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Best Under Sink Water Filter System: Reviews 2021 (Updated!)

An under sink water filter isn’t something we think about often, is it? 

Nevertheless, you can’t really underestimate the need and the importance of the best under sink water filter in your home. This is something we choose, buy and install only once in our homes, but reap the benefits for years to come.

Besides, under sink water filters these days are more efficient now, much better than what we had in the past years, and they have become an indispensable part of our households. 

Under sink water filters are used everywhere nowadays: both in residential houses and commercial spaces.

If you want safe and fresh drinking water right out of the faucet without an additional filter that takes up too much space in your kitchen, your only option is to find out the right under sink water filter for your home or workplace. Here in this article, you will learn just how to do that! 

Why Should you Get an Under Sink Water Filter?

The purest drinking water isn’t very easily available these days. There was a time when the water coming out of our taps, sinks and faucets were all fresh and healthy, but not anymore. The water coming into our homes, shops and workplaces need to be filtered before we can drink it. 

In the Eastern nations, water is boiled and then cooled to drink to be considered safe. The water in these countries are usually too contaminated to drink, and has to go through several layers of filtration for the final product to be drinkable.

Fortunately for us, we can forgo the hassle simply by installing under sink water filter under your kitchen faucets to get drinkable water any time we want. 

Even a few years ago, water filters were not so necessary in our homes. At least, they were not an indispensable part of our kitchen apparels and gadgets. Now, however, as the quality of drinkable water is deteriorating fast, we all need the help of a water filter for a safe and trustable source of water.

Additionally, when it comes to water filters, it is the under sink water filters that are the most effective, most reasonable and most convenient in a crowded kitchen or dining area. 

Unless you want to spend money on bottled water every day, the under sink water filter is the best choice you have. There are other kinds of water filters that are available in the market, but they either waste too much counter- or wall-space, or create too much of a mess to your kitchen/dining room. Not to mention, they don’t blend very well with the decor.

With an under sink water filter, the whole thing would stay hidden under your faucet or kitchen sink, covered by cabinets or curtains. You can have instant drinking water that is fresh and safe right where your kitchen sink is.

Not to mention, you can use this uncontaminated water in your washing and cooking, which helps a lot, as well - especially if you have very young children. 

Now that you know why you should invest in an under sink water filter, you can find the top choices available in the market. 

Top 7 Best Under Sink Water Filter Systems

Here are the seven top under sink water filter systems that you can find in the market at the moment, for you to choose from and install in your home or workplace. 

1. iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Superb Taste High Capacity Under Under Sink

This under sink water filtration system from iSpring guarantees fresh and safe drinking water all the time, which will remove up to 99% of any kind of contaminants, lead and other harmful elements in your water.

With this water filter, you can get the safest water possible that will be free from any trace of hormones, calcium, chlorine, sodium, giardia, bacteria, fluoride, arsenic and virus, no matter what source of water you are using. 

The feed water pressure of this filter ranges from 45 to 70 psi. You can get drinkable water every time you turn on your kitchen faucet, not only for drinking, but for cooking and washing your utensils.

You will be able to use this water directly for drinking, for making baby’s formula and food, for crystal clear ice cubes, and for making coffee and brewing tea. The water will taste delicious and fresh, without any acidic taste. 

Installation is easy and takes a short time, and the whole thing tucks in comfortably under your sink, hidden from the world. The water goes through 5 different stages of filtration, including a special Alkaline Remineralization stage.

This makes the water taste much better than ordinary water. The whole filter takes a total of 1 to 3 hours to completely fill up, so that you can always enjoy fresh water whenever you want. 


  • Removes up to 99% of contamination and harmful chemicals 
  • Feed water Pressure: 45 to 70 psi 
  • Instant drinking water anytime
  • Fresh tasting water safe for young children 
  • Compact design tucks comfortably under sink 
  • Takes 1 to 3 hours to completely fill up 
  • Automatic shut-off 
  • Quick fitting connectors make installation easy 
  • Works against more than 1000 types of contaminants 
  • Tested against leaks and breaks

2. Woder 10K-Gen3 Ultra High Capacity Direct Connect Water Filter

This under sink water filter doesn’t look much, but you can use it to clean and filter water from any source. This filter works the best for municipality water that is neither clean nor safe, and will instantly convert it into drinkable water for the whole family.

You can trust this water filter to give you clean drinkable water directly from your faucet or kitchen sink, water that will be completely safe for children. 

If you are using this water filter to treat municipality treated cold water, a single filter can last up to 3 years, or go through about 10,000 gallons of water. If used for well water or salty water, the filter will last less, and take more time to give you drinkable water.

This under sink water filter has been manufactured especially for municipality treated water, and will give you the best performance when you use water from your municipality. 

Installation is easy and doesn’t require a plumber. You can directly connect this filter to a ⅜” water valve under the sink. This filter can be connected to both your kitchen and bathroom sinks, and doesn’t take much space.

The water you get from this filter is absolutely pure and drinkable, with more than 99% elimination of lead, heavy metals, organic compounds, odors, turbidity, bad taste and mercury. The RO (Reverse osmosis) technology takes out all harmful contaminants and only leaves the minerals needed in your body. 


  • Small and space-saving design 
  • Eliminates 99% contamination and harmful materials 
  • Leaves all necessary minerals in the water 
  • Manufactured especially for municipality treated water 
  • Reverse Osmosis technology gives smart filtration
  • Can be installed under kitchen or bathroom sink 
  • Doesn’t need a plumber to install 
  • Lasts up to 3 years or through 10,000 gallons of water

3. Express Water Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Water Filtration System

This is an affordable and efficient under sink water filter than may take up a lot of space under your kitchen sink, but will give you the freshest and purest drinkable water, all the time.

This filter can effectively and within a very short time, remove up to 99% of all kinds of harmful contaminants in your water source, including arsenic, fluoride, bacteria, nitrates, calcium, lead, mercury and chlorine. 

With a feed water pressure of 40 to 85 PSI, this under sink water filter guarantees the best and safest water anywhere on earth. Installation is easy and doesn’t require the help of a professional. You can install the whole water filter yourself in just under minutes, with no technical know-how needed.

This filter comes with a 1-year warranty and give you drinkable water instantly - whenever you want it. The filters have environment-friendly coconut carbon filters in them that makes the water safer to drink. 


  • Affordable and efficient 
  • Removes up to 99% of contaminants and harmful elements 
  • Feed water pressure: 40 to 85 PSI 
  • Easy installation without any professional help needed 
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Instant drinkable water 
  • Environment-friendly coconut carbon filters

4. Home Master TMAFC-ERP-L Artesian Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

One unique feature of this best under sink water filter is that it comes with a Fridge Connection Kit, which means that you can connect this filter to your refrigerator to make fresh and safe ice directly without any hassle of filling up your ice trays.

The water goes through seven stages of purification inside the filter, and you only get the purest, safest water that you can directly drink from your kitchen sink. 

This under sink water filter from Home Master is a big one, but it will fit in snugly inside your kitchen cabinets. Up to 99% of contaminants and harmful materials are removed from your water source, which includes the most common contaminants like chlorine, lead, TDS and chloramine. Besides, the entire filter is made from BPA free material, which makes it safe. 

Another unique selling point of the Home Master water filter is the Patented Full Contact technology; with the help of this technology, calcium and magnesium is added to the water to make it more healthy.

Therefore, the water that you will be getting isn’t just pure, it will also have the important minerals your body needs. Besides, this water filter reduces wasting water up to 80% and gives you more water, faster. The filters last long and changing them is easy, as well. 


  • Comes with a Fridge Connection kit 
  • Removes up to 99% of contaminants 
  • Adds calcium and magnesium to the water 
  • Non-electric pump reduces up to 80% water wastage 
  • Faster than traditional RO 
  • Made from BPA free materials 
  • 5-years limited warranty 
  • 7-stages of purification

5. Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System-High Capacity, Direct Connect

If you chose this under sink water filter from Frizzlife, you will be able to easily install it yourself without the help of a professional or a plumber. This water filter fits in perfectly with any regular ½” or ⅜” cold water line in your kitchen or bathroom.

Installation is extremely easy and takes less than a few minutes. The filter itself is compact and will fit in under any kitchen or bathroom sink, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space. 

This water filter from FRIZZLIFE has a two-layer filtration process that gives you perfectly drinkable water every time, without any delay. You can get drinking water suitable for the whole family right from your kitchen sink, and you can use this water for your cooking and washing needs as well.

The expert filtration system gets rid of 99.99% contaminants and harmful substances in your water source, and gives you the purest water possible. 

With the first installation, you won’t have to change or replace your filters or cartridges for the next 2 years, even with heavy and regular use. Each cartridge has the capacity to purify 1,600 gallons or water, or approximately 2 years. 


  • Easy installation in minutes 
  • Fits in with ½” or ⅜” cold water lines 
  • Compact shape and size 
  • Two-layer filtration system 
  • Each cartridge can purify 1600 gallons of water 
  • Removes 99.99% of contaminants 
  • No need to replace cartridge within two years of installation

6. Express Water Alkaline Ultraviolet Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

You can trust this under sink water filter from Express Water to completely purify your existing water source to give you drinkable water in an instant. This filter sterilizes your water source and removes E.Coli, coliform, bacteria, viruses, lead, fluoride, chlorine, calcium, nitrate and any kind of arsenic from the water.

Not only that, the multi-layered filters add the necessary amount of calcium, magnesium, potassium and other important minerals that your body needs from water. 

The water you get directly from your kitchen faucet or kitchen sink is going to be completely pure and great-tasting, Installation is easy and doesn’t take long; you can install the whole filter under your sink without the help of a professional or any plumbing know-how.

Fresh and pure drinking water is automatically released from your kitchen or bathroom sink wherever you install this filter, with no need to wait for refilling. 


  • Gives out pure and great-tasting water 
  • Removes 99.99% contaminants, bacteria and viruses 
  • Adds the right amount of calcium, magnesium and potassium 
  • Easy to install
  • Instant drinking water every time 
  • Only bi-yearly swapping of filters required 
  • Leak-proof and sturdy built

7. 200 GPD Home RO Drinking Water Filter | Under the Counter

This filter from APPLIED MEMBRANES INC will remove up to 99.99% of contaminants and unwelcome particles from your water source, and at the same time, produce around 50 GPD of drinkable great-quality water directly from your when you drink the water sterilized by this under sink water filter, you can be sure there isn’t any trace of Cadmium, Arsenic, Chromium Chromium, Copper, Fluoride, Lead, Setanium, Barium, Turbidity, or Radium in it. 

This filter has been manufactured, designed as well as assembled in the United States, and certified to be safe and efficient by the ISO 9001-2015. All the parts, including the RO membrane, has also been manufactured in the United States, but the plastic body has been manufactured in the EU. 

The water you get from this water filter is safe to drink, cook with and wash with. You can use this delicious tasting water to make tea/coffee or even baby food without any worry. This water can also be used in an ice-maker to make clear ice. 


  • Removes up to 99.99% contaminants and harmful substances 
  • 5-stage reverse osmosis and sterilization 
  • Produces up to 50 GPD of water instantly 
  • Designed, assembled and manufactured in the US 
  • Certified by the ISO 9001-2015 
  • Water can be used to drink directly or make into baby food 
  • Perfect for ice makers 
  • Automatic shut off when tank is full

Buying Best Under Sink Water Filter: What should you Consider

Every household, commercial buildings and office needs access to good and safe drinking water these days, since our primary water sources aren’t that reliable. Water filters, or under sink water filters to be more precise, are the most convenient way to get pure drinking water with minimum hassle. 

All the best under sink water filters advertise and guarantee the same features these days. Most of the features these water filters have are similar across all brands, which makes choosing one quite a problem.

However, when you are looking for the right under sink water filter for yourself or your family, there are a few features that you should look for.

  1. Size 

Of course, the size needs to depend on the amount of space you have under your sink. Since these water filters are usually tucked away under your kitchen (or bathroom) sinks, you need something that coincides with the amount of space you have.

If you end up with a model that is bigger than the space you have inside your kitchen cupboards, you can’t properly install it. 

2. Ease of Installation 

Unless your purchase includes a free installation, it is better to choose a model that you can install yourself. Most under sink water filters are quite easy to install without the help of a professional or without any plumbing know-how.

These water filters usually come assembled and all you have to do is to attach it to the right pipelines under the sink. Otherwise, you have to end up spending on a professional plumber for installation and that can be quite expensive. 

3. Ease of Connection 

Most under sink water filters can be connected directly to the cold water line under your kitchen sink, which makes it possible for you to get pure and drinkable water directly from the main faucet.

In other under sink water filters, you have to install a separate faucet beside the main one for the sterilized drinkable water; this is an extra hassle that makes the situation more complicated. 

It is always better to purchase a model that you can install and connect to your existing cold water line under the sink. This way, you can get drinkable water from the faucet in the kitchen without the added complications.You can use this fresh water in your cooking and washing as well as for drinking. 

4. Ability 

Some water filters are manufactured to just purify water that has already been treated by the municipality.

These filters work fine for slightly contaminated water, but won’t work as well with other water sources. If you live in a region where you don’t have access to municipality-treated water, you need a water filter that has the ability to purify and sterilize more contaminated water. 

These kind of filters usually cost more and their internal filters needs to be changed more often, but they are efficient. 

5. Feature for Adding Extra Minerals 

All the under sink water filters advertise and guarantee elimination of up to 99.99% of contaminants and harmful particles in water. However, some of them has the added feature of adding some important and necessary minerals in the water during sterilization.

These minerals are usually calcium, magnesium and potassium - minerals that are important for our health. So, this is an important feature that is an added bonus only in some of the water filters. 

6. Budget 

Some of the under sink water filters from renowned brands are a little more expensive than the others, especially if they have some added features. However, most water filters are affordable and within everyone’s budget. 

Water filters have gradually become an indispensable part of any household, since the water coming to our homes are not safe to drink. Water filters make our water sources pure and drinkable, and the ones installed under the sinks work extremely discreetly to make our lives better.

They are mostly affordable and efficient, and can provide years of service to you and your family. 

Since the water coming out of our kitchen faucets aren’t really clean or drinkable, we have to rely heavily on water filters. Although there are many options in the market, the best type of water filter that are both convenient and effective are the ones that you can install under your kitchen counters. 

Under sink water filters are hidden away from your eyes, and they give you pure, drinkable water straight out of the kitchen faucet. This makes it easy for you to not only drink clean water, but also cook and wash with it. 

How to Install an Under Sink Water Filter?

With most models available in the market, installation process is relatively easy. You can install these under sink water filters yourself without any plumbing or technical knowledge.

Calling a professional plumber can mean extra cost that you are not prepared for. So unless your water filter comes with free installation, it is always better to choose a model that you can install yourself easily without any or too much hassle. 

The installation process of your under sink water filter will depend on the model itself, but here’s a sample procedure that you’ll have to go through with most models. 


Either your new under sink water filter needs to be connected to your already existing kitchen faucet, or to a separate faucet next to your original kitchen faucet.

If you are attaching the new water filter to your existing faucet, the connection has to be made from under the kitchen counter. If the water is going to come from another separate faucet, you’ll also need to install the additional faucet.  

Your kitchen sink may already have a pre-existing hole next to where the original kitchen faucet is. If not, you can do one of two things: change your kitchen sink to one that includes an additional hole, or drill a hole yourself.

Since changing your kitchen sink would be too much trouble without the proper tools or expertise, the easiest route to take will be to drill a 1¼” hole beside your existing faucet. 

Drilling can be easy if you have previous experience; but you can do it even when you haven’t done it before. A standard carbide tipped blade can do the trick very well, especially on a stainless steel sink. 


The next step would be to turn off the water supply since you have to start working directly with the water source. A foolproof way would be to completely remove the tubing from the faucet using a basin wrench.

This way, you can be sure of no water coming your way abruptly when you are working with the water filter.


Next, you’ll need to make the necessary markings. Place your markings where you’ll need to drill and mount the filters. All of these marks are going to be under your kitchen sink, so you’ll need plenty of light under there. Again, the number of marks you need to make depends on the model you are using, and the number of filters you need to mount.


The next step would be to make holes and mount the filters, as directed by the instruction manual that comes with your water filter. Using the marks you made earlier, you need to place the filters on the marks and then tighten the screws.

The filters should all be hanging securely on the marks, and the pipes should be allowed to hang free for easy attachment.


Making the plumbing connections would be the next step. This depends on the model you’ll be using and all the instructions would be available with the model.

After you’ve connected the necessary line together, you need to secure them with threads and brass fittings (brass fittings usually come with the kit). You can also use Teflon tape to seal off the pipes, as these tapes are completely water-resistant and water-proof.


The final step would be to make the final connections. The “out” marked flex lines need to be connected to the faucet stem, and the plumbing connections need to be snug together.

Now when you turn on the water supply, hopefully, your new faucet (or the existing one if you want water directly) will give you pure drinking water.  

Installing a new under sink water filter can seem a daunting task, but if you can follow the instruction guide, it can be quite simple. If you can install the water filter by yourself, you can save a lot on installation charges, and get instant fresh water directly from your kitchen sink. 

Best Under Sink Water Filter Maintenance Tips

There isn’t much you need to do to maintain your under sink water filter system, except to check on it every now and then. If your original water source is extremely polluted and filled with contaminants, it could lead to your filters clogging up more than if you have access to ordinary drinking water.

This means that you’ll need to change your filters occasionally, and keep them clean. 

However, what’s more important is that you always keep a track of what’s happening inside the water filtration system at all times. This may include occasional cleaning and replacing the filters, but nothing more than what you can do by yourself. 

Signs to Look Out For:

There are a few indicators that can make you wonder if there’s anything wrong with your water filters or with the whole system. If any of the following occurs, it means you need to look into your filter as soon as possible. 

  1. If there is a sudden drop in the water pressure. A sudden drop may mean that your water filtration system has a clog that needs to be immediately cleaned. 

  1. If there is a change in the color, smell or taste of the water. This might mean that your water filters have been contaminated with unwanted organisms and needs changing. 

  1. If there is a strange noise, an alarm light or too fast water disposal. All of these indications can mean different problems and the reasons can be found in the “Troubleshooting” section of your instruction manual. 

Apart from these indicators of problem, under sink water filters are quite easy to manage. There is hardly any problem with them as they go on effectively working under your kitchen counters. 

Maintaining an Under Sink Water Filter:

These steps are what you can do for maintenance of your under sink water filter system. 

  1. Always read the “Maintenance” section of your instruction guide. These guides will have all the model-specific maintenance tips you need to know about the model and brand that you are using. It will tell you useful information regarding the frequency your filters need changing, how to clean them and change them, etc. 

  1. The “troubleshooting” section of the instruction guide is quite important, as well. This section will tell you all the problems that can occur in your under sink water filter, so that you can prepare for everything and know when something is wrong with your filter. 

  2. Your filters will need changing after a specific time period every six months or so, and it is quite hard to remember. It’s easier when you have a single filter that needs replacing, but harder to remember when there are more than two. It is the smarter option to set a reminder on your phone reminding you of when you need to replace your filters. 

  1. Don’t postpone the date when your filters need replacing. One or two days is fine, but you shouldn’t wait too long before you replace the filters that needs changing. It will deteriorate the quality of the water and may even have contaminants in it. The longer you wait to replace your filters, the more you might have to put up with contaminated water. The water may have a bad smell and taste, and may also be of a strange color. 

  1. Be careful with the “ceramic filter candles” and the “UV lamps” that come inside the filters. They can chip or break easily when dropped or banged against something, and you’ll have to buy another one. Even the filters are susceptible to breaking and fracturing, so they need to be taken care of. 

  1.  Don’t reuse your old filters. Once you’ve changed your filters, they cannot be used again. These filters have already absorbed a lot of contaminants and they may be released back into the water if you reuse these filters again. 

  1. Always keep monitoring your water filter. Even when you’ve just changed your filters and everything is going fine, you still need to check up on your water filtration system every now and then. If anything is slightly off track, you’ll need to thoroughly check the filters to see what’s wrong. 

  1. Get some air inside. Since your water filtration system is going to be under your kitchen sink at all times, it might get damp and moist inside. Keeping the doors under the kitchen sink for a few hours every week can get rid of the moisture building inside. 

Maintaining and keeping your water filters clean isn’t very hard to do. This filter is giving you pure drinking water straight out of your kitchen faucet and making your life easier, and deserves some attention from you. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

If you are thinking of installing an under sink water filter for the first time, you might have a few questions about it. Here are some of the most common queries about an under sink water filter which might be helpful for the prospective buyers. 

Q. Can under sink water filters eliminate and remove chlorine from water? 

A. Chlorine is the most important and most common contaminant that is present in water everywhere, and it is extremely harmful for the human body. All kinds of water filters - under sink and others - pay special attention to the removal of chlorine from water.

In fact, under sink and other kinds of water filters use a separate filter of activated carbon to remove all traces of chlorine from water. 

Q. Can under sink water filters change bad-tasting water? 

A. Water usually tastes bad because of chlorine and all the other contaminants in it, which can be up to 99.99% removed via a water filter. The water automatically starts tasting much better when the contaminants are removed, and smells much better, as well. 

Q. How does under sink water filters purify water using Reverse Osmosis? 

A. Reverse Osmosis is a special technique that water bottling companies, where they force water through a membrane under tremendous pressure to purify it. These under sink water filters use the same technology to purify water and block any kind of contaminants. 

Q. Do under sink water filters produce pure water instantly? 

A. All under sink water filters work continuously, around the clock. Purified water comes out every time the faucet is turned on, no matter how much water you use.

In some models, water is purified and stored, which comes out of the faucet when it is turned on; in such models, the amount of water the filter can store depends on the model. In other models, the water is directly purified and comes out of your faucets

Q. Can I install my under sink water filter myself? 

A. There are a few models that come fully assembled and are extremely easy to install. All you need to install these under sink is to connect them to the right water pipes. You might need a few basic tools for the installation but these models doesn’t require the help of a professional or any technical plumbing knowledge. 


As mentioned before, the water we get in our homes, offices and business addresses are neither pure nor healthy; these water sources are contaminated and bad for our health, and shouldn’t be drunk without being purified first.

Under sink water filters are the best and the most convenient way of purifying contaminated water without compromising the internal decor of your kitchen. They are affordable and efficient, and most models can remove up to 99.99% of all kinds of contaminants and harmful substances found in water. 

With an under sink water filter in your home, you can be sure of getting drinkable, pure water anytime you want to. The water you get directly from your faucet is always great-tasting and pure, and completely safe.

Therefore, it is quite convenient if you have an under sink water filter installed in your home or workplace. 

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