How to Use a Machete Safely – Key Precautions!

by Hari Won

A machete like a cutting machine, perfect for backyard chores and best during survival times. There are some set of rules to play with a machete in the right way, without damaging your body. Following the safety measures and guidelines are equally important both for newbies and professional machete users. In this article, we will cover how to use a machete safely.

There some set principles to carry the machete, sharpen it, and even to use it. Angle matters a lot, placement of hands, posture, and many other important factors that can improve efficiency while keeping you safe. It’s always better to follow the safety use guidelines, escaping from any damage.

How To Use a Machete Safely

How To Use a Machete Safely
How To Use a Machete Safely

So, do you carry a machete with you? Do you know how to use a machete safely? Have you completely studied the professional machete use guideline? Or you have the right experience to work with a sharp machete? Even if you are a professional machete user, recall the following guidelines for safe machete users!

The right way to grip the machete

The machete users are convinced that the hard grip never benefits them. It can cause damage while performing heavy-duty tasks. Even the loose grip too, never works. The concept of pinch grip comes into existence, where the users hold the machete with balanced power.

The pinch grip is basically to grip the machete handle with the forefingers and thumb, loosely. Their handgrip must be flexible enough, so it can move according to the use. So, are you carrying the machete in the right way? If not, then fix the posture, please!

For a newbie or beginner, it’s better to use the machete by wearing gloves and use the lanyard hole too. After some time, one may try to use the machete safely without gloves – better for the home chores.

The Angle of Strike

Yes, the angle of strike matters a lot. The machete users always take care of the angle as it will improve the efficiency and make the strike even more productive. Never strike straight as it will be a bad approach, ruining all the energy against nothing.

The momentum is built when the machete user strikes with a 45-degree angle and that results in a great strike, cutting even hardwood. A lot of practice is required to fix the angle and once you are done with it, it’s better to try hard chores.

Improve the penetration and efficiently shop big trees by using the right-angle approach. It’s better you know the accurate way how to hold a machete, for safe machete use. So next time, please follow the right-angle approach while striking and measure a difference in your cutting performance. You can easily chop down big trees and plants within less time – the angle is the key secret to quick and fast cutting.

How to Swing Your Machete

You have said about the machete use, blade quality, and other things. Swinging a machete with a purpose comes with great benefits – otherwise, you can harm yourself or get harmed. Make sure the handle is loosely gripped, which empowers complete angle freedom.

There are rubbers and nylon sheaths installed, or even the leather fixed over the handle. It’s designed specifically to make the device a non-slippage gadget, thus promoting a compact machete swing. You can use it when your hands are dry or even when wet if your machete comes with non-slippage key ingredients.

Carrying a Machete

Do you know How to Carry a Machete or how to use a machete safely? Well, basically it’s a dangerous and deadly tool. Never need to open it from the leather cover unless you need to use it. It can even damage you or anyone because the machete blades are very sharp.

Keep the sheath with you, and place the machete blade inside it. Never carry the machete unless you have the best standard sheath with you. There are some covers that additionally have belt hanging hooks. One can comfortably hang and fix the machete with the belt, making it easier to carry.

It is highly recommended that beginners should never carry the machete. If they need to, better to wrap the hands with gloves, and to keep the blade inside the sheath. Hang it with the belt and check out the quality.

Sharpening the machete

Do you know how to sharpen a machete? There are some proper guidelines, that can help to sharpen the machete in one go. It’s always better to read the sharpening manual of that specific machete. Like the survival knives have sharp blades and that’s why looking for the best quality sharpening.

The surface must be flat, solid ground and you must be alone while sharpening. There are many sharpeners like Whetstone, popular for efficient sharpening. You just need to rub in the right way and within no time, find a difference in your machete sharpness.

Style of Machete

The style of the machete, its handle, and even the blade quality add some additional measures to use the machete in a perfect way. The style of the machete will force the user with a different grip. The jungle survival knives must have some other tips to use the machete, while for the home backyard garden use, the guidelines are different.

There are several machete techniques been introduced so far, varying concerning the model, usage level, and even the nature of the user? So, are you ready to use the machete safely? Well, there are many dangerous activities that one can perform during the machete times.


Either it’s about the newbie or professional assistance, there have been always some guidelines available. No need to follow any trick or so-called techniques, the failure can damage you hardly. We want you to become safe while becoming an expert machete user. Normally, a machete has a very sharp edge if it is well taken by the sharpener or by whetstone.

The machete owners mostly know the importance of a safe use guide. It can either make your strikes better or can harm you. Test the machete blade, the design, and then wait for any event as this is a family heirloom and a perfectly cool gift for the machete users. So, are you ready to use the machete after reading the guideline? If so, then feel free to ask us anytime.

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