🥇 Best Glass Beer Bottles For Home Brewing: Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs

by Joshua Speaks

The kind of bottle you decide to use for your homebrew is entirely up to your own taste. If you wish to brew a large quantity of beer, then, you might need to consider using reusable ones, such as swing-top style bottles. Many people like long neck bottles with bottle caps because they have a genuine beer appearance and because of the delightful sound they make when they open it up.

Being completely honest, it is indeed a straightforward process. Just have a bottle, fill it with your beer, allow it to carbonate for some weeks, and afterwards drink it. Although there is a little more to consider when choosing the appropriate bottle to prevent it from bursting and spilling your delicious drink all over the ground.

Now, what is the ideal kind of bottle to use for bottling in order to maximize yield?

Ensure to pick a glass that is somewhat thicker than usual in order to handle the higher ABV beers pressure. However, plastic containers will not keep their carbonation for more than 6-12 months thus, they should be avoided.

All of the information you require about selecting the best bottle to use for your current batch is included in one post, which you can read here. A few of the concepts we've discovered throughout our study will be very important to you, so be sure to read all the way through.

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Why a Need for Best Glass Beer Bottles ?

Ever wonder about the best way to store your home brewed beer? Consider buying a glass beer bottle. Glass is an excellent material for storing and presenting homebrewed beers because it does not cause any off-flavors or impart any chemicals from plastic. It also provides protection against light which can spoil the taste of your beverage.

Beer bottles are usually made of brown glass to help protect the beer inside from sunlight and oxygen. However, when it comes time to brew your own beer at home there is a lot more you need to worry about than just light exposure. There are many different types of beers that require various temperatures in order for them to ferment correctly. This can be difficult if you have other things going on in your life like school or work because maintaining a constant temperature may not always be possible. I decided I needed some way around this so I turned my focus towards finding the best glass beer bottles for home brewing. A good starting point would be using dark green or blue glass instead of brown as they will block out more light and also protect against any UV rays

In this post, we will review some of the best options on the market so you can find one that suits your needs. The first thing to consider when purchasing a glass beer bottle is size, followed by shape/looks, and finally price point. Keep in mind they are reusable but not re-fillable so keep in mind how many bottles you'll need if you plan on refilling them with new batches

Top 10 Best Glass Beer Bottles For Home Brewing

Top rating glass beer bottles for you
Top rating glass beer bottles for you

Best pick: Chef's star 16 oz empty beer bottles - Link

Chef's Star 16 Oz Empty Beer Bottles, Swing Top Glass Bottles, Flip Top Glass Bottle with Caps, Fermentation Home Brewing Kombucha Beer and Coquito, Fermenting Bottle with Stoppers, Clear, Set of 6
Chef's Star 16 Oz Empty Beer Bottles, Swing Top Glass Bottles, Flip Top Glass Bottle with Caps, Fermentation Home Brewing Kombucha Beer and Coquito, Fermenting Bottle with Stoppers, Clear, Set of 6

They include bottle caps with a flip-top design and an airtight bottle seal is achieved via the use of plastic, gasket cover and a wire bale to create a hermetic closure. They are pre-assembled and connected to the bottle when they are taken out of the package. The stopper is simple to open and shut. These homebrew bottles are equipped with an airlock silicone seal that is connected to the bottle. The leak proof function ensures high-quality primary fermentation for beer and other alcoholic beverages.

It is designed to function for a long period of time. Each bottle holds 16 ounces of liquid and is constructed of extremely durable, pressure-rated glass, which filters out light and protects your home brew from contamination. Our glasses are made of heavy-duty material to endure the rigors of the celebration. A funnel is provided to make pouring easier. You can add a bit of toughness to your home bar or pub with this durable product. It is also dishwasher-friendly.

This item is multipurpose and reusable for other occasions. From pouring water, tea, liquor, kefir or kombucha to keeping sauces, vinegar, oil, and other ingredients, there is a purpose for this container. These glasses may also be used as elegant all-purpose tumblers for drinks such as cocktails, water, or juice.

Bottles constructed of safe materials are recyclable and ecologically friendly; they are also cost-effective. Storage of food items is guaranteed to be risk-free.

It is an excellent present option for a birthday, father's day, graduation, or anniversary. It can also be a traditional housewarming gift. Its design is simple but traditional, making it a wonderful present for friends and family.

Product description

Suitable for bottling homebrew beer. They are airtight and very efficient in preventing leaks. It is also very durable and it can last for a long period of time. It can be used for various purposes and it is very economical to purchase.


  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Multipurpose use
  • Suitable gift idea

8 pack swing top glass bottles - Link

[ 8 PACK] Swing Top Glass Bottles - 16 oz Flip Top Beer Brewing Bottles for 2nd Fermentation, Kombucha, Kefir, Vanilla Extract - Display, Gift Bottles for Juice, Tea - Airtight, Bonus 2 Bottle Pourers
[ 8 PACK] Swing Top Glass Bottles - 16 oz Flip Top Beer Brewing Bottles for 2nd Fermentation, Kombucha, Kefir, Vanilla Extract - Display, Gift Bottles for Juice, Tea - Airtight, Bonus 2 Bottle Pourers

This product includes silicone funnel made of food-grade silicone that can readily fill liquids. A set of two bottle pourers that make it simple to pour out liquid, and one white pen. It comprises of a strong glass and dishwasher safe. These particular home brewing glasses are constructed of hard, robust clear glass that is both durable and stain-resistant. It reduces the danger of fermentation breaking down over a lengthy period of time. Keep yourself safe whether it's in a heated atmosphere or a chilly refrigerator. Bottle brush cleaning is simple, and the product is also safe to use in your dishwasher.

It also consists of a leak-proof and airtight closure is provided by the steel buckle with robust plastic and caps made of silicone used in the second fermentation process. These bottles are perfect for making your own homebrewed beer, juice extract, kefir, kombucha, vanilla extract, and other beverages.

Ideal for keeping handmade beverages, such as wine, syrup, soft drinks, juice, water, beer, and smoothies, this flask is ideal for storing and displaying homemade beverages. It is particularly well suited for carbonated beverages, such as soda, beer, and coke, since it maintains the gas inside. These décor bottles are also excellent presents for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, thanksgiving, and other holidays.

To ensure the safety of the bottles during transportation, they are packed in bubble bags along with a barrier and in a strong carton box to avoid damage during transit.

Product description

These bottle are perfectly safe for dishwasher. They're airtight and suitable for storing various liquids. It is a safe package and provides 100% service satisfaction.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Thick glass
  • Airtight
  • Perfect for storing liquid

Encheng 12 oz glass bottles - Link

Encheng 12 oz Glass Bottles With Cork Lids,Home Brewing Bottles Juicing Bottles With Caps Shrink Capsules,Clear Beveage Bottles For Sparkling Wine,Kefir,Food Storage,Leak Proof,Dishware Safe,12Pack
Encheng 12 oz Glass Bottles With Cork Lids,Home Brewing Bottles Juicing Bottles With Caps Shrink Capsules,Clear Beveage Bottles For Sparkling Wine,Kefir,Food Storage,Leak Proof,Dishware Safe,12Pack

These bottles hold 375ml of liquid and they're 12 oz, long thin and beautiful looking, perfect size for one bottle of beer or wine or any drink, especially excellent for use as a hot sauce bottle. It is 10" tall by 2.75" at the bottom, comes in a safe packaging with 12 cork caps.

These highly durable glass bottles are reusable and robust. They're also designed for long-term durability and your convenience, upright and long slim basic design and elegant. They can withstand high pressures are ideal for home brewing.

They are the best for winemaking, including red wine, rose wine, white wine, and any other kind of beverage.

Perfect for home brewing, water, kefir, kombucha, beer, Limon cello, soda, and much more like homemade beverages such as juice, iced tea, sauces and dressings, alcohol and. Its contents will remain fresh, healthy and tasty for a longer period of time, and they will look stunning when displayed in these lovely containers.

Apart from that, the empty bottles make excellent decorations. You may include them into your DIY arrangement of flowers or any other art crafts creation, or you can just display them.

It is leak resistant, has an airtight seal, and does not leak or waste. Firstly, use cork lids to further conserve and keep your beer or beverages; secondly, use plastic caps to store them safer. Cork lids are made of 100 percent natural materials, and their classic, gorgeous look makes them ideal as gifts for the backyard, bar, restaurant, weeding, and parties. They can be used to create a harmonious and elevated scenario anywhere they are placed, making them both functional and attractive.

Product description

These bottles are suitable for storing beer, wine and other liquids at home. They are airtight and are made of heavy-duty glass making them durable and reusable for other occasions. They are also safe to put into the dishwasher.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Airtight and leak-proof
  • Perfect for beer and wine storage

16oz swing top bottles - Link

16oz Swing Top Bottles -Glass Beer Bottle with Airtight Rubber Seal Flip Caps for Home Brewing Kombucha,Beverages,Oil,Vinegar,Water,Soda,Kefir (6 Pack)
16oz Swing Top Bottles -Glass Beer Bottle with Airtight Rubber Seal Flip Caps for Home Brewing Kombucha,Beverages,Oil,Vinegar,Water,Soda,Kefir (6 Pack)

These brewing bottles are constructed with top-quality durable transparent glass material to make sure that you can observe the inside. Also the swing top caps create a safe airtight seal and waterproof seal for your substance, allowing you to keep the coolness and flavor in while preserving the container's appearance.

These bottles may be used for a variety of beverage storage applications, including wine, beer, syrup, soft drinks, juice, water, and smoothies, among others. Likewise, it is ideal for carbonated beverages such as beer and soda (as well as Coca-Cola), and makes for thoughtful presents for occasions such as a Christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays, and other celebrations.

Kombucha bottles are simple to wash and safe to use in your dishwasher because of their easy pouring nozzle, which makes them the ideal dispenser for sticky oils and vinegars.

When these glass bottles are empty, anyone can easily place them in the dishwasher or wash them by hand using soap and a bottle brush, after which you may repackage the bottles for future use.

Product description

These beer bottles are constructed with strong, sturdy BPA-free clear glass with 304 stainless steel swing tops with rubber seals. They are reusable and serve as a better substitute to plastic containers. They will be your option for keeping brewing beer, oil, vinegar, sauces, kombucha, homemade soda, soft drinks, kefir, limoncello and many more.


  • High quality
  • Airtight
  • Easy to clean
  • Safely packaged
  • Efficient for liquid storage

Amber Glass Swing Top Beer Bottles - Link

Amber Glass Swing Top Beer Bottles - 16-Ounce (6-Pack) Grolsch Bottles, with Flip-Top Airtight Lid, for Carbonated Drinks, Kombucha, 2nd Fermentation, Water Kefir, UV-Protection Brewing Bottle.
Amber Glass Swing Top Beer Bottles - 16-Ounce (6-Pack) Grolsch Bottles, with Flip-Top Airtight Lid, for Carbonated Drinks, Kombucha, 2nd Fermentation, Water Kefir, UV-Protection Brewing Bottle.

These are Excellent Quality Bottle- Constructed of heavy-duty glass. This bottle is of the highest possible level of quality. Its robust bottom guarantees that it will remain stable on any surface. It is amber colored and has the classic Grolsch design, making it a lovely addition to any table setting while being very practical and sturdy.

It also consists of UV Protection in which the amber hue of the container repels sunlight and any other light, thus, preventing your drinks from getting contaminated. It is ideal for keeping homemade beverages of all sorts, particularly carbonated beverages, since it maintains the gas. It may be used to bottle, serve, and display alcoholic beverages such as wine, soft drinks, water, beer, juice, and smoothies.

Kombucha, beer, and kefir, as well as other fermented beverages can be stored in this bottle. This container is excellent for secondary fermentation. Secondary fermenting your drinks will increase the taste, add fizz, improve the quality, and promote the health advantages that you want. Then you may keep and serve the finished goods in the same container.

The swing-top lid provides an airtight seal, allowing the contents of the bottle to remain fresh and fizzy for longer periods of time. The convenient pouring spout makes it the ideal dispenser for oil and vinegar, which may be messy. Because the lid is permanently connected to the bottle, it will never be lost.

At 16 ounces, the bottle is the perfect size for consuming the daily recommended amount of kombucha. Specially constructed for a comfortable grasp; a convenient and practical size for drinking and storing any beverage. It is also dishwasher safe if you don't use the lid.

Product description

The greatest things in life may be found at home. And what's better than freshly squeezed juice, smoothies, tea, and kombucha? Make certain that all of this delicious stuff is stored in sealed containers at all times. The combination of attractive clarity, unquestionably long-lasting durability, and ideal size is unbeatable.


  • Secondary fermentation
  • High quality bottles
  • UV protection
  • Airtight seals

Flip Top Glass Bottle - Link

Flip Top Glass Bottle - Swing Top Brewing Bottle with Stopper for Beverages, Oil, Vinegar, Kombucha, Beer, Water, Soda, Kefir - Airtight Lid & Leak Proof Cap - Clear (6)
Flip Top Glass Bottle - Swing Top Brewing Bottle with Stopper for Beverages, Oil, Vinegar, Kombucha, Beer, Water, Soda, Kefir - Airtight Lid & Leak Proof Cap - Clear (6)

These bottles are constructed of robust and durable glass to provide high durability to pressure and temperature fluctuations. In order to provide superior corrosion resistance, the whitecap is composed of high polypropylene, while the wire cap is constructed of stainless steel.

The resealable cap ensures that the contents within remain as fresh as the time they were kept. Using a leak proof cover on brewing bottles, you can create a watertight barrier that keeps the drinks sealed while also preventing fermentation and carbonation.

This glass container with a stopper may be used to hold a variety of liquids ranging from juices, water, vinegar, drinks, and beer, to oils, kombucha, kefir, milk, syrups, and a variety of other liquids. A 1/2-liter container will provide you with enough of food for your next gathering.

Swing top bottles are a more eco - friendly alternative to plastic bottles because of its swing top design. It is possible to reduce the plastic usage in your home by utilizing reusable bottles such as these.

Product description

Because these thick glass bottles are constructed of high-quality materials, they are very resistant to breakage and temperature fluctuations. As an alternative to chrome, steel wire closures and polypropylene caps provide exceptional rust protection and will not chip or peel.


  • Durable
  • Airtight
  • Eco-friendly

Monster Brew Home Brewing Supplies 24 Pack Amber Long Neck Bottles, 12oz - set of 2

Monster Brew Home Brewing Supplies 24 Pack Amber Long Neck Bottles, 12oz - set of 2
Monster Brew Home Brewing Supplies 24 Pack Amber Long Neck Bottles, 12oz - set of 2
  • 12 oz. Beer bottles
  • Standard crown cap closure
  • 24 bottles per case

Home Brewing Glass Beer Bottle with Easy Wire Swing Cap & Airtight Rubber Seal -Ambe

Home Brewing Glass Beer Bottle with Easy Wire Swing Cap & Airtight Rubber Seal -Ambe
Home Brewing Glass Beer Bottle with Easy Wire Swing Cap & Airtight Rubber Seal -Ambe
  • Reusable Amber Glass Bottles
  • 16 oz. capacity
  • Wire Swing Cap
  • Airtight Rubber Seal
  • Pack of 12

Swing Top Glass Bottles - Flip Top Brewing Bottles For Kombucha, Kefir, Beer, Set of 6

Swing Top Glass Bottles - Flip Top Brewing Bottles For Kombucha, Kefir, Beer, Set of 6
Swing Top Glass Bottles - Flip Top Brewing Bottles For Kombucha, Kefir, Beer, Set of 6
  • HEAVY DUTY CLEAR GLASS - Rated to 4 bar / 58psi, ideal as beer or kombucha bottles
  • CHALKBOARD LABELS & PEN: 18 chalkboard labels and a liquid chalk pen
  • STRONG SWING TOP CAPS - 204 Stainless steel. Durable plastic caps. Dishwasher safe
  • PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT - Homemade holiday gift for those who love storing beer, Kambucha, limoncello, and more!
  • SAFE PACKAGING - Double bubble wrap sleeves, 3ply dividers in a 5ply export carton

16 oz Amber Glass Beer Bottles for Home Brewing 12 Pack with Flip Caps

16 oz Amber Glass Beer Bottles for Home Brewing 12 Pack with Flip Caps
16 oz Amber Glass Beer Bottles for Home Brewing 12 Pack with Flip Caps
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Heavy duty glass
  • Keeps contents fresh
  • UV and blue light protected

Swing Top Bottles w/Caps - 16.9oz, Amber Glass, Reusable for Homebrew - 12 pack

Swing Top Bottles w/Caps - 16.9oz, Amber Glass, Reusable for Homebrew - 12 pack
Swing Top Bottles w/Caps - 16.9oz, Amber Glass, Reusable for Homebrew - 12 pack

  • Make Homebrewing a Breeze: G. Francis Swing Top Bottles are perfect for making your own brew from scratch
  • Protect your Brew: amber glass deflects harmful UV rays
  • Pick Your Size: 16.9 ounce (500 ml) bottles are available in 6 or 12 packs
  • Safe and Reusable: bottles are dishwasher safe; simply clean and fill again
  • Premium Swing Top Caps: get the perfect seal every time with convenient, wash & reuse swing caps

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world, and a key part of German culture. The country's most popular beer is called "Budweiser," but that brand name is protected in the U.S. by an unrelated company that makes "Bud" beers (Anheuser-Busch) and so, to protect their trademark, the parent company sells this beer under a different name in the U.S., as "Budvar." The same is true of a few other popular European beers; for example, Heineken beer is sold under that name here but it's actually made by the company that makes Grolsch beer.

The trend for smaller sized beer bottles is growing, with many companies switching to 7 oz/250 ml containers. Federal regulations still require the use of a 12 oz bottle, but companies are allowed to use a 7 oz bottle and then fill it with 10.5-11 oz worth of beer (depending on the specific gravity).

These small-sized bottles are perfect for on-the-go drinkers and those who want a more affordable night out on the town. You can get more beer for a lower price, and with less of an ABV buzz (if that's what you're after). However, this trend isn't just great news for drinkers; it also helps brewers because they are making more money on each bottle due to its increased sales volume, and also saves them money on production costs because there is less glass and packaging material needed per unit sold.

Drinking alcohol responsibly can be done by drinking less alcohol over an extended period of time rather than consuming larger quantities at once, which is what binge drinking is, and also the opposite of what a session beer should be. A "session beer" (or, sometimes called a pint) is a type of beer that can be consumed in larger quantities during a day without getting you drunk or putting you over your daily alcohol limit.

The lower ABV beers are lower in calories as well, so they're better for dieters and those watching their weight, or those trying to stay sober until later that evening. Many people mistakenly believe that liquor is less caloric than beer because they have higher concentrations of alcohol per volume unit; however, either one has more calories than water, but usually equal numbers when compared with each other as most liquors come in at 40-45% ABV. The high calories in beer come from its sugars, while the alcohol content does increase your metabolism but only enough to burn off half of what you drink. To avoid adding extra calories, try switching some beers for low-calorie drinks like dry wines and spirits mixed with diet or seltzer waters (which are great alternatives to juice if you can't have alcohol).

A recent study found that people who drink these smaller beers have lower blood pressure levels and better heart health than those who drink regular size cans or bottles. This is due to their high levels of electrolytic minerals like potassium and magnesium being better than drinking water alone (or other non-alcoholic beverages) in regards to cardiovascular health.

The most popular style of beer in Germany is the pilsner, which accounts for over 50% of all beers made there, followed by lager at 35% and wheat beer around 9%. In fact, some breweries are only known for producing a certain type or two of these types; many German breweries that make wheat beer sell it under different names depending on the strength and alcohol content (i.e., dunkelweizen/starkbier weizen).

This article will explore how this new trend has impacted the beer industry as well as some tips on how you can make it work for you! I'll also cover the top six session beers for the U.S., in no specific ranked order.

Session beer are a great way to stay on track with your drinking habits, too! If you like to drink several beers during your typical weekend or evening out at a bar or club, consider switching over to a lighter version of it that gives you more bang (in alcohol content and flavor) per bottle/can since this will cause you to drink less overall leading to lower-calorie intake and fewer hangovers. Beer can be used as part of your healthy lifestyle and dieting plan if you pick either one that has low calories but high flavor content if so desired; we've already seen how it helps prevent cardiovascular disease, and now we see it can enable a healthier lifestyle too.

Buying guide for Great Glass Beer Bottles

Choosing between glass or plastic

This is a very subjective choice, but we believe it is also influenced by the location in which you are brewing. According to our view, the perceived flavor, strength, convenience of use, and accessibility are the most important considerations when deciding between utilizing glass or pet bottles.

Despite the fact that plastics can withstand much higher stress than the typical glass container, also, they are significantly more porous than their glass counterparts. Because CO2 can seep from plastic bottles more readily than from glass bottles, a pet bottle will cause your beer to become flat much faster than if it were kept in a glass. As a consequence, unless you are bottling using pet bottles, you should aim to consume the drinks within 6 months to get the most out of them.

Pet bottles could also be a little simpler to use based on capping because of their shape. With all of the pet bottles that we've come across, you simply twist the cap on it instead of needing to have a bottle capper out and use pure force to press the cap securely onto the bottle, as we have previously said. The time and work saved by this method will be significant when you are filling 50 or more bottles per typical batch yield, as described above.

People hardly give any thought to the possibility of packaging beer in plastic bottles. In reality, beer lovers avoid beer in pet bottles since it seemed, maybe incorrect, less expensive and thus substandard. Nevertheless, we've observed that in certain countries, like as australia, most home brewing equipment, particularly coopers, include pet bottles as standard.

Having said that, there is a significant difference in flavor between plastic and glass bottles. We have always believed that beer tastes better when it is served in a bottle rather than any other format.

Generally, we can argue that using glass will extend the life span of your beer and enhance the flavor of the beer whenever you consume it. However, you must make sure that you select the proper thickness to guarantee that it will handle the stress of higher ABV beers.

FAQs for Glass Beer Bottle Buyers

Is it possible to use wine bottles to make homebrew beer?

If you wished to create a bottle to share with others, something similar to a wine bottle would appear to be the best choice. Several professional brewers, actually package specialty or limited-release beer types in "bomber" bottles that are specifically intended for this purpose.

Where can I purchase bottles?

To save you the hassle of recycling old bottles, you could just purchase amble containers from any local brew store or some bigger supermarkets. Unless you're very busy, you might not have the time to travel anyplace to acquire the bottles. In this situation, we'd suggest that you visit amazon and go over their inventory. We'd suggest purchasing the regular 12 fl oz lot if you're buying glass bottles. Customers get 2 crates containing 24 bottles, and it will be plenty for the majority of batch yields. If you wouldn't want to experience the hassle of capping your beer, you can purchase a few flip cap bottles instead of regular bottles.

What kind of bottles should you use for making homebrew beer?

It could be beers such as standard or Belgian. Answering this question has not been straightforward, also, with many aspects of beer brewing, there is plenty to take into consideration. Pressure is influenced by a variety of factors, including mass, temperature, and volume, among others.

What is the proper way to cap a beer bottle?

It is possible that the most crucial step in the brewing process is putting a cap on your beer, since a poor seal puts your beer at danger of oxidation, insufficient carbonation, and bacterial infection.

A hand and table capper are two common instruments for capping a standard bottle; both are available at most hardware stores. The former is a less expensive instrument, but it is also more dangerous since if your hand slips, you might knock over your beer bottle.

What is the best method for removing labels off beer bottles?

Whether you are concerned about the environment and prefer to recycle, you will most likely want to change the old labels off your bottles and substitute them with your very own unique designs. To put it another way, you must simply stop the adhesive that is keeping the labels in position from performing its function. This really is easier said than done since the glue must be able to tolerate a great deal of variation in moisture and temperature in order to perform its function effectively.

However, we've discovered that putting all your beer bottles in a single bath filled with hot water & letting them sit for 15 minutes is one of the most efficient way of heating up the adhesive. Afterwards, scrape the labels away with a strong wire brush to remove them. Before you begin removing the labels off the beer bottles, ensure you use gloves and maintain the bottles immersed always. Because of the continuous friction created by brushing, your hands will not get sore and your bottles will not dry up before you can get to them.

Based on the kind of bottles and the type of adhesive being used, the labels might even easily peel off completely and float away from the glass bottle. If this is the case, all that is left to do is clean off the exterior of the beer bottle to get rid of the remaining bits of glue that have remained.

What are the Good Sizes for Home-Brewing Beer Bottles ?


Apart from the most popular standard sizes (330 ml / 250 ml in Europe and 12 oz in the US), there are other options that you would like to consider depending on the trend you are trying to follow:

22 OZ / 750 ML

The 22-ounce bottle (650 ml), or the so-called bomber, is an innovative and strategic container size. This share-size bottle is one of the brewer's favorites for the distribution of special products or limited runs. The 22 ounces are a contemporary alternative to that bottle of wine that you plan to take to the next dinner with friends.

The 750 ml bottle offers many of the comforts of the 22-ounce bomber, but in a volume that looks more like the bottles of spirits. This format is a true size to share and promote friendship and camaraderie. In addition to these popular sizes for sharing, trends are emerging that drive new capacity options.

Smaller Size Trend: 7 OZ / 250 ML

Who likes to drink their hot beer? The smaller format bottle defies the high temperatures of hot summer days. The small size of this bottle keeps the beer cold and makes people who like to spend the day at the beach happy. It is a perfect size to offer test samples or for a variety setup that allows you to offer a pre-packaged beer tasting table. Alternatively, it can be used for beers with high alcohol content by volume (ABV), thus reducing this level of alcohol.

The Size of 16 OZ / 500 ML?

While it is a fairly popular standard size in Europe, 16 ounces is rather an emerging capacity trend in the United States. It is rather a male format that offers greater physical dimensions in the consumer's hand for a semi-personalized grip. A true pint with custom size.

The size of a beer bottle communicates much more than you can imagine. These emerging and sharing bottle sizes are transforming the standards of beer packaging and changing the way we serve, drink and socialize.

Although it is clear that size does matter, shape is another important aspect to consider when packing your best beer.


How would you define the physical space that your bottle will occupy on the shelf and in the hands of consumers? The shape of the bottle is the handshake of your beer and the essence of your brand identity.

Think of your beer and your beer brand as if it were a person. Now describe that person. Are you a friendly, formal or seductive person? Is he the extravagant uncle, the girl next door or the barbecue friend? Its shape helps define the character of your beer.

Long Neck

Think of the stereotype of the silhouette of a beer bottle. The first way that comes to mind is a long-necked beer bottle. The design of this bottle has key dimensions adopted by large and small brewers. In addition to its iconic and long neck, this bottle has familiar round shoulders and a label panel with a pronounced slit. This protects the label from chafing and offers great flexibility in labeling and stamping options.


The long neck format conveys a strong and modern foot design, chosen by a wide variety of brands. It is certainly a friendly and familiar form of beer bottle. Although the long neck shape is a safe bet, other ways can increase the value and recognition of your brand.


The historical and masculine shape of the Belgian beer bottle conveys its traditional heritage and is a point of reference in the old world of beer, and in turn alters the visual expectations that form around the bottle shapes. The double shoulder helps prevent yeast solids from transferring to the glass when pouring and clouding the beer. This makes it a popular choice for wheat or Belgian-style beers. Stouts, Porters and other dark beers also combine very well with this bottle.

A more modern version of this bottle, which comes from a distant past, has a stepped cleft in the heel and just below the shoulder. These benchmarks provide protection for the label against chafing during the production and packaging of your beer. With a pronounced old-world merchant personality, brightness and friendly appearance, the Belgian beer bottle would be the perfect container for a Hobbit's favorite drink, for example.


As the name implies, this shape is inspired by champagne bottles. Originally, this bottle form was used to pack the highest levels of CO2 that the first bottled beers often needed. The champenoise bottle is characterized by its elegant and distinctive S-shaped long neck. The impact of this design lies in a geometry with a large composite surface that reduces the amount of labeling available on both the main label panel and the panel of the neck, although in spite of this, it provides multiple labeling options.

To maintain the elegance of its profile, the champenoise-shaped bottle usually has a more subtle label groove than that of the Belgian or long-necked beer bottle. An accentuated and contemporary shoulder offers special decoration options with engraved glass. The champagne profile epitomizes the beauty and balance of the female figure. This elegant and voluptuous bottle shines during the victories, celebrations and achievements of life.

Chubby and Steinie

A low and compact bottle is often known as a chubby bottle or, originally, a steinie. Created at the time of the ban, steinie owes its name to its shape similar to a mug (in English, stein) of beer. This low and compact design provides a wider diameter. Although there is a larger panel for the main label, the lack of neck generally reduces the cost of additional labeling.

These bottles are disruptive on the shelf and have several operational advantages, including easy handling because they have a lower center of gravity. Its robust stature also occupies less space for the bottle maker, the brewery, the retailer and the end user. The bottle is fashionable for its nostalgic appearance and its feeling of robustness in the consumer's hand. It conveys a familiar feeling with a contemporary voice. The plump and steinie profile epitomizes a strong and reliable friend with an adventurous and charismatic spirit. A sociable young man who is competent outdoors and, at the same time, refined at a Sunday dinner with friends or family.

Different Colors of Glass Beer Bottles

The color communicates the positioning of the product and the brand, while playing a role in protecting your beer. The color of a glass bottle is literally molded inside the container, which gives it a natural characteristic of depth. The color can be enhanced with the shape, with an engraving and the variable thickness of the glass. And more importantly, glass bottles combine color with translucency, which helps show and improve the natural visual properties of beer. There are three basic colors of glass available.


The oldest and most used color for beer bottles is amber. Most reserve bottles are available in this color. Amber is perhaps the most identifiable color for beer bottles. Announces to the consumer that the bottle is full (or should be full) of beer.

Amber glass provides excellent protection against ultraviolet radiation, blocking all wavelengths below 450 nm. This protection protects the quality of your brand by ensuring that the taste of your drink will remain intact, without disturbances or alterations.

While amber is the most distinctive and historical color of beer bottles, highlighting on the shelves is increasingly vital in the sea of ​​craft beers. Those looking for a color that is visually more disruptive should consider using white or green glass bottles.


White is another of the most common colors in beer bottles. The transparency of this color shows the real color of your beer. Stresses the visual aesthetics of beer in all its splendor. Due to their lucidity, beers bottled in white glass should not require strict protection against ultraviolet light. UV-stable ciders and flavored malt drinks are often bottled in white glass.


To have a greater visual impact, you can consider using green glass. It transmits a slightly nostalgic historical character and goes well with beers and brands with an older style. Green glass provides slightly greater ultraviolet protection than white glass, but not as much as amber.

Other Colors

The color is a fabulous substrate for applied enameled labels (ACL, Applied Ceramic Labels), self-adhesive labels (PSL, Pressure Sensitive Labels) and die-cut labels with windows or special shapes that seek to use the natural color of the bottle as a background. No matter how important the color is for your brand, do not sacrifice protection if the color of the selected glass does not provide the UV protection your beer needs. After the shape, color is the next characteristic that the eye pays attention to. The color of the bottle and beer, and how these two colors work together, will have an impact on the way consumers see and experience your brand.

Our Verdict

If you want to store your beer in bottles and keep them for a short period of time, you may discover that plastic containers are simpler to cover on bottling day than glass bottles. Nevertheless, if you truly want to store your beer for a long period of time, particularly higher ABV beers, then, you may need to consider using a larger glass container to assist keep the carbonation inside the beer bottle from diminishing.

During the recycling process for your homebrew bottling, try looking for thicker glass bottles which have been designed to be reused many times rather than thinner ones. This will help to reduce the amount of bottle explosions that you are prone to having. We hope you have a successful home brewery.

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Conclusion for Beer Bottle Buyers

The best glass beer bottles for home brewing will depend on your budget, the type of brew you are making and how many batches you plan to make. There is a lot that goes into choosing the right bottle so we recommend investing in quality from day one as it will save you money down the line. We've compiled this list of five great options based on customer reviews and price range. Now all that's left is deciding which style of fermenter or serving vessel suits your needs!

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