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Do you intend to get started on home brewing? If yes, you must make sure you get the right equipment to make sure everything works out smoothly for you. However, the most incredible brewing kits in the marketplace feature most brewing tools, although the beer bottle capper is usually excluded.

If this is the case, you will be required to purchase your very own bottle capper. Although most people disregard or ignore the value of a bottle capper, you must understand that it is one of the crucial tools all homebrewers should possess.

For most people who do not have prior knowledge of how the bottle capper works. Here's the thing. Bottle cappers are easy-to-use tools used to seal the glass bottle. For the process of sealing a beer bottle, you will need caps, bottles, and the best bottle capper.

Even if you are just "popping or banging the top" of a root beer or craft beer bottle, there is always going to be that unique "pssst" noise, which I'm sure you are familiar with. However, in contrast, the last thing you would ever want is the sound of silence immediately after opening your new beer bottle after homebrewing. I mean, what is worse than spending so much time brewing your beer at home, staying for an additional four (4) to six (6) weeks to consume your beer, just for you to discover you only produced a dud.

This is where the bottle capper comes in handy. Like I already stated, the bottle capper is an often-overlooked tool which, on the contrary, it is a must-have tool for every homebrewer. Thus, if you want to get the exact unmistakable hiss sound in your home brewed beer, then you will need a high-quality bottle capper. With a pack of bottle caps, glass beer bottles, and an easy-to-use bottle capper, you will be able to establish or produce an airtight seal in-between the crown bottle caps and the glass beer bottles.

Also, bottle cappers come in handy in the aspect of preserving your beer. To sufficiently preserve your beverages, you must cap the bottle tops, which can be achieved using bottle cappers.

Bottle caps ensure that efficient preservation is achieved by preventing leakages as well as ensuring that air does not enter the beer.

There are so many bottle cappers in the marketplace today, making it difficult and confusing for one to choose the best.

Hence, in this article, having used different kinds of bottle cappers, I will be exposing you to a well-detailed product review of the best bottle cappers in the marketplace today. There will also be a detailed buying guide to guide you through knowing and purchasing the best bottle cappers.

But before we get right to it, let's take a look at the two types of bottle cappers.

Bench Bottle Cappers Vs. Hand Bottle Cappers

The bench and hand bottle cappers are the two kinds of cappers available. Although both can perfectly deliver the job they are meant for, the bench bottle capper is faster.

Unlike the hand capper, the bench capper is securely fixed on a hard surface, allowing the user to operate it with one hand. The crimps caps are also held in a particular position using a magnetic bell housing. This allows you to hold the bottle in one hand while pulling the lever using the other hand.

Hand bottle cappers, on the other hand, are a little bit uneasy to handle. This is because it requires the use of two hands when capping a bottle.

Top 6 Best Beer Bottle Cappers

Product Reviews of The Best Beer Bottle Cappers In 2022

Top 6 Best Beer Bottle Cappers
Top 6 Best Beer Bottle Cappers

Below is a list of the best beer bottle cappers in 2022. Following each product name is a well-detailed review as well as a corresponding list of pros and cons.

1. FastRack Red Baron Bottle Capper - Link

Red Baron Bottle Capper
Red Baron Bottle Capper

The red baron bottle capper is one of the most famous, easy-to-use bottle cappers produced by FastRack. It is widely used among homebrewers and is often described as a classic hand bottle capper. Despite being easy to use, the product is cost-friendly, making it a perfect option for people on a tight budget.

One of the significant things I noticed and loved about the red baron bottle capper is its high-quality material. If used and maintained correctly, the baron red bottle capper will last for a long time without any mandatory replacements. You will be surprised by the work proficiency this product comes with.

Also, when it has to do with a satisfactory finish, I will highly recommend this product. After the process of capping your bottle (sealing) is down, you will undoubtedly affirm the incredible job done by this bottle capper. The red baron bottle capper makes sure that the cap is completely closed, which is the ultimate goal of any homebrewer as long as caping is concerned.

I was also very much impressed with the handles that come with the red baron bottler capper. The handles are long enough to save the stress of applying a lot of effort or energy when capping your bottle.

As stated in the beginning, the product is an easy-to-use one. Permit me to use the word "self-explanatory." With the red baron bottle capper, all you need to do is position your bottle caps on the bottle capper's magnet slot. Position the capper over the bottle and clutch the handles using your hands.

While the product is easy to store, its bulky structure can make storing it challenging. Additionally, it can be exhausting to your hands and time-consuming, mainly when you intend to cap too many bottles.

Conclusively, the red baron bottle capper is an incredible home brewing tool widely used by homebrewers, primarily because of its price. The product is reasonably cheap and makes a perfect capper for beginners. Not forgetting, the red baron bottle capper is reliable and time-tested.


  • The product is cheaper than other similar models.
  • It is time-tested and reliable.
  • It offers a whole new level of comfortability when in use.
  • The red baron bottle capper is portable.
  • Its operation is perfect.


  • The use of this product can be time-consuming, especially when you intend to cap too many bottles.
  • Storage most times can be uneasy because of the product's bulky structure.

2. G Francis Manual Bottle Capper Tool - Link

Manual Bottle Capper Tool - Twin Lever Hand Capper for Home Brewing, Crown Capper, Bottle Sealer
Manual Bottle Capper Tool - Twin Lever Hand Capper for Home Brewing, Crown Capper, Bottle Sealer

This fantastic bottle capper tool provides a more effortless and quicker method to cap your homemade brews. The G Francis bottle capper is an easy-to-use tool that provides a more relaxed grip while capping or sealing your bottles.

The bottle capper comes with an in-built magnet, which guarantees stability each time you cap a beer bottle. This gives you an easy time, and a smooth capping process as the caps will always stay in position.

I also love the constructed material used in constructing the beer capper. G Francis bottle capper is made using tempered steel. Also, with the hard plastic incorporated into the product's handles, the product is constructed for durability, strength, longevity, and comfort.

The G Francis bottle capper ensures that you get the best experience while placing caps on your homemade beers regarding its grip comfortability. The product comprises two plastic handles (red) designed for efficiency, convenience, and comfort.

Another incredible feature I need to mention is the easy-to-use of this product. When using the G Francis bottle capper, all that is required is to correctly pin down the twin lever handles, which presses the rim of the crown while twisting the traction on the head of the bottle capper.

However, I must state I wasn't cool with one feature of this product. The G Francis bottle capper requires its users to always preload the cap into the capper, each at a time. Yes, it is tiring. Lifting and opening the handles are both complex tasks, especially when done for a long time.

Overall, despite its minor flaws, the G Francis bottle capper is excellent and sure delivers a perfect job. It is durable, sturdy, and easy to use. These, I believe, are the main features home brewers should check out for.


  • The product works with any bottle type.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is comfortable as it possesses plastic handles.
  • It is a perfect gift idea for friends and family who are into homebrewing.


  • Users are required to preload each cap.
  • Most times, it is hard to open and lift the handles.

3. Fastrack Ferrari Super Agata Bench Capper - Link

FastRack, Ferrari Super Agata Bench Capper, Multicolor
FastRack, Ferrari Super Agata Bench Capper, Multicolor

This is yet another excellent beer bottle capper you need to consider. Unlike all the cappers we have reviewed so far, the FastRack Ferrari super Agata capper is a bench capper constructed for crown caps with a standard size of 26mm. However, if you can purchase the bell housing adapter separately, the product can perfectly accommodate 29mm caps.

This bench bottle capper is highly adjustable and can handle 750mL, 375mL, 22oz, 16oz, and 12oz bottles. It can equally handle champagne bottles too.

Although all bench bottle cappers work much better when mounted on a hard and flat surface, they still make bottle capping much more accessible when used as a free unit. Like most best bottle capping products, the FastRack Ferrari super Agata capper features a great magnet that plays a vital role in positioning the bottle caps. It also comes with a decent price tag.

With this product, it's safe to say, "I own a Ferrari."


  • The product is easy to operate.
  • They are easily adjustable to accommodate various bottle sizes.
  • They can equally be used without mounting on a hard surface.


  • The product is likely to break as most of its part is plastic.
  • Bottles are likely to get stuck inside the bell housing.
  • Most bottle caps can become dented.

4. FASTFERMENT Universal Rigamonti Capper - Link

The Universal Capper Rigamonti Capper
The Universal Capper Rigamonti Capper

This is one of the best and strong bottle cappers in the market today. The Universal Rigamonti bottle capper is quite different from other bottle cappers. It features lengthy or extended arms. These extended arms are essential as they give the users enough influence and power to ensure the bottling day goes faster and easier. The product is also built using solid-state steel, making it a sturdy one.

Also, unlike most hand cappers, the Universal Rigamonti bottle capper does not require a magnetic to hold on to caps. However, it was constructed in such a way that requires the cap to be positioned on the bottle before capping.

This product features two kinds of models with regards to the capsize. The first model is for the 26mm caps, while the second is for the 29mm bottle caps. It's okay to go for both if you will be working with the two sizes.


  • The product is made from solid materials.
  • It is easy to utilize.
  • They feature extended handles, which provide the users with more power and influence over the capping process.


  • The product is capable of leaving little dimples on the bottle cap.
  • The bottle capper requires regular oiling.
  • The product does not come with any magnet to help position the bottle cap.

5. Fastrack 4008 Colt Strong Bench Capper - Link

FastRack 4008 Colt Strong Bench Capper Multicolor, Оne Расk
FastRack 4008 Colt Strong Bench Capper Multicolor, Оne Расk

This is yet another fantastic bottle capper produced by FastRack. The 4008-colt bench capper is a robust and industrial-grade tool that is perfect for virtually all homebrewers. It is equally one of my favorite bottle cappers.

Just like every other bench bottle capper, the 4008-colt bench capper is built to be fixed or mounted onto a flat and hard surface such as a tabletop or a brewing bench. However, it is capable of getting the job done, standing as a single unit.

The bottle capper is equally adjustable, thus compatible with 22, 16, and 12oz bottles. Also, it is a perfect fit for any bottle size ranging between 3 niches and 14 inches.

The bench bottle capper is equally easy to use as it makes capping 26mm crown cap bottles easier. The product features a magnet that helps hold the caps in a steady position, and an easy-to-pull lever handle used to cap the bottles.


  • The lever handle is easy-to-pull.
  • The product features a safe locking mechanism.
  • The seal created is credible.
  • They feature an easy and quick height adjustment.


  • The magnet can slack.
  • The product can be hefty if not pinned to a bench or table.

6. Fastrack Black Beauty Bottle Capper - Link

Black Beauty Bottle Capper
Black Beauty Bottle Capper

This is another perfect option when looking for the best bottle capper in 2022, especially if you intend to cap a few bottles of beer.

The black beauty bottle capper was explicitly constructed for 26mm caps, unlike the red baron bottle capper, which can accommodate a 29mm cap.

Even when made from plastic, the black beauty bottle capper does not match up as a "heavy-duty" like other famous cappers.


  • The product features a smooth and easy lever action.
  • It does not leave any dimple on the cap.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The product can't be used on 29mm bottles caps.
  • It does not accommodate twist-top bottle caps.

Buying Guide for The Best Bottle Capper In 2022

Bottle cappers are becoming popular as almost everyone wants to start brewing their beer at home. However, when it comes to purchasing these tools is not a spot-buy thing. There are so many factors you must check out if you want to purchase the best based on your preferences.

These factors have been listed and explained below.

1. The Cost of The Bottle Capper

Although a bench bottle capper is slightly costlier than a hand bottle capper, they are more helpful in homebrewing. However, if you have a fixed budget and intend to pay the least cash possible for a capper, then a hand capper is perfect for you.

However, you should note this. If you intend to brew smaller batches of beer, or you intend to brew once or twice a year, then a hand bottle capper is probably the best option for you. But if you intend to brew in larger quantities or batches or brew your beer more often, then purchasing a bench bottle caller is the best decision to make.

2. Quality of The Hand Bottle Capper

Here is another essential factor to consider before purchasing a bottle capper. Make sure you don't pick any random hand bottle capper without first observing its quality features or characteristics.

First, every high-quality hand capper must possess a string body made from durable material such as steel. Also, ensure that the size can be adjusted.

Last but not least, ensure that the tool operates faster with the essential machinery.

3. The Mechanism of Operation of The Capper

You have to consider this factor and go for a hand bottle capper that is easy to use if you want to experience smooth homebrewing. You should also consider other objects that can be attached to fit in larger bottles without any problem.

Also, if by chance your tool becomes immobile, try not to force it; if not, it can shatter your bottles. Apply lubricants such as oil on it.

4. Closure Types

If you have been paying close attention to the types of beers you purchase, you will notice that they come in different kinds of closures. While some crown caps, plastic caps, hard rubber, cork closures, or glass closure, others feature a stopper closure.

The most common among them is the crown caps. Thus, if you intend to settle for the crown caps, you will have to purchase the right tool to install them.

5. Nature of The Bottle

The size and shape of the bottle in a way determines the machine's workability. For example, say you are dealing with larger bottles, your hand bottle capper should be big enough or adjustable to handle the size of the bottle.

Also, the capping process is made much easier if the bottle is well-shaped.

Also, make sure to avoid crooked bottle threads, as they are not safe, featuring a disproportional angle the bottle capper is likely not to support.

6. The Number of Bottles to Be Capped

Every homebrewer should know that exposing your beer to oxygen after fermentation is wrong. Thus, to avoid oxidation, which will likely result in spoiling, you will want to pour the beer into the bottles as efficiently and fast as possible.

If you intend to cap a large number of beer bottles, I recommend you go for the bench bottle cappers. With this method, you will get those crown caps on the bottle in no time, other than using the hand bottle capper, which is exhausting and time-consuming.

7. Brewing Schedule

Your brewing schedule is another factor to consider before purchasing a hand capper. If you intend to brew once in a while, and you are okay with working with a basic bottle capper, then it's okay.

However, if you will be brewing your homemade beer every few months or so, it's always a great idea to go for a high-quality hand or bench bottle capper.

8. Space

The hand bottle capper is one compact tool that can be stored or kept anywhere. There are usually not huge. However, on the other hand, bench bottle cappers are a little bit bigger in magnitude. As their name implies, they function ideally when fixed or mounted on a tabletop or bench. Even though they work perfectly when mounted, they can also function well while standing alone as a unit.

However, if you are only into limited brewing and do not have enough space to fix the bench capper, it is only suitable you go for the hand bottle capper.

Regardless, if you carry out your homebrewing in your basement or garage by chance, it will be best or perfect if you upgrade to a bench bottle capper for a quicker and smoother beer brewing.

Bottle Capper Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you mean by a bottle capper?

A bottle capper is an equipment or tool used in sealing a glass bottle with a metal bottle cap.

When do I use a bottle capper?

When brewing any homemade liquid or beer, bottle cappers are used in sealing the bottles. It could be for business or personal use.

Are bottle cappers made of plastic better than the ones made of metal?

For home use, the plastic bottle cappers are cool. However, the metal bottle will be perfect for professional use, where hundreds if not thousands of bottlers will be capped.

Why are bottle cappers essential?

Bottle cappers are essential as they are needed to maintain the beer's freshness and prolong its shelf life. A great capper is durable, easy to use, and comfortable.

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Conclusion for Bottle Capper Buyers

Homebrewing can be a very tedious exercise, especially when you are working with the wrong bottle cappers.

Bottle cappers come in several kinds, as they come with different features.

I hope this article was able to guide you through making the right decision in purchasing a bottle capper that will satisfy your needs.

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