5 Things You Need To Be Aware of While Working in The Kitchen

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A kitchen is a place where we spend quality time in the house. Yes! I say quality time because, in a day, you can visit your kitchen more than five times for so many reasons. You may go to the kitchen to cook, pick a snack, and get a cup of water.

No matter how modern or local your kitchen is, you need to follow some simple rules whenever you are doing anything about it.

5 Things You Need To Be Aware

5 Things You Need To Be Aware
5 Things You Need To Be Aware

Cooking in the kitchen can be fun and exciting but not when you fall into one mishap or another. Many people already know the dos and don'ts of the kitchen, but sometimes, they still fall victim to some avoidable mistakes that may lead to a cooking error or even an accident.

I want to use this article as a reminder to you so that you can always remember the simple yet important things you need to be aware of while working in the kitchen. There are five simple but important things you must know while working in the kitchen.

1. Fire Burns

The first thing I want you to remember while working in the kitchen is that fire burns. If you play with fire, it can burn you and also burn down the whole house.

There are many things people do that jeopardize their safety while working in the kitchen.

Kitchen Fire-burns
Kitchen Fire-burns
Kitchen Fire-burns

If you must leave the kitchen at all, turn off your fire source but if you are baking with cake maker, boiling or roasting, make sure you are checking the food at short intervals to avoid burning.

However, if you want to ensure that you don't have an encounter with accidental fires, make sure you remove anything that can start a fire like wooden utensils, potholders, oven mitts, plastic bags, towels, etc.

Also, keep little children and your pets out of the kitchen so that they wouldn't knock anything onto your burner.

2. The Knives Are Important

Kitchen Knife
Kitchen Knife

Knowing how important the knives are is one of the things you should be aware of while working in the kitchen.

Before you start cooking, you must prepare everything you need for the food, and one of the most useful kitchens took for this preparation is the knife.

You must know how to use the assorted shapes and sizes of the knives in your kitchen. To get the best out of your kitchen knives and also avoid injury, do the following:

  • Sharpen your knives always
  • If you want to cut any food, don't use your palm as a cutting board instead, use the board no matter the situation.
  • Don't allow any slippery substance to stain the handles of your knives to prevent accidents.
  • If your knife is falling off the kitchen cabinet, don't try to catch so that the sharp edge won't slice your fingers.
  • Don't stack your dirty knives among other utensils in soapy water. Wash them as soon as you use to prevent accidents.

3. Spills Are Dangerous

It is common to have spills while working in the kitchen. Sometimes, you may be rushing to prepare something for yourself or the family before leaving for work, but if you are not careful with spilled foods, there may be accidents.

No matter how organized you are, there are times when you may let an egg drop, oil spill or the soup spill. When any of this happens, the first thing to do is clean it up before it leads to more dangerous chain reactions.

The mistake some people make is to let the spill be till after cooking and eating. If you are so tempted, make sure you clean the ones on the floor before they send you to take a spill yourself. I don't believe you would want to lose your balance and hit your head on the floor.

So one of the five things you must be aware of while working in the kitchen is that spills are dangerous especially those on the kitchen floor.

4. A Fire Extinguisher is a Necessity


I hope you know that things can catch fire in the kitchen? When such things occur, the most useful item you need at that time is the fire extinguisher.

It is one thing to have one in your kitchen and another is knowing how to use it.

Make sure that there is a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and also know how to put it to good use if a fire incident occurs.

Don't overlook the importance of this handy tool while working in the kitchen.

However, there are other ways of extinguishing a fire in the kitchen. You can use salt, pot cover, or baking soda if there is no extinguisher but always avoid reaching for water to quench a fire while working in the kitchen.

5. Steam Burns

I think most people make the mistake of opening a pot without protecting their bare skin. While working in the kitchen, you must remember that steam can burn as hot as a burner or a boiling liquid. Do you know that you can pour your entire pot of food on the floor because of sudden burn from the steam?

If you want open microwaved foods, keep your face away and also use hot pads. Also, if you want to lift the cover of a pot that contains a boiling food, pull it towards you to protect your hand from the steam.

There are many things you must be alert to while working in the kitchen. The truth is that you can have an enjoyable experience in the kitchen or it can become your worst nightmare. Don't overlook the importance of these five things because each of them can save your life, your food or even your house.

Keep these things in mind the next time you work in the kitchen.

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