📚 What You Should Know About Draft Beer Faucets

by Terry R.

You might think that if you’ve seen one draft beer faucet, you’ve seen them all. Incorrect. Beer faucets can be found in a variety of designs and also materials depending on what you are going to be pouring from them.

Your faucet is an important part of your draft beer dispensing system, and also like most various other parts of your system, you’ve got plenty of options to pick from to help fulfill your pouring requirements as exactly as possible.

There are a variety of things to consider when selecting the appropriate draft beer faucets for your system. Let’s find one that will work best for you.

What Is a Draft Beer Faucet?

What Is a Draft Beer Faucet?
What Is a Draft Beer Faucet?

Prior to we start speaking about all of the options readily available for your draft beer faucet, let’s talk about what exactly a beer faucet is.

In the most basic terms, your draft beer faucet affixes directly to the shank or tower of your dispensing system. It is the last part of your system that touches the beer before it ends up in your glass. Because of this, it plays a crucial role in dispensing your mixture by helping to direct the flow. Without a tap, you ‘d have an unmanageable waterfall of beer that would certainly be nearly impossible to enter a glass.

However not all putting circumstances are developed equivalent. Because of that, there are myriad faucet types, designs, and products.

Kinds Of Beer Faucets

The kind of faucet you utilize relies on what type of beer you are intending on pouring and also the sort of draft system you have.

Criterion Draft Beer Faucets

Criterion taps are perfect for putting any type of residential draft beer, whether you have just a single faucet kegerator or a business establishment with a wall surface of faucets. You can buy one as well as install without needing to acquire any added tools for your draft system. They connect straight to the shank or draft beer tower, and include a ⅜- inch threaded lever that fits practically any tap take care of for simple procedure.

Criterion faucets are available in a variety of products and surfaces, consisting of chrome-plated or refined brass as well as stainless-steel. Because they are utilized so often, replacement parts are extremely simple to discover in case they require to be repaired.

Back Sealing Faucets

A lot of draft taps you’ll locate are back securing faucets. They regulate the flow of beer from the rear of the tap as the bar moves a shutoff shaft inside the faucet body which opens up and also shuts the rear seal. The vents inside the shaft reduce the circulation of beer to supply a great, smooth pour. These tap are simple to disassemble for cleansing functions. Back sealing taps are an inexpensive option versus an onward securing faucet.

Forward Sealing Faucets

Onward sealing or ventless draft beer faucet differs from conventional rear sealing taps in that they considerably minimize the amount of beer that is exposed to oxygen. Rather than a valve shaft managing the circulation at the rear of the faucet, the flow is controlled at the front end. This means much less beer gets entraped inside the level location of the faucet body, which keeps your tap manage from sticking and also is less at risk to germs and also mold and mildew growth. Forward-sealing taps likewise have less internal parts, which implies you will invest much less time and money on repairing or replacing taps.

Onward sealing taps often tend to put faster than back sealing ones because the beer does not have to travel with any type of vents. This produces extra disturbance, which may bring about sudsy beer. To help this, several producers use a circulation control design to assist consumers slow their put down.

European Draft Beer Faucets

European beer taps run likewise to their basic American counterparts with a couple of exemptions, the biggest difference being the longer and also skinnier spout. The slim spout minimizes the quantity of foam you get when pouring, which makes it fantastic for filling growlers and pitchers.

The caveat with European faucets is that they have different strings or a much shorter shank than conventional faucets, that makes them inappropriate with lots of draft systems in America, particularly kegerators.

The good news is you can find prolonged spout taps that are made to fit common shanks and also towers.

Nitrogen Stout Draft Beer Faucets

If you wish to serve up Guinness, Boddington’s, Murphy’s, or any other mixture that needs nitrogen or mixed gas for giving, you’ll require an unique Nitrogen Stout Beer Faucet.

The long, narrow style of a stout faucet couple with an unique restrictor disc inside to aid power the beer swiftly through the faucet, creating the plunging, thick head generally associated with nitro brews. For maximum flexibility, you can conveniently remove the restrictor disc and also utilize this faucet to dispense “routine” CO2-powered beers.

Prolonged Spout Draft Beer Faucets

Expanded spout faucets, help you control your put by developing much less distance (and also hence less loosened foam) in between the tap and the glass, bottle, or growler you’re attempting to fill up. The prolonged spout is additionally ideal for giving wine due to the fact that the limited drop assists avoid over-oxidation while pouring.

Pilsner Draft Beer Faucets

While the best goal of putting a pint of beer in America is to maintain the amount of foam to a minimum, there belong to the world where a cup of foam would not be angrily slid back to the bartender when offered.

A side pull draft beer faucet or Czech beer tap has a trio of micro-filters to control the circulation of beer to develop a creamy head, which is the traditional way of delighting in a Czech pilsner. You immerse the tap in the cup to produce a smooth, wonderful head of foam.

Specialized Draft Beer Faucet Features

Self-Closing Faucets

A common self-closing faucet does precisely what its name guarantees: it closes itself! The rest of the building coincides as a typical tap, yet instead of needing to by hand push it shut, it will return to the closed setting when you take your hand off the lever. This is a wonderful alternative to aid save beer and also prevent unexpected spills.

Creamer Faucets

A basic creamer tap generally has the exact same construction and surface options as a common faucet, but it adds a greatly improved degree of control over the velvety head of your pint. The lever is specifically constructed to be pulled forward or pushed back. When you draw it onward, beer streams freely, yet when you press it back you can supply as much creamy foam as desired to contribute to the aesthetic appeals and preference of your brew.

Flow Control Faucets

If you’re going to be pouring sampler glasses, utilizing icy mugs, or regularly transforming your keg to greatly various designs of brew, a flow control tap will assist handle your put with ease. These faucets include a special lever on the side that restricts the circulation to make sure that you do not wind up with a foamed-over glass.

Circulation control faucets are needed devices if you are going to be offering carbonated mixed drinks on tap. Carbonated alcoholic drinks are dispensed at very high pressure and also circulation control taps offer the required restriction to manage beverage circulation. Circulation control faucets are likewise suggested for giving kombucha. Though not definitely required, it’s advised to aid counteract lathering issues that may occur with kombucha’s ambiguous carbonation degree.

Draft Beer Faucet Materials

Draft taps are commonly available in 3 types of finishes: chrome-plated, stainless steel as well as sleek brass. While all three have various visual qualities to them, there are some added things to bear in mind when selecting the design you want to use.

Chrome Draft Beer Faucets

Chrome-plated brass taps are one of the most common design of tap you will certainly find. The shiny chrome surface is aesthetically appealing, and also sticks out behind any type of bar. They are much more cost-efficient as well as have the same function as stainless-steel, yet they don’t stand up well to the wear and tear of lasting continuous usage.

After years of use and exposure to low-level level of acidity from both the beer itself as well as different cleaning representatives, a standard chrome-plated tap may start to wear away as well as impart unwanted tastes to your brew.

If you are building a kegerator for your residence or a draft system that won’t obtain a high-level of use, after that chrome-plated faucets are still a feasible alternative for you. Just make sure to check the level of wear over time.

Stainless-steel Draft Beer Faucets

Stainless-steel taps are an upgrade over the standard option. The included worth of having a tough stainless-steel tap that will last for many years behind your bar stabilizes the compromise of the costs cost.

Since stainless-steel is less at risk to corrosion it makes it a far more sanitary option due to the fact that it is much more resistant to the development of bacteria. Because of that, stainless steel is a need to if you want to dispense wine on tap, coffee on tap, kombucha at hand or mixed drinks on tap due to the fact that the acidity in these drinks will certainly almost immediately rust the finish of a plated-brass faucet as well as make whatever end up in your glass undrinkable.

Refined Brass Faucets

If you long for the look of polished brass for your taps, then you do have choices. A polished brass draft faucet uses the exact same price and performance as its chrome-plated equivalent. You can additionally obtain a stainless-steel tap with a tarnish free brass surface that provides the appearance of brass on the outside, however with the sturdiness of stainless-steel on the within.

Ideal Draft Beer Faucets

There are a selection of draft beer taps on the marketplace made from the various materials we’ve covered in this overview. When selecting faucets for our draft system right here at KegWorks, we chose stainless steel, ahead sealing draft faucets Stainless-steel faucets are the toughest and also lengthiest lasting faucet cash can acquire, and deal with a variety of drinks. The forward sealing style is an extra hygienic choice as they leave little or no beer inside the faucet body when you are finished putting.

Perlick Premium Draft Beer Faucets

Any kind of typical faucet will certainly obtain beer from the keg to your glass, but when you buckle down concerning your dispensing and also wish to take things to the following level, Perlick is the method to go.

At KegWorks, we happily bring Perlick 600 collection draft beer taps. Every one of these faucets include Perlick’s legendary engineering innovation, consisting of a distinct forward-sealing style that significantly lowers oxygen direct exposure, a clean-pouring vertical spout that avoids old beer from collecting in a flat area and also drawing in germs or other impurities, as well as an innovative “drifting round lever” that gets rid of sticking and ensures a positive seal.

A lot of these taps additionally include premium 304 stainless-steel building that will last forever, without ever influencing the taste of your mixture. This makes Perlick a perfect alternative for dispensing coffee, red wine, or alcoholic drinks as well.

Intertap Draft Beer Faucets

Intertap draft beer taps are more recent to the draft market. Their forward-sealing design makes use of a moving shuttle inside the tap that holds the o-ring completely in position permitting a much more trustworthy connection to be made with the seal. to shut the faucet and also stop the flow of beer.

The one function that really makes Intertap taps stick out is the interchangeable spouts that you can exchange in and out. It provides the tap a Swiss Army knife-like feeling to it due to the fact that you can conveniently transform the spouts by loosening them, and also screwing on a new one. There are no devices required, as well as you do not require to take apart any other elements.

Discover more regarding the two various brand names of ahead securing draft faucets in our malfunction of Intertap vs. Perlick draft taps.

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