy of a micron gauge is the main indicator of its quality and performance. Unfortunately, there is no way to clearly determine the accuracy and precision of a micron gauge. The best way to be sure is to buy a gauge that comes with NIST certifications. The certification is only granted after the device follows a set of standards. Hence, it can be a way to ensure quality.

Design And Durability

What good is a device if it does not have convenient design and durable construction? If you want to use your micron gauge in the garage or for rough and tough work, it is necessary that you go for something that is durable and sturdy.

Most of the micron gauges from good brands come with rugged construction however, not every micron gauge features water and dust proofing. Thus, based on your needs, choose your micron gauge wisely.

Design-wise, usually, micron gauges don't cause any issues. They come in varied sizes, hence, if you want something portable and easy to carry, opt for a small one.


No matter which model and brand you buy, dirt is a micro gauge's worst enemy. It can not only mess with the performance of the device but can also reduce the device's precision and accuracy.

Every micron gauge has its own set of instructions to follow when it comes to maintenance. You don't want a device that requires 20 to 30 minutes of cleaning after every operation. Going for a device that is easy to maintain and clean will make things more convenient.

Display And Smartphone Communication

Micron Gauges come with two types of displays namely analog displays and digital displays. Analog displays are pretty outdated and in comparison, to them, digital displays have bigger fonts and are easier to read. They also allow users to switch between different units easily.

Smart micron gauges appear to be taking over the market. These gauges can connect to smartphones via the brand-specific application and allow users to save and view all the previous data caught using the gauge.

Smartphone communication and connectivity opens doors to a number of features that traditional micron gauges cannot perform.


To connect a micron gauge to a certain device, whether using wires or Bluetooth, you have to check its device compatibility. Every device has a certain connection size, hence, before buying a micron gauge, make sure it is compatible with the machine(s) you want to use it with.

Types of Micron Gauges

Micron gauges are used to measure the thickness of paper, foil, and various plastics. There are three basic types of micron gauges: ultrasonic micrometers, optical "micron gauges," and laser micrometers. Most micron gauge manufacturers produce more than one type of meter in order to meet a variety of customer needs.

Ultrasonic Micrometers

An ultrasonic micrometer works by emitting an ultrasonic wave onto the object, then measuring the time it takes for the sonic waves to bounce back. The instrument calculates the thickness based on the speed of sound in the material and the time taken for reflection. This is sometimes referred to as Time of Flight (TOF) measurement. Ultrasonic micrometers are good for measuring the thickness of materials with complex shapes, for which conventional gauges might not work well.

Optical Micron Gauges

An optical micron gauge uses laser light beams to measure the thickness of an object by measuring the shadow cast by the material. The optical micron gauge uses a thin laser beam to build up an image of the thickness of the material. This type of micron gauge is very fast, and it's capable of measuring across die cuts in paper.

Laser Micrometers

The laser micrometer operates on the same principle as an optical meter, but uses lasers to measure rather than a light beam. Laser micrometers can be capable of more than 50,000 measurements per second and produce less than.001% reading errors.

How To Use A Micron Gauge?

A micron gauge is a pretty nifty tool that helps can help facilitate the longevity of your machines. It allows the user to promptly find the changes in pressure reading. Despite being super useful, a micron gauge, when not used properly gives distorted results.

It works by removing non-condensable medium like air moisture to complete the process of evacuation. Here's a step by step guide of using a micron gauge:

Step 1: Setting Up The System

  • Remove the core valves from both sides of the system.
  • Connect the large-sized vacuum rate hose with the core tools.
  • Connect the hose with the vacuum pump using the manifold gauge.

Step 2: Creating A Vacuum

  • Once you have opened all the valves, reduce the pressure.
  • Make sure the gauge is isolated from the pump. If not, it will cause gas permeation.
  • You want to bring the pressure down to 300 or 400 microns. Once that level is achieved close the valves to the high and low side of the system.

Step 3: Installation Of Gauge

  • Connect the gauge to the core suction line. It is advised that you use a copper line and a brass connector.
  • Once connected, it will take somewhere between 5 to 20 minutes for the pressure to equalize.
  • Make sure you know the moisture of the system in this step.

Step 4: Change The Oil

  • After you get your reading, it is important to change the oil. The oil takes in the moisture that can adversely affect future readings.
  • Make sure you replace the oil in its warm state,=.

It is a good practice to keep your pump, valves, and hoses clean since they can accumulate moisture over time.

Applications of Micron Gauges

Micron gauges are used to measure the thickness of a wide variety of objects or structures that require high accuracy, precise and low cost measurements. Some common applications include:

Automotive industry

Various mechanical components such as gaskets, seals, drive belts and pads. These can be measured with micron gauges before and after installation and assembly, to ensure that the part meets its specifications. The measuring results can also be used to check if a faulty part is due to poor assembly and would need re-assembly.

Micron gauges are widely adopted for this application as they provide superior accuracy and precision than calipers and other traditional methods such as microscope measurement due to their lower cost, ease of use and their ability to be used on-site.

Building and construction industry

Micron gauges are commonly used for measuring the thickness of plastering, joint compound, paint, floor tile or hard wood floors. Similar measurements can also be carried out on roof tiles to ensure that they meet specification for standardization.

Pipe wall measurements

The thickness of the wall of a pipe can be measured to ensure that it meets specified requirements. This is done by measuring the inside diameter and outside diameter at various points along the length of a pipe. Micron gauges are effective for this application as they provide accurate measurements without leaving noticeable marks on the object being measured.

Quality control inspection

Micron gauges are used to measure thin coating materials on guitar bodies, furniture pieces and other small objects where traditional thickness gauges cannot be used. Micron gauges are also widely adopted for professional use in laboratories for thin film measurement applications such as thin film deposition processes or measuring the thickness of viruses under a microscope.

It has been demonstrated that the use of micron gauges improves productivity and reduces processing time compared to traditional methods. Their cost effectiveness, ease of use and portability makes them suitable for many applications where on-site measurements are required.

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CPS VG200: Vacuum Gauge with Digital LCD Display - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Elitech VG-760 Digital Vacuum Gauge Micron Gauge for HVAC Micron Meter Refrigerant Vacuum - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay


A micron gauge can help add years to your machines. We have listed down the 9 best micron gauges on the market. Each one is selected based on a certain criterion and a range of budget. Cheaper alternatives might be tempting but they are neither accurate nor long-lasting.

Moreover, almost all the micron gauges mentioned in the article have a set of replacement parts easily available, hence, even if you have to get something replaced, you will not have to go through the hassle of replacing the whole system.

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