How to Sharpen a kukri

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A kukri is one of the finest class knives that can appeal to any onlooker and have a history of years with proven performance and cutting superior.

So, if you have a kukri machete in your portfolio, then you are all-time fortunate and you must be looking to find out how to sharpen a Kukri?

The top-class kukri machetes are best for cutting, chopping, and even piercing.

How to Sharpen a kukri
How to Sharpen a kukri

You need to understand several factors to keep its condition perfect and to enjoy ultimate cutting performance every time.

One of the best skills is to learn how to sharpen a Kukri machete. For a newbie machete user, the process of preserving and upholding the machete is quite tricky as its sharp blade is a risky item to deal with, many people uses sharpening stones to sharpen their kukris.

Well, on the other hand, a Kukri machete always deserves some special attention. You might witness and observe a sharp cutting range in a different field, from the digging, camping to even animal's slaughtering, the Kukri styled machetes will never let you down.

So why don't you especially preserve this heirloom and keep its performance at the top always?

How to Sharpen a Kukri - Get to Razor Edge!

This article will explain all the secret tips on how to sharpen a Kukri machete to enjoy a top-notch cutting performance.

1. Chakmak Sharpening Trick

Most of the newbies are not aware of the Chakmak unless they received their kukri Machete. This Chakmak is a small tiny blade or so-called knife, that comes across almost every Kukri machete as a sharpener.

Still, one needs to follow some guidelines and techniques to sharpening a Kukri machete with this tool. Place the top over the wooden or solid surface and hold it tightly with one handle. Done with this posture?

Well, using the other hand, just rub or drag the Chakmak over the blade with some force.

While you are repeating the process, you can consider the sharpness of the Kukri machete is increasing. Repeat the process for some time and then measure a highly sharp performance of your kukri machete. So, this is one of the ways how to sharpening a Kukri machete that is easy and widely been used.

2. Honing steel

This process is almost the same as the Chakmak sharpening process. The sharpener is different in this case, might be some speedy and efficient too. There are some basic rules followed to sharpen the Kukri machete with the honing steel.

Make sure that the Kukri is settled over the solid surface or even the wooden surface. Start pressing and rubbing the blade with this sharpener and find quick results. You might witness that sharpening a machete with honing steel requires less effort and pressure than the Chakmak process.

For the newbies, sharpening a machete with this way is always preferred as required some less effort and low pressure. At the end of the day, you can find and measure that your Kukri machete blade becomes powerful and sharper to cut down any tree or even slaughter an animal in one go.

3. Stone/Puck Process

This is also a reliable and reputed way to sharpen the machete, especially the Kukri styled. While you are sharpening it through a stone, you must be a professional otherwise, you will cut down or damage your hands.

The stone method is complex as you will use the solid punk or stone to sharpen a Kukri machete as followed by the Chakmak or the honing steel process. Rub it after placing at the solid surface, through the concave sections.

If you are using a puck, not the stone, the surface area must be small, otherwise, keep it large. After the completion of the concave side, then move to the flat section in a fast motion.

This requires some more effort as compared to the above methods. This machete sharpening process is used while you are in the jungle and don't have modern sharpening tools.

Have you ever tried this stone/puck process to sharpen a Kukri? This is one of the proven conventional methods practiced over centuries across the world.

4. Rada Quick Edge Sharpening Method

Rada is a dual steel wheel that is specially designed to sharpen a Kukri machete instantly and without less effort. The Rada process is quick, convenient and everyone can sharpen the blade through this process.

When you will pull your kukri machete in the wheels four to six times, you can measure that the edge becomes sharp and the blade performance is improved. Most of the time, the Kukri comes with a sharpened blade and it's been an imperative solution to quick cutting.

5. Sharpen Kukri using File

An industrial file is always a beneficial tool to improve the sharpness and to enhance cutting performance. While you might be thinking that how to sharpen a Kukri and meanwhile, the file sharpener can easily sharpen the machete.

The file must be a friction full material, that when rubbed through the right angle, will deliver a top-quality blade sharpening. Most of the time, the professionals are adopting this method but indeed, it's not a good approach. It can reduce the life of the machete, and the teeth edge overall sharpness and performance in reduced!

6. Sharpening a blunt kukri

Some kukris are shipped after complete sharpening while some are delivered unsharpened. In that case, you are going to sharp that Kukri machete for the first time and it requires some additional efforts.

There are metal files or any sharpener used to enhance the sharpness and through the successful rub, one can do it quickly and easily.
Ensure that a deeper and steeper angle is contacted with the sharpener and through any sharping tool, one can easily complete the job in less time. So, check that your machete comes with pre sharpening or not?

Protect the blade

It's been a good approach to separate the machete handle with the blade. It improves the efficiency of the sharpening and enhances overall productivity. One may also find it easy to sharpen when the Kukri is separated from the handle.

The traditional kukri needs some more care while sharpening as they are made from conventional steel or carbon that can get rust. One needs to check the machete, unplug from the leather cover and sharpen it within a month, avoiding any rust corrosion.

The popular machete brands that are making Kukri styled knives to make sure every blade is tossed with the powdered, escaping the blade through the rust.

It's better to clean and wash the blade. For this purpose, use the kerosene with the soft material cloth that will assist to kick out the rust and unwanted particles! Done with the cleaning? Make sure the blade is well dipped in the machine oil so it will escape further rust.

Using a top-quality leather cover, one can even safeguard the machete blade in a better way. This can prevent the sharpening again and again while the device will stay a rust resistive knife over a long period.

So, have you purchased the leather cover for the Kukri? Mostly, the knives come with a genuine factory-made cover that surpasses quality standards and comes with custom-fit size.

Why Kukri is a famous device?

The kukri is a popular utility knife and machete that fits for many purposes and proves to be a strong toolkit for many areas. Either you are using it inside the home or carrying it through the jungle, one can find its performance is at its peak every time. Well, you always need a good quality sharpening!

The Kukri machete is mostly used during the cutting, even the season of harvesting, for the tree chopping, and even as a household cutting device. The newbie and professional users can easily manage.

You can improve the sharpness and the cutting precision by the quality of sharpening and through the manual process, one can make a Kukri blade a deadly cutting weapon!

The Kukri knives and machetes are mostly available in the stainless-steel blade, which is easy to sharpen and will always exceed the performance level. There is an endless way to make the machete work perfectly as discussed above and you just have to follow anyone according to the feasibility!


Most people buy Kukri because of its excellent cutting range and its blade quality. It is available in a sharp stainless blade and carbon steel blade, while angled mostly and have a pointed tip for the piercing.

The blade features make the device a very strong, reliable, and professional machete device to carry during survival times. The sharpening methods that are explained at the top of the article wholly depends on the personal selection and the convenience level. All will end resulting to sharpen a machete.

The choice to choose the Chakmak, rada, stone, file, or puck method depends on personal preferences. Most of the time, people are using honing steel for efficient sharpening! It is preferred you buy a Kukri machete that comes with the sharpening tool or pre sharp condition, avoiding your time and enhancing the first-time experience to use the kukri machete.

So, planning to enjoy a great jungle trip? Have you explored the facts that how to sharpen a Kukri? Have you packed your survival Kukri machete? If not, then make sure you carry it after sharpening.

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