🥇 Best Beer Brew Kettles: Reviews, Buying Guide and FAQs 2022

by Joshua Speaks

It doesn't matter if you are brewing a batch of beer or more; you must have a suitable brew kettle or pot.

A beer brew kettle is where the process of producing beer starts. These brew kettles come in various sizes and shapes. They also accommodate a monster 45-gallon batch or a little 1-gallon beer batch.

In addition to the volume size and construction material, beer brew kettles also feature some excellent components to make brewing easier. However, while these added features can make the process of beer brewing more convenient and efficient, they are not essential.

In this article, I will be walking you through the best beer brew kettle in the marketplace today. Also, there will be a well-detailed buying guide to help you make the right decision while trying to purchase your brew kettle.

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Top 5 Best Product Review of Beer Brew Kettles

Below is the list of the best beer brew kettles. Alongside each review are their corresponding pros and cons.

Top 5 Best Product Review of Beer Brew Kettles
Top 5 Best Product Review of Beer Brew Kettles

1. Northern Brewer Mega pot 1.2 Brew Kettle - Link

Northern Brewer - Megapot 1.2 Stainless Steel Brew Kettle with Volume Markings (10 Gallon w/Valve and Thermometer)
Northern Brewer - Megapot 1.2 Stainless Steel Brew Kettle with Volume Markings (10 Gallon w/Valve and Thermometer)

This is one of the best brewing products from the Mega pot brand. The product feature five (5) distinct sizes, all featuring a brewing thermometer and optional spigot.

The Northern brewer mega pot brew kettle is constructed from a more excellent grade stainless steel featuring a thickness of 4mm tri-clad bottom, ensuring that heat is evenly distributed. It also features a strong welded silicone handle that is heat-proof, protecting it from burns and making carrying it easier.

Another unique feature not in most brew kettles but present in the Mega pot 1.2 is the etched volume markings on the pot's interior surface. Also, all prototypes are induction cooker ready, making them suitable to work as a false bottom and as a mash tun used in all-grain brewing.

Regardless of the batch size you intend to brew or the characteristics you are searching for in a brew kettle, I believe the Mega pot got you covered.


  • The brew kettle is available in 30, 20, 15, 10, 8-gallon sizes.
  • It is constructed with solid materials, making it highly durable.
  • It can be purchased with or without a thermometer or ball valve.


  • The temperature gauge reading varies most times.
  • They are heftier than other pots.

2. Bayou Stainless Stain Brew Kettle - Link

Bayou Classic 800-416 16 Gallon Stainless Steel 6 Piece Brew Kettle
Bayou Classic 800-416 16 Gallon Stainless Steel 6 Piece Brew Kettle

If you are looking for a solid entry-level kettle made of stainless steel that will allow you to get started with home brewing in no time, then you need to consider this fantastic product from Bayou. The good thing is that it is pocket-friendly.

The kettle is made using quality stainless steel, making it simple to sterilize before the brewing process. It also comes with calibration markings on the interior surface, letting you get precise quantities.

The Bayou stainless steel brew kettle is perfect for people who don't have enough space at home as it comes in a decent size. It can also be used for non-beer brewing purposes, making it a valuable item to own.

Also, although I think the producers should have made the bottom thicker, it can still take care of your brewing needs as long as you treat it with care.

In other words, this product is a simple, uncluttered, and affordable brew kettle that is just perfect for beginners. If these features are what you need, then I will recommend you go for them.


  • It features calibration markings on the interior surface, written in gallons and quarts.
  • It is constructed using high-quality stainless steel, making it easy to sterilize before brewing.
  • It is a no-frills beer brew kettle as it features an uncluttered and simple design.
  • It can be used for other purposes such as cooking, making it a versatile item.
  • Features compact size, making it a perfect option for people with less space at home.


  • It comes with a thin bottom, making it acceptable for a tight budget.
  • It is not heavy-duty; however, it will last longer if taken good care of.

3. BREWSIE Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle W/Dual Filtration - Link

BREWSIE Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle w/Dual Filtration. Equip with False Bottom Thermometer and Ball Valve for Brewing (16 Gal/ 64 QT)
BREWSIE Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle w/Dual Filtration. Equip with False Bottom Thermometer and Ball Valve for Brewing (16 Gal/ 64 QT)

Next is another cool brew kettle from BREWSIE. It is a stainless-steel brew kettle with an ultimate capacity of 64 quarts. Also, to get you started, the product features many accessories such as a bazooka screen, false bottom, and ball valve. It is indeed a perfect entry-level kit tool for beginners.

There is also a temperature gauge, helping you accurately control the brewing process, and a dual filtration structure designed to enhance the beer's taste. With these, you are sure to achieve better results.

However, there is a negative side to this product. It often leaks. However, with some DIY, you will be able to correct the issue. Also, the product's instruction book is poorly written; thus, you are expected to apply common sense to get through.


  • The product features a complete set comprising of a bazooka screen, false bottom, and ball valve.
  • It comes with a dual filtration system, which plays a vital role in producing a better beer taste.
  • The product package features a temperature gauge, which is needed for proper brewing.
  • Excellent entry-level option.


  • Leaks sometimes. However, this can be corrected.
  • The product comes with poorly written instructions.

4. GasOne 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle Pot - Link

GasOne 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle Pot Pre Drilled 4 PC Set 32 Quart Tri Ply Bottom for Beer Brewing Includes Stainless Steel Lid, Thermometer, Ball Valve Spigot - Home Brewing Supplies
GasOne 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle Pot Pre Drilled 4 PC Set 32 Quart Tri Ply Bottom for Beer Brewing Includes Stainless Steel Lid, Thermometer, Ball Valve Spigot - Home Brewing Supplies

Here's another amazing option to choose from, especially if you are new to home brewing. Not only does it have all that you need to get started, but it is also available at an affordable price.

The product features a tri-ply bottom, strengthening the beer brew kettle and distributing heat evenly. It also has volume markings on the interior surfaces, making sure that measurements are taken accurately.

Also, the product features a thermometer and stockpot and can be put together easily.

However, you must note that this product comes with no instructions; thus, you have to figure something out if you have no prior knowledge of assembling it. Also, the product is not ideal for smaller batch brewing as the thermometer is in a high position.

Regardless of the above-mentioned minor negatives, this product is ideal for just getting started in home brewing.


  • They come with solid handles, making it easy to carry them.
  • They are easy to assemble.
  • The beer brew kettle features a tri-ply bottom, ensuring that heat is evenly distributed.
  • The interior surface of the brew kettle has volume markings, ensuring that measurements are made accurately.
  • The product package also includes a spigot, thermometer, and stockpot.


  • You must have prior knowledge of how to assemble the product yourself.
  • It is not ideal if you will be brewing in small batches.

5. Anvil ANVktle 10g Brew Kettle - Link

Anvil - ANVktle10g Brew Kettle, 10 gal
Anvil - ANVktle10g Brew Kettle, 10 gal

If you need a top-quality brew kettle and are willing to spend a little more to get it, you need to consider this product. The product is well-built and highly durable, featuring a tri-ply bottom, which makes it more compatible with regular stoves.

I do appreciate the volume markings on the interior surface as well as the dual scale thermometer it features. These features allow the brewer to use Fahrenheit and Celsius as well as work in gallons and liters. They also come with strong handles, making sure they don't fall off at any given time.

One major issue with the brew kettle is the price, which is on the high side. However, given its solid quality, this shouldn't be a problem. Also, the thermometer is placed in an elevated position, which I believe is a minor niggle.


  • The product is heavy-duty and rugged; thus, it was built to last for a long while.
  • It features a tri-ply bottom, making it perfect for induction stoves.
  • It comes with a dual-scale thermometer, which shows Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • They are made up of solid handles that are leakproof.
  • It has a dual-scale marking on the interior surface.


  • They are expensive, although they are of superior quality and well-built.
  • The thermometer is placed in a high position.

Buying Guide for The Best Beer Brew Kettles In 2022

When it comes to purchasing the best beer brew kettle, there are a couple of factors to consider. These factors are discussed below and include the size of the kettle, price, construction material, etc. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Size of The Kettle

This is one of the vital factors to consider before purchasing a beer brew kettle. The physical size matters a lot, as you wouldn't want to go for a beer brew kettle whose size is less than the batch size you intend to brew.

The perfect beer brew size should possess a 1.2:1 height to diameter ratio. Purchasing a brew kettle with higher sides will be helpful in evaporation loss. This will ensure you boil the required amount of liquid, leaving behind enough head-space, thus, preventing a disastrous boil-over.

2. Construction Material

The construction material used in producing the beer brew kettle is another crucial factor to consider as it has a noticeable effect on operation on performance.

For instance, while beer brew kettles made from aluminum might be lighter and affordable, they suffer a lot when it comes to resistance to deterioration and durability, which are essential.

On the other hand, beer brew kettles made from stainless steel are far better, as they feature a more excellent resilience. Also, they can tolerate or endure more acidic wort.

Furthermore, note that the material's thickness plays an essential role in the product's durability. Products made with thin metals, or layers do not last compared to the ones with thick metals.

3. Valve Type

Knowing the type of valve the beer brew kettle is equipped with before the purchase is significant. The valve type makes it easy to deduce how the recovery process works.

Most beer brew kettle models feature a ball valve. However, beyond the type of valve, you also need to consider the position. I recommend you go for the one with a lower position for your spigot, as this will recover much liquid than others.

4. Handles

These are very important, too, as they play an essential role in lifting and moving the brew kettle. To be on the safe side, make sure to purchase a brew kettle with solid and durable handles. I am sure you won't want to experience the scenario where a kettle filled with boiling water drops on the floor while carrying it.

5. Volume

This is one important factor you probably should first check out for before purchasing a brew kettle. The ideal volume to go for depends on the quantity of beer you intend to brew per batch.

When getting into home brewing for the first time, most people often start off with as low as five (5) gallons or even less. However, with time, then move on to twice that of even more. Thus, considering getting a brew kettle with enough volume is important.

6. Reinforced Bottom

The bottom of the kettle will receive the most heat; thus, it needs to be more durable. Therefore, it's essential to look closely at the bottom of the brew pot or kettle before purchasing. However, an ideal bottom depends on the kind of brewing you intend to do.

For instance, a single-ply bottom is perfect for extract brewing, as the probability of it scorching during the boiling process is low.

In contrast, a tri-ply bottom is perfect for grain brewing, as it removes the hot spots which are accountable for scorching.

Some models also feature a false bottom that grabs the solids in the wort, preventing them from being restored.

7. In-Built Thermometer

This factor is equally important as having a beer brew kettle with an in-built thermometer helps control liquid temperature.

8. Inside Measurements

Brewing is more about regulating the quantities accurately and carefully. Thus, having a brew kettle with inside measurements makes things simpler. With this, you don't always have to gauge volumes separately before dropping the liquid in.

9. Water Inlet

The water inlet is one of the kettle's components which serves as a coolant, providing a means for the beer to cool down fast.

Also, the water outlets have proven to be useful when the lid is shut airtight, and you intend to put water into the brew kettle. In this scenario, other than opening the lid to put water for boiling, you can put the water by connecting a pipe to the water inlet.

10. Lid

It is also essential to consider the lids that come with the beer brewing kettle. There are two major types of lids here; the vented cover and the unvented lids.

The vented lid assists in preventing so much water buildup due to condensation, thus, making boil-overs less feasible.

On the other hand, Unvented lids will need to be placed at an angle to allow steam escape.

Beer Brew Kettle Frequently Asked Questions

What beer brew kettle size do I need?

I recommend you go for a beer brew kettle tall enough to handle five (5) gallons at a minimum. Anything beyond that depends on the kind of brewing you are into and how much beer you intend to prepare or make.

What is the use of a beer brew kettle?

The beer brew kettle is the first phase in the home brewing technique. In this stage, you extract and boil the grains to break them further down, preparing them for yeast fermentation.

Are there different procedures or techniques in home brewing?

Yes, there are three major techniques in home brewing.

Firstly, the extract method commences with the extract of a ready-made malt, thus saving the brewer much work and time.

Next is the all-grain method, which is more like a prequel of the extract technique. In this technique, you practically have to make the malt extract yourself. Unlike the extract method, this requires more work and is harder to accomplish.

Last but not least is the partial-mash method, which allows you to do a bit of the two techniques mentioned above. Here, you are required to use a little bit of ready-made extract and prepare a small amount of mash.

This enables you to run the all-grain brewing technique without spending too much money on a larger kettle.

What is home brewing all about, how does it work?

The process is all about producing your beer. It starts with the breaking down of grains into the wort (liquid extract). Next, yeast for fermentation and hops for flavor is added. The liquid is further allowed to ferment depending on the kind of beer you are brewing.

Again, the brewer puts in little sugar for carbonation, after which it is left for a long while.

At last, the beer is filtered and begged or bottled, ready to be enjoyed.

Do I need an expensive, fancy pot for home brewing?

Not really. The most crucial feature you need to check out is the size of the pot. You can even get everything done using a 5-gallon soup pot if you have one. Also, you can purchase a cheap one from any restaurant supply store. As long as there is sufficient space for all the components to boil, it will deliver the job perfectly.

However, with the evolution of home brewing technology, using the right equipment bring about brewing a better beer with ease.

A standard beer brew kettle is good. However, extra in-built features like couplers and temperature gauges offer you more power or control over the whole process of brewing and the final product.

Among the various methods of homebrewing, which is the best for beginners?

The best method to start with as a beginner in home brewing is the extract method. This is because the technique is an excellent way for a new brewer to learn and understand the basics of home brewing. Also, this method does not need expensive equipment to achieve.

Once you are relaxed with the extract method, you should then start trying out the other techniques. You could attempt the all-grain brewing or even the partial-mash brewing. At this point, you must have had prior knowledge about making great extracts.

Is there any other equipment I need to know about before getting started on home brewing?

Homebrewing is more of a kitchen experiment; thus, much-specialized equipment is not needed. You can get most of what you need in a hardware store if you are on a tight budget. Also, to get through with your first home brewing experience, you need to employ creativity as well as small elbow grease.

On the same note, if you are unsure about the materials you will need for your first home brewing, you can involve the experts. Most reliable specialized home brewing stores offer starter kits. These involve all the essential items you will need to get started. Some of these stores also feature upgraded kits.

Buy on Etsy, eBay, Walmart (limited quantity)

CONCORD Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle Stock Pot (Weldless Fittings) (60 QT/ 15 Gal) - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

GasOne 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle Pot Pre Drilled 4 PC Set 40 Quart Tri - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Gas One Stainless Steel Brew Kettle Pot 5 Gallon 20 Quart Satin Finish with lid/cover for - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Northern Brewer - Megapot 1.2 Stainless Steel Brew Kettle with Volume Markings (10 Gallon - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Anvil - ANVktle10g Brew Kettle, 10 gal - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

BREWSIE Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle w/Dual Filtration. Equip with False Bottom - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Northern Brewer - Edelmetall Bru Kettle with Valve, Whirlpool Port and Thermometer (8 - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Bayou Classic 800-416 16 Gallon Stainless Steel 6 Piece Brew Kettle - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

GasOne 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle Pot Pre Drilled 4 PC Set 32 Quart Tri - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Kegco BF XBK6-T3 Brew Kettle - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Conclusion for Beer Brew Kettle Buyers

The beer brewing pot is one of the most essential or integral parts of home brewing. I hope you will be able to discover the best brew kettle that will suit your demands with the help of this guide.

Remember, you must consider what you intend to brew and the amount of water needed to prevent the kettle from boiling if you want to make the best purchase. In addition to this, you can check for useful extras such as measurement line or quantity gauge and temperature gauge.

Beer brew kettles are easy to clean and also feature instructions to help beginners get started on brewing. I hope with these reviews on the various products above, you do be able to make a solid decision on which of the beer brew kettle to purchase for your brewing process. Don't forget to examine the factors that are essential and fitting for your need. Also, consider the price that you won't have to break the bank before you can make a purchase.

Feel free to drop your comments and questions in the comment section. I would love to know which brew kettle is your favorite and why

Don't forget to share with family and friends too.

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