10 Best Machete for Coconuts, Blackberries & Bamboo [2022-2022]

by Joshua Speaks

The need for a sharp, long, and the best machete to assist individuals in cutting down grasses has been in existence since the day man started cultivation.

From clearing brush to cutting trees to chopping wood you can get all the job done in the most effective way,

either you are going to cut blackberry or wish to trim pine tree.

With the help of the best quality machete having a sharpening edge, it is as simple as it has supposed to be.

Top Machete for Coconuts, Blackberries, and Bamboo by Editors

List of 10 Best Machete

Machete Image Rating Price

Best Overall: 1.Condor Tool & Knife, Discord Machete

  • Convenient to use
  • Extra powerful grip
  • Branded Product
4.5/5 Price Check

Great Value: 2.Gerber Broad Cut Machete with Sheath

  • Ideal hook styled shape
  • Nylon & rubber grip
  • Quality parameters
4.5/5 Price Check

Premium Choice: 3.Gerber Gator Bolo Machete for Coconuts

  • Light weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Durable
4.5/5 Price Check
4.Fiskars 29 Inch Machete Axe 4.5/5 Price Check
5.Kershaw Camp Machete 4.5/5 Price Check
6.Condor Tool & Knife, Golok Machete  4.5/5 Price Check
7.SOG SOGfari 18" Machete MC02-N 4.5/5 Price Check
8.Ontario Knife Co 1-18" Military Machete 4.5/5 Price Check
9.Cold Steel 97GMSZ Gladius Machete 4.5/5 Price Check
10.Condor Tool & Knife, Bushcraft Parang Machete 4.5/5 Price Check
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Reviews of 10 Best Machete

Reviews of 10 Best Machete
Reviews of 10 Best Machete

1. Condor Tool & Knife, Discord Machete- Best Machete in the World

Condor Tool & Knife, Discord Machete
Condor Tool & Knife, Discord Machete

The Condor Knife Company was established in 1787, primarily producing standard military knives and swords. From the military roots, the company shifted to agricultural tools and cutlery stuff - Getting remarkable fame by producing the best quality Machetes.

The Discord Machete is an enormous beast and a gift to Machete lovers. The long shape, sharpness, and precision of this cutting gadget can easily tackle down all massive, heavy-duty, and tough jobs swiftly.

Condor machetes are designed with unmatched supreme craftsmanship. It comes with a durable and finest standard heavy-duty leather sheath, driving a sense of completion, ultimate peace of mind while expressing the feel of using a truly superior cutting gadget.

This Micarta Handle with Sheet empowers the grip while one can find it more convenient and comfortable. The 3mm-1075 high carbon steel blade material makes this seamless Condor tool a perfect cutting accessory through heavy brush and clearing out pathways.

Because of its slightly prolonged handle, it's been used with two hands to drive more power while striking. The 18-Inch long blade makes this knife enormous and a manual cutting machine. It comes with a reinforced nylon sheath, empowering you to carry the blade snug against your belt for more convenience.

Key Features
  • Mostly made in the USA
  • No quality compromise policy
  • 100 % leather fabricated handle
  • Durability Performance
  • Attractive Design
  • Made in El Salvador
  • 18-Inch blade
  • The 3mm-1075 high carbon steel blade material
  • Extra precision, accuracy, and sharpness
  • Micarta handle supports heavy strokes
  • Convenient to use
  • Extra powerful grip
  • Precise cutting tool
  • Best for speedy moves
  • Branded Product
  • Heavier than bushwhacker

2. Gerber Broad Cut Machete - Best Jungle Machete


The Gerber Broad Cut Machete is the updated version of a conventional kind of jungle machete - The users always find it as an effective toolkit for everyday use. The Gerber Broad Cut Machete with Sheath is a beautiful gift for machete lovers. You can also check our detailed review of Gerber machetes.

Basically, it's a large-sized machete, tough and powerful enough to clean or cut the garden swiftly. Its handle is covered by a sheath, boosting the carrier with a powerful grip.

This comfortable rubber grip is engineered with precision, empowering the design to last long and proving itself during and tough tasks. This priceless ultra-performing cutting gadget can quickly clear the jungle trail.

In terms of style and shape, this modern version of the jungle machete resembles a Parang. Its blade is highly sharp, providing an instant cut and making the cutting process efficient. The stainless-steel blade and the spine featuring a unique, cutting hook, adding a unique touch of elegance, along with absolute performance.

Its durability can easily be measured with its corrosion resistance, while the fine edge cutting sharpness guarantees its ultra-peak performance. A man with this machete is a cutting machine. Apart from its diverse cutting range, you may find is as a perfect gadget to cut rope even.

The machete featuring an innovative hook along with a cut notch, that is perfectly engineered and tailored into a blade, making this toolkit an ideal device to manipulate upsetting shrubs, bushes herbs, and grass for removal.

The designs, engineering concepts, and durable quality collectively adding a sense of comfort and reliability. Best valued machete under a certain price range.

Key Features
  • Blade extended length 13″
  • Overall size around 19.5 inches
  • Stainless steel material
  • Shape edge-cutting technology
  • Handle with rubber
  • A special nylon sheaths
  • Available in black or grey color
  • Weight around 18.07 oz
  • Ideal hook styled shape
  • The nylon and rubber grip
  • Engineered with quality parameters
  • The size is in its semi-plus form

3. Gerber Gator Bolo Machete - best for coconuts

1.Gerber Gator Bolo Machete
1.Gerber Gator Bolo Machete

Gerber Gator Bolo Machete is a perfect example of a modern updated version of jungle tribesmen's tools specially used for cutting coconuts. Featuring a heavy-duty, solid, tough, sturdy, and elegant design and this is the best machete for coconuts, this knife is a bolo machete.

It has been upgraded with time since the survival acumen of Gerber Gator Bolo. The machete is built to last for a long time and considered the best machete on the planet, ever created.

The Gerber Gator Bolo Machete is Angled bladed, which makes it an ideal cutting gadget for cleaning brushes, bushes, plants, trees, herbs, and every greenery in the forest.

The ideal overall length of 22.5 and blade length of 15.5 makes it a powerful cutting device. full length enhances its portability, makes it light, easy to carry, and adds comfort in use.

When it comes to sharpness and cutting precision, this portable cutting machine features a highly sharp and technically engineered carbon steel blade. The knife is full tang, while the blade quality makes it a long-lasting survival knife.

Moreover, this increases machete strength, makes it corrosion resistant and sharper. Don't miss its angle-styled blade that is a big competitive edge for this machete.

The ergonomic textured rubber grip strengthens the grip, delivers ultimate control and one can strike with maximum power. The handle material is engineered to avoid slippage and add more comfort while holding.

People consider this machete as most secure while cutting just because of its rubber grip with added nylon cover. The lightweight perfect installed nylon is benchmarked with high-quality standards.

You can feel a measurable difference in clearing the bushes and cutting the trees while striking in with this gadget .

Key Features
  • Bushes, limbs, and Coconuts cutting device
  • Robust high carbon steel blade
  • A high precision cutting tool
  • Full tang construction
  • Lifetime performance
  • Perfect Rubber grip
  • Nylon sheath
  • Best for survival tips
  • Light weight, slim, sharp and short
  • Durability
  • Best under budget
  • No color choice

4. Fiskars 29 Inch Machete Axe - Best Cheap Machete

4.Fiskars 29 Inch Machete Axe - A Gift To AX Lovers

This Fiskars 29 Inch Machete Axe is a gift from the company to long-sized machete lovers. Its design is unique, supporting an instant, quick and powerful stokes, making its performance sky rocking.

You may find the device very efficient while cutting fast-growing trees, shrubs, vegetables in your back garden. The production benchmarked standards are very competitive and that's why the machete is a chopping device, stands ideal through tough times.

The blades are engineered through quality standards, ultra-sharp, corrosion resistive and remain sharp even through excessive use. Its unique design makes it a multi-tasking device, tested through durability, and helping users to perform tasks speedily.

Yet it is big in size, like an Axe, but the design is highly comfortable with the highly reinforced grip. It is a one-handed device while you can free the other to catch the cutting piles. This is a highly competitive feature that is not available in Axe-styled machetes.

The intelligently engineered texture and the handle maximize the grip and make this machete a universal cutting device. Fiskars Machete Axe includes a blade with an Ax shape, which is ideal for splitting, cutting, clearing and chopping.

You can find an easy-to-use refined and polished blade curve for quick pull-cuts. There is a precise sharpened tip helping to clear the paths chiseling in tight spaces.

This highly precise cutting device comes with inbuilt, added safety measures. The finger guard feature inputs a value-added protection measure for safe use.

Key Features
  • Long shape Machete
  • Approximate length 20 inches
  • Highly resistive blade material
  • Elegant and stylish
  • An attractive grip
  • Non slippage handle
  • Comes with safety measures
  • Intellectual design for one-hand use
  • Ideal to cut growing trees
  • A tool for plants and shrubs cutting
  • An Axe style Machete
  • Sharp and rust resistive blade
  • Precise cutting efficiency
  • A strengthen grip
  • Long sized machete

5. Kershaw Camp 18 - Best All Around Machete


A universally accepted series machete is no longer been used in the agricultural domain only. The Kershaw Camp series are big blade machete, compatible with campsites or blazing a trail. You may witness its versatile range and a large variety of blade shapes, types of steels, and diversity in the handle to maximize the grip.

Either it's about cleaning the bushes for firewood or a regular camping adventure, this device can conveniently cut, piece, scrap any material. The Kershaw Camp is an ideal machete for tackling the toughest campsite and outdoor chores with supreme performance.

Its 65MN steel is highly durable, sturdy, and fabricated for ultra-hard use. The gadget size approximately 24 inches and the best toolkit for hiking, camping, and long machete lovers. Basically, it's a Chines steel that has been engineered with excellence and committed to quality.

Moreover, the carbon touch is a plus, adding an intense degree of strictness and hardness to its finest quality solid steel. It has a smooth powder coat on its core cutting area, standardizing through durability tests and making it a non-glare, less light-reflective cutting tool.

The performance lasts long and machetes prove its durability in forests, deep shrubs overloaded jungle, in the backcountry, in your personal, garden, and even in a zombie apocalypse - ideal for any location, supporting a peak performance.

The rubber embossed handle assures a non-slippage feature while adding strength to the grip. This also empowers the gadget with style and makes it look aesthetically beautiful. Unmatched in Durability and performance built to last forever.

Key Features
  • It has 18-inch fixed blade
  • Full tang machete 65MM steel Blade
  • Unmatched hardness and best cutting device
  • Ideal camping, hiking, and forest toolkit
  • Comfortably contoured rubber grip
  • Non slippage handle
  • Steel blade with smooth powder layer
  • A multi-purpose machete
  • Engineered using a top-quality blade
  • Long design for speed and accuracy
  • Non-slippage grip
  • Rubber and nylon added
  • Ideal for camping and hiking.
  • Its blade is less shiny

6. Condor Tool & Knife, Golok Machete- Best Machete on the Market

Condor Tool & Knife, Golok Machete
Condor Tool & Knife, Golok Machete

The Condor Tool & Knife traces its history back to the late 17 century when the company masters the production of machetes according to military standards. Over generations, these Knives have been evolved into a perfect machete to use in multiple domains. This machete is a perfect symbol of an ideal hand tool.

This Condor Tool & Knife with walnut handle is the best budget machete available on the planet. The 14-inch sharp-bladed machete is perfect to carry a toolkit with great cutting communality.

The unique combination of a wooden handle with added sheath multiplies its power to the stroke. This crafty tool is designed followed by the industry's best standards and a must-buy cutting machete of all times.

The 14-inch blade of this machete is fabricated through prime standard carbon steel that guarantees a long cutting life and absolute toughness. The Machete can be considered a highly portable cutting gadget.

The thick solid and sharp blade has a curved design, strengthening the stroke and adding ease to cut down branches, bushes, limbs, trees, plants, and even bamboos.

Its walnut handle with prime quality sheath makes this machete surpass expectations and maximizes durability. The specially designed handle adds value to this machete and makes it look even more fantastic. Find a lanyard hole for extra grip and an amazing finish. No slippage, fast and precise cutting. A valuable addition to the machete collection.

Key Features
  • It is made through 100% Other Fibers
  • Imported and standardized material used
  • Blade Length around 14″
  • Non-Slippage Walnut Handle
  • 1075 high quality carbon steel blade
  • The complete finished length around 19″
  • Best for cutting Bamboos
  • Attractive Aesthetic appearance
  • High Durability
  • Amazing walnut handle
  • Sharp bladed
  • Little Heavy

7. SOG SOGfari 18″ - Best Machete for Bamboo

SOG SOGfari 18
SOG SOGfari 18

This 3CR13 steel-made machete is blessed with an appealing design. This 18″ saw back machete is ideally fit for survival trips, cleaning bushes, and clearing trials. Don't miss its black powder-coated finish adding strength to its beauty!

The machete is an interesting addition to the SOG family. An ideally designed product assisting clearing bushes, blazing the trails, cutting the shrubs, chopping the bamboos and wood. Moreover, the machete will prove its performance during hiking and harvesting. Best camping toolkit build to last years.

This long-sized machete has an ergonomically contoured, non-slippage, and well-proportioned handle with a best-fit grip. A rubber installed over the handle surface to ensure resistance from heat, weathering, and other chemicals.

You may discover a lanyard hole at the bottom to maximize the comfort and quality of the grip. Additionally, a nylon sheath, black in color is wrapped with the finest finishing measures, helping the handle to stay protected. This machete is a classic example of durability.

The knife overall weight is around 15.7 ounces. Its sharp and durable steel blade is 0.08″ thick and has an overall finished length of about 24″. This machete comes with a limited lifetime warranty with uncompromising elegance and proven innovations. This Machete is an icon of durability and showcases endless aesthetics.

Key Features
  • A long 18″ sharp blade
  • Made in China and shipped worldwide
  • Durability and ultra-performing machete
  • Non-Slippage handle with nylon sheath
  • An added rubber layer at handle
  • Best for chopping and harvesting
  • Best saw back machete
  • A lanyard hole at its mount
  • Highly attractive
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Ideally, fit as survival toolkit
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • A rubber finished mount

8. Ontario Knife Co 1-18″ Military Machete - Best for Self Defense

Ontario Knife Co 1-18
Ontario Knife Co 1-18

It's a kind of Old Military Machete and made by the Ontario Knife Company. The United States Government has assisted the company for over 60 years. The machete has been designed through military benchmarked standards with proven durability. Made in the USA, this high-end combat machete is a good machete for self defense.

The knife is about 18 inches full tang, featuring 1095 high-quality carbon steel. The Zinc phosphate finish and Rockwell Stiffness of 50-55HRC is a big addition to this Machete.

This machete features an angle blade, making it unique and diverse. Along with its moderate blade length size, its thickness is around.12 inches with full flat taper and bevel. The thin blade confirms its precision of cutting.

Ontario Knife Co 1-18″ Military Machete is well famous for its molded plastic handle, mostly seen in black color. The approximate length of this Military machete is around 24 inches and that's quite an acceptable size. The beautiful knife has a uniquely designed handle with an on-demand sheath.

You may find this machete in a sawbuck configuration, having irregularities and grooves on the blade spine. It might require the user to sharpen before a successful stroke. Build to last longer and designed through military standards. This long-sized and narrow-width machete can help during camping, hiking, and clearing the green pathways.

Key Features
  • The average length is around 24″
  • Blade length approximately 18″
  • Carbon Steel sharp blade
  • Fixed blade knife
  • Made in the USA and built to last
  • Handle available in black color
  • Sold with a Separate handle sheet
  • Military Standard Production
  • High line cutting gadget
  • Impressive style
  • Quite acceptable size
  • No pre-installed handle sheath

9. Cold Steel 97GMSZ Gladius Machete - Best for Blackberries

Cold Steel 97GMSZ Gladius Machete
Cold Steel 97GMSZ Gladius Machete

This Black Gladius Machete featuring a classic guard and absolutely designed ball-shaped pommel. Through years of production, the company has assured strength, durability, and cutting precision through full tang construction. The high-quality material used and design elegant.

This machete comes with a comprehensive robust and strong Cor-Ex sheath. Its belt loop adds more convenience and makes it easy to carry gadgets. Its long, sharp, and narrow pointed blade flashbacks its possible use during Roman Battlefield. Demanded over 2000 years and quality trusted by generations.

The company modernized the designs with improved cutting performance. This Machete is a modern updated version of a regular ancient machete. Tossed with 1055 carbon steel, its sharp and efficient cutting performance make it a compact gadget. Almost 19″ of unparalleled piercing blade reinforces its slashing power.

Light in weight and fast in performance. Made in Alaska, USA with a thin 2.8 MM blade, it is covered through anti-rust coating for added protection.

The non-slippage handle is conceptualized for practically powerful strokes. The 7-7/8 inches Polypropylene handle guarantees a maximum comfortable grip. An ideally designed machete and a cutting machine during forest trips, jungle adventure, and even successful at the back garden.

Key Features
  • Versatile and top-line design
  • A standard handle
  • Blade Length is around 19 inches
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Coated with Anti Rust Finish
  • Think Blade around 2.8MM
  • Overall Length around 26-7/8″
  • Sharp and thin blade
  • Best camping tool
  • Anti-Rust Coating
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to carry
  • Comfortable non slippage handle
  • Not universally accepted size

10. Condor Tool & Knife, Bushcraft Parang Machete, - Best for Yard Work

Condor Tool & Knife, Bushcraft Parang Machete
Condor Tool & Knife, Bushcraft Parang Machete

Every time, these condor machetes perform better than expectations due to strict craftsmanship. This machete has been designed by Germany for over 225 years.

Through generations, it has been evolved and this 13″ blade machete is the updated version, available so far. Build to last long and followed through military standards.

You may find a heavy-duty nylon sheath, refined leather, or ballistic nylon. The machete is a practical example of quality stuff and a real-time cutting gadget.

The Polypropylene Handle with Sheath succeeds to add comfort in the grip. The Bushcraft Parang Machete has a non-slippage handle and uniquely designed shape to maximize power.

Users enjoy complete peace of mind and satisfaction. The superior and efficient cutting tool includes a sharp blade, adding accuracy to its cutting tasks. The machete has 13 inches long and thin sharp blade. The machete featuring 1075 high carbon steel with the finest quality smooth finish.

The device is an ideal fit machete during camping, hiking, while known as an all-rounded chopper. Light in weight and efficiency during the performance. Best value-added product under s certain price range. Easily to use with high-end performance.

Key Features
  • Crafted through highest quality material
  • Military benchmarked standards
  • Durable performance
  • 1075 carbon steel blade
  • 13″ long blade
  • Smooth finish
  • Added nylon sheath at handle
  • Sharp and highly pointed blade
  • Lightweight Machete
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Very attractive look
  • Highly Refined finish
  • Non-slippage handle
  • Light in weight
  • Lack multiple design options

History of a Machete

The original word 'Machetes' originated from the Spanish language and became the mouth of words when clearing forest was one of the survival fundamentals.

Even in the current times, no one can plan a successful wildlife trip without the Survival Machete and no one can clear the junky brushes without the Machete for Clearing brush- The need is always there!

Searchers might witness controversial topics like the best machete brands in the world, but most of the audience is still unaware of the obvious definition of a Machete.

It's always in the confusing area, among a sword or a long knife - the technicians think a machete is much closer than an ax!

Frankly speaking, it's much lighter than an ax or hatchet, widely known as the best camping accessory, instead of an agricultural gadget only!

The best machete in the world truly outperforms all the traditional knives and plant-cutting gadgets. With its broad cutting service, sleek design, and lightweight features, people consider it as an ultimate bushwhacking tool!

There is a wide collection of camping machetes and hunting machetes available in the market that truly explains the real definition of a quality product. Either it's about chopping food, splitting firewood, or foraging a path, a machete will never let you down.

The manufacturers are much concerned about quality, that's why they prefer to use the best steel for machete production to make this portable cutting gadget, more powerful.

Before you decide to choose the styles, brands, and machete designs, here are some best machete reviews available on the internet - find your partner machete right after detailed study and analysis. Let's talk about top-quality machetes available on this planet!

How to Choose the Best Machete? - A Perfect Buying Guide!

Machete is all time preferable utility toolkit and survival kit. There are hundreds of designs, styles, and models of machete available but one must need to choose the right machete, compatible with the needs. On an established checklist, one may consider either buying a small-sized machete if you need an ax.

However, this is not a one-day or a single-click decision. There are several factors to analyze, and this buyer's guide is specifically written to help customers to choose the right machete!

There are some objective uses of a machete, including cutting bushes, clearing grass, and chopping trees. Over the years, the machete has been used as a survival kit, traditionally by the old and the modern generation. It proves as a fitness gadget in the deep forest or even to clean up your backyard.

The machete can help you in a dangerous situation, even a close jungle escape, or even to collect the firewood on a trip. It's been easier to cut down a big tree into small pieces through a machete, making this toolkit an ideal survival gadget during adventurous trips.

So, either it's about an animal defense, a messy chopping, work, or a domestic garden clean, a machete will never leave you alone. Here are some useful tips to read before you buy a machete.

1. Machete Blade Design and Shape

Over the internet, there is a wide selection of machetes, different in style and design of the blade. The conventional blade style originates from the fundamental use of the machete and its basic origin. You may witness Bolo, Kukri, Tactical, Parang, Topanga, Golik, Borong, Bowie, and many other heavy-duty solid blades for multi-tasking.

The machete blade styles are designed differently for specific purposes. Some machete blades are fit as a weighted toolkit, with maximized momentum. Here the Golok or the Bolo always win the race. The Kukris is blessed with a sharp curve angle blade, making it an ideal machete for chopping purposes.

On the other hand, the bowie knife has a fully pointed blade tip and is essential to carry gadgets during survival times. As far as the blade style and design are concerned, it totally empowers the machete functionality and adds a unique strength to its specific use.

So, what's your purpose to buy the machete? Well, just connect the needs with the in-built blade features to make a better decision.

2. Machete Blade Material

As the machete differs in blade styles, you may find every machete blade has a different material too and the best steel for knife and machete can be found here. Well, that's amazing - you may have a good choice to buy the machete. Here are the top 3 machete blades been used and preferred worldwide.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel blades are the most powerful, sharp, and universally acceptable. The machete with a carbon steel blade is quite cheaper in price. One may find its efficient performance over a long time right after one-time sharpening. It has a beautiful shape and an awesome look.

The rust resistive coating makes this machete an even more perfect gadget. Carbon is a hard material and that totally turns into a brittle toolkit. A machete with a carbon blade is ideal for chopping and survival issues.

Stainless Steel

The stainless-steel bladed machete is quite expensive, compared to the carbon blade. It is made through prime standard nickel and chromium. The rust corrosive layer enhances its life span.

It might be not too sharp as the regular carbon-bladed machete but proves to be an essential survival kit. The user considers it a top-class gadget for beating the bushes and clearing the forest pathways.

High Carbon Stainless Steel

Now, this is a highly durable machete blade, having a sharp edge and expensive. The blade is a perfect blend of carbon and stainless steel, empowering its uses and make it a perfect toolkit for multiple uses. It has moderate sharpness and a strong rust resistive layer.

There could be handmade machetes in this category of blade style. You may find it a perfect device to clean the jungle, clear the back garden, and chop the trees even.

3. Blade Length

The length of the machetes is once again a very common discussion. It ranges from a short-sized to lengthy-long format - Normally in-between 8 to 28 inches.

Short Blade

The short blades are of great use, especially in narrow areas. It also adds precision to cutting and a hand pocket survival kit. Just because of its short size, you may find less power and momentum. It requires more energy to cut the bushes, clear the backyard, and even chop any firewood.

Long Blade

The long blade serves with extra benefits. It only restricts its swiftness and portability. At the end of the day, you find the long blade machete very powerful, with maximized stroke power. You may find its performance and chopping capacity far more than a short-blade machete.

4. Blade Thickness

One of the machete classifications is the thickness of the blade. The range lies between 2mm to 6mm and in between, you find a wide variety of machete to choose from. The selection criteria depend on the use of the buyer. The thick and thin blades have their own specifications - let's check out!


Precision is the attribute of this thin blade. It's been very easy to cut soft plants and vegetables through a thin blade machete. It is light in weight while reducing the efficiency to chop certain products. The thin blade can be damaged by applying more power and momentum. Ideal for small cuttings and backyard cleaning.


The thick blade can be used with more potential and more. The weight is quite more than a regular thin-bladed machete. It's not even easy to handle and requires master cutting expertise to use. The machete is an ideal toolkit for camping, forest tours, and adventure trips.

5. Blade Tang

The blade also can be full tang or not. It means that either the blade will go the full length or just be narrowed down to the handle. The handle is fixed and fastened by some pins or screws to add power to the stroke. The difference comes with respect to the cutting efficiency.

A Full tang blade may be an ideal chopping gadget - surpassing the performance efficiency of many strong blades. The half tang, on other hand, quite a week but ideal for backyard cutting. Don't over-push the half tang blades as one can get damage or crack!

6. Handle Shape and Material

The handle once again diversifies the styles, categories, and designs of a machete. There are top-quality machetes available with outclass handle shapes. The difference originates from the handle shape, material, and type of sheath being used.

The handling quality adds grip and makes the machete a non-slippage device to use. It also provides a unique touch of elegance, beauty, and style to the machete. The quality of the handle matters a lot and a long-lasting gadget comes with top-quality material. You may witness a lanyard hole with it to ensure some extra security.


The handle may come with a round or curved or even square shape. Every shape has its own specialty and that makes the machete even more powerful. The round and curved-shaped machete has a great grip and very easy to hold. The machete with square-shaped might cause some blisters, and don't have a much comfortable grip. Its powerful strike may get a shock to the hand.


The material is one of the important elements, adding perfection and attraction to the handle. It could be plastic, walnut, stainless steel, rubber, wood or some companies offer custom handle material too.

The wood machete and walnut handle machete are very commonly used for parang-type machetes. It adds comfort to grip, is more convenient to grip, is light in weight, and is very easy to maintain. Maybe, the plastic handle is not a good option as its color and quality decrease with time.

The stainless-steel blade is very elegant and awesome in outlook. The material is very tough, resistive, reliable but quite expensive. Moreover, users find it very slippery. There are rubber handles available that are heat and weather-resistive available at a moderate price.

Some of the machetes are available with lathe handles. They provide great comfort, grip, and add strength to the strokes. It is quite expensive and that's why not widely used. There is also a micarta handle that is a blend of canvas, paper, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and high-quality plastic.

So, there is a wide range of handle material and you can choose any machete blade with any handle material - it's up to your preference!

7. Sheath

The sheath is the protector of the machete handle and it will not only enhance the appearance but the longevity. The best machete sheaths are of several types ranging from simple nylon to hard-solid leather. The selection criteria revolve around durability and attraction.

One may have to trade-off between performance and appearance. The Cordura and cor-ex-made sheath are also very high-quality materials that will add strength to the machete handle.

Machete Types

The Machetes come in all shapes and sizes. Every style and type of machete has a long history associated with it. The typical use of the machete has given birth to different machete types & styles, while the new features are adopted with the evolution of needs.

The names and styles vary from region to region, generation to generation, and might overlap, where the people are using a machete for certain similar reasons. The style changes through the blade type, handle features, colors and the collective approach of these three elements make a lot of different stylish machetes.

For now, we will provide an overview of machetes that are quite famous nowadays.

  1. Barong styled Machetes
  2. Bolo Machetes for specific use
  3. Stylish Billhook Machetes
  4. Elegant Bowie Machetes
  5. Highly crafted Bush Machetes
  6. Kukri Bladed styled
  7. Panga Blade styled Machetes
  8. Heavy Weight Parang Machetes

How to Carry a Machete?

It's a common misunderstanding that anyone can use the machete. Well, it's not too easy to work with a machete and to carry it through safety measures. The machete has been a proven cutting gadget, while the companies have added a lot to make machete, easier to grip, non-slippage, and powerful cutting tool.

Still, you may need to follow accurate precise gripping strategies to carry a machete safely- otherwise, it can harm you. The forefingers and the thumb must hold the device loosely. This adds more flexibility while use and you stay protected too.

For beginners, you're required to wear gloves and then use them with great care. With time, a newbie can be an expert machete user while you can throw the globes and skip the precautions after becoming a pro. Let's wind up the key tips to carry a machete - The guide is for beginners only:

  • Use the pinch grip
  • Try a machete with non-slippage nature
  • Use gloves and a lanyard
  • Be aware of moisture palms
  • Covered machete with a sheath

Angle of Contact Matters

Does the angle of strike matter while using a machete? Well, it can create a big difference with an accurate angle. One can cut and chop a giant try with less effort using the right angle - otherwise, you just waste the effort. A certain angle while striking your machete can help you in better performance and more efficient cutting.

So, what's the best angle to practice by the newbies? The experts recommend a 45 Degree angle with the object that is all you need. It enhances the sharpness, boosts the flick of the machete, and increases its penetration power.

A newbie or a beginner can cut down a vegetable with ease but without the above angle strategy, it's hard to chop the trees to the ground.

The flicking might fail during the populated branches, long logs, and even the tiny trees. To ensure the machete works perfectly under consideration, just create a V-shaped notch by striking in the right and the left alternatively. Awesome - It will work!

Machete is a sharp and dangerous tool. You guys need some practice before getting you to start using a machete. Even more, you must wrap up the machete as a sheath, or a leather cover, to keep yourself away from any cut.

A safe machete comes with a pocket guide, has a sheath, while the handle covers all aspects of comfort and grip standards. There are some belt connectors that can pin the machete with the belt.

Machete Vs Axe

The machete might be a perfect fighting weapon vs Axe, as it is easy to carry. Some people connect a machete with an Axe, but both differ in terms of style, production, and use. A machete may work as an ax but the traditional ax is not like a machete.

Also Check:- Hatchet Vs Machete

Machete Ax
The machete is used for light, regular cutting The Axe is used for heavy and messy chopping.
It mostly comes with long blades It has short-bladed
The blade is thin The blade is mostly thick
It can be used as a combat weapon It can't be used as a combat weapon
Newbies require practice to use Seem safer for newbies
The machete is fit for tropical settings Axe is ideal for alpine settings
Comes in very versatile outlook No modern designs available
Lightweight Heavy Weight

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Are machetes good weapons?

The Machetes are classified as authentic, fully functional, and basic agricultural tools by United States law. These are quite different from the regular knives or Axe but can be functional both. The machete is quite sharp in the blade, with a highly comfortable handle.

Best for cutting, chopping, and clearing plants, trees, firewood. Some take it as a perfect weapon during forest trips and survival times. These machetes are considered as one of the top-class weapons to carry.

Which machete is the best in the world?

No one can name a single machete that is the best in the world. It totally depends on the type and nature of use. Well, you might like a short-styled machete that is perfect for certain backyard cutting.

On the other hand, people who love forest trips must need long-bladed, sharp, and fast-performing machete that are perfect survival kits. So that depends on the type of use as all machete made by patent companies are durable.

Which steel is the best for machetes?

Stainless steel might be considered the best for a machete. It has always a rust corrosion layer, making it durable. It never loses the shine and its edges are quite sharp. The machete can be used as a decorative piece, while best for cutting and chopping.

What size machete is best?

The 18 inches long machetes are ideal and universally accepted. These machetes are used to almost every type of cutting, except the hard woodcut. Easy to carry, highly pointed, and elegant machetes are mostly designed in this certain size range. There are some best folding machetes also available in the market that comes in a highly portable size.

How dangerous is a machete?

The machete is a dangerous toolkit to carry Even the newbies require much training and experience to use the machete in a safe way. The beginners can harm their hands too. The machetes are mostly used as survival kits and for clearing the plants.

How to sharpen a machete?

Some of the machetes come with very sharp blades with flawless performance over the years. There are many unique tools and techniques that add sharpness to the machete. The most approved and proven methods are Belt sander, Grinder, File, Dremel, and Whetstone/rock techniques.

Which one is the best high-end machete?

The Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete is one of the high-end machetes available. You can witness its sharpness, quality, and powerful strokes. They can be the best for cutlass, woodcutting, chopping, and for almost every use. Moreover, it comes with a proper survival pocket guideline. You can check its further features in the above-mentioned review.

Final Verdict on Best Machete 2022

In our list of 10 best machetes, we completely tried our best to cover all the top machetes on the planet. They might be a perfect toolkit of survival including a good sharpening device and even more, you can use the machetes for daily tasks.

The list might be complete for a certain time period. We will bring a more advanced list with time and make sure to keep the list of top machetes updated.

The best machete-making companies are trailblazing and implementing the new concepts to make the machetes use even safer, and precise cut. It's far been proven that the machete buying selection is highly dependent on the type of use.

The machete can be used as a perfect survival tool kit, or even for backyard cutting. The short-bladed machetes are used to cut the plants as they are easier to handle than a long-bladed machete.

It's not an Axe, not a knife but something in between these two. There are different handle types ranging from plastic, leather, and even wood-handled machetes available for extra performance.

So, what's your choice of buying the best machete? Take time to find your needs and the use - then select the machete from the above list and buy it.

Buy on Etsy, eBay, Walmart (subject to availability)

Schrade SCHKM1 19.7in Kukri Machete with 13.3in Stainless Steel Blade and Safe-T-Grip - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Condor Tool & Knife, Parang Machete, 17-1/2in Blade, Hardwood Handle with Sheath - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Cold Steel 97AD21S Latin D-Guard Machete-21in Blade, Black, One Size - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Cold Steel Latin Machete Plus - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

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