How to Make Soda Drinking – Beer Helmet

by Terry R.

Beer helmet or Soda Drinking Helmet hold 2 drinks as well as enable you to consume your drink without hands! It is considered is the best accessory for tailgating, the beach, a house party, or simply enjoying TV with good friends! One size fits most. Not meant to give any security or safety and security. This uniqueness item bring lots of fun in enjoy beer or drink any beverage you like.

Today, these helmet are quite popular in the market or any website.

However, creating a special a soda drinking or beer helmet will be surely a interesting gift for drink lover. So, today we would like to share the ways to Make Soda Drinking - Beer Helmet. Let's begin!

How to Make Soda Drinking - Beer Helmet
How to Make Soda Drinking - Beer Helmet

Things You'll Need to prepare to making Beer Helmet

  • Duct tape
  • Craft stick
  • Soft drink can
  • Scissors
  • Baseball hat (optional).
  • Construction hat (optional).
  • Plastic tubing.
  • Binder clips..

Beer Helmet Process

When you use a soda-drinking or beer helmet you will not have to select between a journey to the snack bar and watching one of the most crucial play of the video game. Your soft drink will be attached to your hat, sitting in holders, on each side of your head, and your favorite flavor will certainly be supplied to your palate by means of a long plastic tube straw. Some individuals make the cup holders of socks, however duct tape is preferable due to the fact that it is tough and long lasting as well as will not stretch and also tear as well as flop about like socks.

Tape a craft stick running vertically to the side of a soda can to a little and also temporarily boost the circumference of the canister. Cut an 11-inch strip of air duct tape and location it sticky-side-down on the job surface area. Set the soft drink can down on the facility of the duct tape. Draw the strip of duct tape up along the sides of the canister as well as cover the roll of duct tape, sticky-side-out, around the canister. Wrap the entire outside of the can as well as cut the air duct tape. Cut another 11-inch strip of air duct tape as well as place it sticky-side-up on the work surface area. Establish the soft drink can down on the facility of the duct tape, so the 2nd 11-inch strip of air duct tape covers the first 11-inch strip of duct tape. Stick the strip of duct tape up along the sides of the canister. Wrap the roll of duct tape, sticky-side-in. around the can up until all sticky surface areas of tape are covered and also reduced the duct tape from the roll. Repeat to produce a secondly can owner.

Remove the can from the holder as well as remove the craft stick from the canister. Staple the can owners sideways of the baseball hat. Additionally, leave the containers in the owners up until after you duct tape the holders securely to the hard hat.

Place an end of the clear plastic tubing inside the mug holder, making sure to reach the bottom of the mug holder, and also duct tape the tubes or straw to the top of the hat. Run the tubes around to your mouth and cut the straw at a comfortable size. Attach a binder clip a couple of inches from completion of the tubes for benefit, so you will certainly be able to stop the flow of fluid and clip the straw out of the way. Repeat the tubes procedure for the other cup owner.

Beer Helmet Tips

Use air duct tape in your preferred team's colors or published with your group logo

Beer Helmet Warnings

Just grownups need to utilize sharp scissors.

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