by Joshua Speaks

The name came about when we were very early in our homebrewing days. Once we realized we had a good thing going we felt like we needed to have a name for our collective - we considered ourselves more like a brewing jam band.



As we started brainstorming names, Dalton brought up the fact that friends routinely pointed out we always wore thick-rimmed glasses. It had gotten to a point where Dalton would text us ahead of time whenever we were going somewhere together to ask if we were wearing glasses, because if we were he'd wear contacts so one of us looked different. With that said, no other idea we came up with stuck like "twelve eyes" did.

When the time came that we were ready to form the LLC we technically did file as Twelve Eyes Brewing. But then we kept getting caught up with the question of, "Are we Twelve or 12?" It was frustrating because we kept flip-flopping and didn't know if that needed two trademarks or not. Then a friend we were working with at the time wrote out and proposed the spelling of "12welve." It was a mind-warp that worked and we loved it, plus it solved our dilemma. Best of all, now we show up at the top of alphabetically sorted directories.

Another reason the name stuck is because embracing a stigma (of being four-eyed) is exactly the kind of humor we all have. We love self-deprecation, so we continued making jokes about ourselves being "twelve eyes" throughout our first couple years homebrewing together.

About Joshua Speaks

Can’t think of a day that that Josh didn’t have a beer or two. Be it a long day of work or of nothing. Sometimes, it is a few packs even. Especially when there are familiars over.

His fridge is packed with beers: Heineken, Corona, Guinness, Budweiser, and all other wierd brands in between. He had to get a secondary 30 cu. fridge off Craigslist for more beer storage.

Sometimes he wonders if a day truly starts only after the first sip of beer for the day. Enough talk about Josh and his passion; that’s the reason for this beer blog and related items. Feel free to hit on him. Start with something like: “hey beer head!” You got the idea!

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