Is It Ok To Drink Expired Beer?

by Terry R.

We have actually all been there. Springtime cleansing time. While throwing out old leftovers in the fridge you see it: that craft made Octoberfest ale. You remember it being respectable. However it’s been in there for 6 months … or maybe it was from the fall before then? And also springtime cleansing makes you really PARCHED.

So what do you do? Can you drink it? What is the real service life of beer? Does beer spoil? And also what is that green fuzzy stuff in your Tupperware?

Do not worry … we obtained you. You will quickly learn if that beer is safe to consume alcohol, or will that expired beer make you ill?

Can Bad or Expired Beer Make You Sick?

Can Bad or Expired Beer Make You Sick?
Can Bad or Expired Beer Make You Sick?

So can drinking expired beer make you ill?

Let’s get this one off the beaten track today. No, it can not make you unwell. After beer has ended up brewing and also is totally fermented, damaging virus will not expand in beer.

This is different from various other types of expired foods like meat or dairy products. Nonetheless, if there is contamination at a commercial brewing facility, after that you can get sick. That stated, when breweries experience a contamination, they will certainly not deliver the beer for distribution.

As you possibly understand, one of the most likely method you will certainly get ill from drinking beer is by consuming alcohol too much beer in one resting.

What Is Skunked Beer?

” Skunked beer” is the term for beer that has actually lost its taste. It might taste level, sour or have the pale smell of skunk. This can take place for a few different factors:

  • Oxygen
  • Heat
  • Exposure to UV Rays
  • Bacteria


In each bottle, can or keg of beer, there is always a small quantity of air. We’re speaking a teeny, tiny amount, as partially per billion. This is normal and part of the beer packaging procedure.

However, over time the oxygen will transform the characteristics of the beer. This is known as oxidation. This will, in time, will certainly change the flavor of the beer slightly. Nevertheless, these modifications are extremely small as well as may take a long time for it to be recognizable.


Warmth itself will certainly not alter the flavor of your beer. Certainly, we don’t suggest you drink warm beer EVER, but know that accidentally leaving a 6 pack of beer in the trunk of your vehicle for an afternoon will not eliminate the taste.

What warmth will do is it speeds up the oxidation process and will, in a quicker amount of time, modify the flavor of your beer.

Exposure To UV Rays

Excessive direct exposure to ultra-violet (UV) light is a no no. When UV rays, either from sunshine or some lights in stores, hit the bottle after that some not so good things start to take place.

The molecules in the beer start to disintegrate, and afterwards a sulfuric substance is made. This creates the taste we all certainly acknowledge and do not delight in. Luckily, there are ways to shield your beer as well as maintain it fresher for longer.


WHATEVER, including beer, will certainly degeneration after time. Living germs will eat away at whatever. Commercial beer has a lot of preservatives as well as makers takes added safety measure to lessen contamination. Luckily, there are two things operating in beer’s favor to slow down contamination: the alcohol material is an all-natural chemical as microbial germs can not endure. Also, refrigeration slows the procedure as well.

Incidentally, what we all probably assume as the likeliest way to skunk beer is an overall myth: changing the temperature level in a temporary situation. It has long been believed that if you take beer out of the fridge and also it reaches area temperature level, it is skunked and also there is no factor in putting it back in the fridge.

This is merely not real. If it has actually been revealed to extreme heat for days or weeks, then you may have a trouble. Or else, simply stick it back in the fridge and your beer will certainly be crisp, awesome, tasty, and fresh.

How Long Does Beer Last?

How Long Does Beer Last?
How Long Does Beer Last?

You have actually most likely noticed that your beer has a “sell by” or “ideal by” day on the can or bottle. These dates are not the day you need to toss out any kind of unconsumed beer. These days are what the brewmaster advises the beer ought to be eaten by for the best and also best taste.

Actually, relying on what sort of beer it is and also just how you keep it, your beer can last for months or even years.

Aluminum Cans

For aluminum canisters, beer will certainly last roughly 6 to nine months after the sell by date if you save it at space temperature. If you store it in the refrigerator, those cans will last as much as 2 years.

Glass Bottles

For bottles, this will depend on the shade of the glass. Keep in mind, it’s the UV rays that can ruin beer. Brown glass containers block nearly all UV rays. Clear as well as eco-friendly glass enable those bothersome rays to get in.

Storage is essential: if your containers are maintained area temperature in a location with no straight sunshine, like a cupboard or garage, then you can obtain six to 9 months at room temperature level. If there is direct exposure to light, after that soon after the sell by day your beer could be skunked. Considering that your refrigerator does not have UV light beaming through the glass, your beer is risk-free for up to 2 years.

Growlers and Beer Dispensers

In growlers and beer dispensers, the quality duration is much shorter because the beer has actually been exposed to air. With an excellent fill, consisting of the ideal use CO2 to push out the oxygen, and a good seal, your beer can last unopened for anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks. Nonetheless, when you open up that beer, the clock is ticking: your beer will certainly go flat within 24 to two days.


Even if you save your beer in a keg, your beer will just stay fresh for as long. Yet depending upon how you are giving the beer from a keg, will certainly determine if it will last simply eventually or three months.

If you are utilizing a manual pump to pressurize the keg so the beer can be given, you are presenting a lot of oxygen right into the keg which considerably reduces the quality of the beer. If you over-pump and introduce excessive air, you will certainly be drinking a great deal of too much foam. These types of pumps benefit parties because the beer may only last eventually.

Nevertheless, when making use of a kegerator, CARBON DIOXIDE is utilized to pressurize the keg and dispense the beer, preventing oxidation because the keg will certainly remain pressurized. When you place your beer in a keg with this sort of system, you can prevent level tasting beer, and also your beer can stay fresh for 3 or four months.

The Best Way To Store Beer and Keep It Fresh

The most effective storage place to maximize your beer shelf life is in your fridge. At a constant, continuous, and also cool temperature with no direct exposure to UV rays, your beer in the refrigerator can last years. There are optimum
conditions for making your beer last a while in the fridge:

Temperature: The ideal serving temperature level for a lot of designs of craft beer is around 45 ° fahrenheit. So being able to keep your beer in a temperature level controlled environment, like a min-fridge is the means to go.

The Best Way To Store Beer and Keep It Fresh
The Best Way To Store Beer and Keep It Fresh

This obtains a lot of beers, except for beers such as Budweiser, Miller as well as Coors, which are better taken pleasure in when they are ice cold. These beers are much less most likely to spoil so you can maintain these outside the refrigerator up until you are ready to chill and drink.

You can save beer at area temperature, supplied the climate is reasonably awesome. A garage or pantry where the temperature is between 60 and 70 degrees can keep beers fresh for approximately 2 years, and the brews pointed out above will last also much longer.

Light: No light = no problem. Without direct exposure to UV rays your beer will stay fresher much longer. Certainly not a trouble in the refrigerator, yet it can be somewhere else. A basement or a cupboard that has no windows to outdoors are ideal, along with a temperature level variety that doesn’t differ too much. Keeping your beer in a garage is not the best area for you to store your beer.

For craft beers with higher alcohol material, they are commonly best stored at a temperature between 50 ° as well as 55 ° fahrenheit, as well as can last well beyond two years.

Actually, some stouts, barley red wines, lambics and various other unfiltered beers actually get better over a couple of years and also you will discover a modification (for the better) in the flavor account over time. This modification isn’t the beer going bad; it’s just the beer is experiencing an extensive aging procedure.

How To Tell If Your Beer Is Bad

There are a few various means to inform if you have actually skunked beer Most often there will be an unique flavor or taste that will be a guaranteed indicator, and also your nose is normally the most effective sign if you should drink the beer or not.

Stale: if your beer has a stagnant taste (like cardboard) it more than likely has been oxidized.

Popcorn: If you experience a buttery preference like buttered snacks, then you are sampling Diacetyl. This is produced in virtually every beer fermentation, however you usually can’t taste it. Way too much of it is not just an indicator that your beer has actually transformed, but an extreme amount can be unsafe for your lungs. Fortunately, it takes far more Diacetyl than exists in your beer to make you sick. Still, it’s a sign your beer is bad.

Cabbage: Unless you are cooking beer-braised cabbage, your beer should not taste like cabbage.

Sewage or sulphur: What time is it if your beer scents or tastes like sewage? It’s time to pour it down the drain.

On top of that, you can use your sense of smell. If it scents like a skunk, after that your beer is most likely skunked.

Can You Freeze Beer?

If you are attempting to protect your beer as long as possible, should you freeze it and drink it when it’s thawed? Despite the fact that many beers are reduced in alcohol as well as mostly made from water, beer will certainly ice up.

Possibly you can make some adult beer popsicles to delight in, but consuming thawed beer that was previously frozen is most likely something you do not wish to do. Besides, it simply won’t taste the same as if it was fresh, and the beer will certainly increase when it freezes and can trigger the bottle to break.
light weight aluminum can and also frozen beer.

Final Say

As you understand already, beer is a magical concoction that has many advantages. And also now you recognize, in ideal conditions beer will last a very long time and can remain tasty for months, if not years, after the expiry day. And also, you will certainly not get ill from consuming alcohol ended beer (unless you consume excessive). So proceed and also delight in that enigma beer from the back of the refrigerator. And keep in mind: responsible drinkers finish what they have before they purchase their next six pack, growler, or situation.

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