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Are you searching on Google to find out the simple kitchen cleaning tips?

Do you want to know how to clean your kitchen only using simple components of the market?

You won’t need to buy any expensive commercial cleaning objects if you read these tips. Because we have done such experiments with these tips to find out the most trustworthy quick kitchen cleaning tips.

You will get the most valuable offers from this article to clean your kitchen and make your kitchen hygienic.

We have divided the kitchen basic items and give you the best quick kitchen cleaning tips. Let’s explore them!


  • Baking soda with lemon

Baking soda and lemon are natural antibacterial ingredients. Spray baking soda on the top of the stove and rub it with the piece of lemon and then simply wipe with a cloth.

  • Olive oil

Spray or pour oil on the place of the stove where the foodstuffs become so hard to remove. And scrub the oil with the help of a towel.

  • Boiling water

You can use boil water instead of other things. You have to pour carefully hot water on the dirty surface of the stove and wait till the water becomes cool. Then simply use a sponge to clean the stuff.

  • Ammonia

You have to out removable stove burners into a zip bag and add ¼ cup ammonia and seal then you have to left the bag for a day. After the day you will get clean stove burners.



  • Use lemon to remove stains

Add water and few drops of dish soaps and fill the blender. Then cut a lemon making round shape. Add half of a lemon to the blender. Now, blend this mixture. You needn’t blend more than a minute.

Now you can see that your blender is free from stains as well as giving you a fresh look.

  • Scrub process

You can follow this easy and common process to clean the stains. Though it is a common process, it won’t take a long time. You will need a sponge which is used for cleaning utensils or a toothbrush etc. You have to choose the materials according to the depth of spot of the blended food.

Rub the materials throughout the blender. Add some water to it. Don’t stop rubbing until you remove all the spot.

  • Don’t wait to clean the base

If you let the blended materials stay at the blender and think to clean them later then maybe you aren’t doing the right thing. If you do this, it will be so tough for you to clean the food later. Because this food will become like caked things as long as you will let stay.

So, wipe the base using a towel and clean the base quickly after using the blender.

  • use polident tablets to clean the blade

If the blade seems sticky or dirty after washing the whole body, then I think you may clean the blade separately.

You can use polident tablets which are being used commercially. This will help you to remove all the extreme dirt in the blender. Use one or two polident tablets into a jar and put the blade. Let the blade stay for a while and you will be able to see neat and clean spotless blade.

Simple tips:

  • You shouldn’t be late to clean the stuff in a blender after using it.
  • After cleaning always let it dry.
  • Use the cotton bud to clean the buttons.

30 seconds quick tips to clean the blender:

Add hot water along with only a drop of dish soap inside the blender. Fill the blender half with this. Turn the switch on and turn it off after 10/15 seconds.

Now pour hot water again to rinse it and do this for two or three times.

See! Your blender seems so clean.


  • Baking soda and lemon to remove grease

You can use ¼ cup of lemon juice with 1 spoon of baking soda to clean the grease from the surface of the sink as soda is a natural cleaner. Scrub the surface with a toothbrush.

  • Hot water to clear clog

Boil water and pour them frequently on the sink. This will loosen the gunk and make the drain free from the clog. Before using the water you can pour a mix of baking soda and salt and then pour hot water. This will work better rather than only using hot water.

  • Vinegar to remove white spots

If you are being troubled in cleaning white spots on the sink then you can use vinegar to remove this. You need to pour few drops of vinegar on the spots and wrap it in a towel. After some minutes clean the spots with a dry towel.

  • You have to scrub

You can do all the things that I have told but along these jobs, you also have to scrub the surface of the sink to clean properly.

Kitchen Utensils:

  • Cleaning inside of the utensils

Use an unused dry tea bags and rub thoroughly the inside of the utensils on the grease and slag to remove them and if it takes time then use more than one tea bags.

  • Cleaning outer of the utensils

To clean the outer side of the utensils you have to add some water and a few spoons of baking soda on a pan and put that utensil into that pan and leave it on the stove in a little heat for 20/30 minutes.

After this process, you will be able to remove all the spots easily.

  • Natural dish soap

Take 3 pieces of lemon and cut them into small pieces and then add 2/3 cups of salt and blend them properly. Add ½ cup of vinegar and water and again blend.

Reserve this and use regularly as dish soap.

  • Removing burnt food

Mix hot water with detergent cleaner and use it on the pan and let it soak for some time and then rinse it. It will be better if you boil the mixture at least 10 minutes and then rinse with soapy water.

Kitchen tiles:

  • Cleaning grout

The biggest enemy of the tiles of the kitchen is grout. But it can be removed with simple maintenance. Use a toothbrush or a sponge and make it wet. Then scrub it to remove grout stains.

  • Removal of hard water spot

Fill up a bottle with vinegar and spray to the stains and wait for a while. Clean the wall with a towel. Now you can use a cleaner over the tiles and thus the spot will be removed.

  • Shining the tiles

Spray lemon oil or polisher like furniture polisher and use microfiber cloths to clean. By this, you will get a shiny wall in your kitchen.

  • Cleaning greasiness

In a bucket take water and few drops of dish soap liquids and use them on the grease with the help of a brush or sponge. And gently press the grease to remove.

If the grease is too stubborn to remove then use paste on the grease made by 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of warm water.  Let the paste dry and then remove with clean dishcloths.

Microwave oven:


  • Using vinegar

One cup of white vinegar and one cup of water add in a jar and place a wooden spoon into that mixture to stop the explosion. Set the oven for 5 to 10 minutes according to the power of your oven. Then wrap inside the oven with a wet towel or sponge and make the oven free from any kind of gunk.

  • Using lemon

Cut a lemon into halves and place them on the microwave oven plate. Add a spoon of water. Then microwave it for 1 minute let the inside of the microwave steamy. Now wrap inside the oven with a soft towel to clean properly.

  • Using dishwashing soap

In a bowl add dish soap as much as you want with half bowl water. Then microwave it until its steaming. Then wipe the inside of the oven with a used sponge. Thus, you will be able to clean the gunk easily because the steam will help you to lose the gunk.

  • Cleaning outer glass

You will simply need a glass cleaner to clear the glass of your oven. You will get a shiny look by this. Just simply spray glass cleaner on the glass and wash the glass with a microfiber cloth.


So, you have read these quick kitchen cleaning tips in this article that will help you every day to make your kitchen as a healthy place in your house. These cleaning tips will not only help you to clean but also help you to clean with simple natural ingredients.

Therefore, you just follow these tips into your kitchen and you will be able to see the results in your own eyes!

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