Ontario Machete Review 2023 – A Family Heirloom !

by Joshua Speaks

The professional machete users are always looking to find an extra sharp, high quality, and superb designed machete that not only proves its sharp cutting performance but also serves as a family heirloom.

Ontario Knife Company is a well-reputed brand name in the USA, famous for making perfect and ideal machetes. you must consider this Ontario Machete Review before buying this machete.

The company was founded in 1889, and through the constant evolution of machete designs and quality, it has become a reputed brand that is famous for producing magnificent machetes.

The headquarter is in Franklinville New York and holds the right to create some awesome-looking folding knives. Over the years, the company has been fabricating and producing well-structured and multi-purpose sharp knives for the military.

That's why the company always benchmarked the military standards even creating the regular machetes. You can measure its precise cutting performance and these knives are considered as too much easy to carry and handy toolkit.

When it comes to pocket knives, the Ontario Machetes are all-time best. These are folded knives that can easy to carry during regular trips and can prove as a safety gadget, during survival times.

The company also creates some specially designed long-styled machetes, with fixed non folding blades and that's surpassing the standards of sharpness, quality, and elegance.

Ontario Machete Review

Ontario Machete Review
Ontario Machete Review

Either you buy this machete for personal or professional use, this will never let you down. Moreover, the Ontario machetes are considered the best heirloom and gift items. The knives come with an awesome guide and high-quality leather cover, assuring to keep the device protected from external conditions.

Ontario Knife Blade

Ontario Knives, since 1942 has been contributing a top-quality series of pocket knives to the US army. Following the cutting-edge technologies and hands-on experience, the company provides sharp cutting pocket knives that are powered by elegant designs.

The primary difference among all Ontario knife blades is their material used during the production. You might witness that the small pocket knives are geared by stainless steel, carbon steel, or any other combination. The blades are further coated with powders that resist rust and make the blade less resistive.

The stainless blade Ontario Knives are always expensive as compared to carbon steel, while both can withstand hard cutting chores. The difference comes with their efficiency, prices, and longevity.

The other difference is their purpose of use. The stainless blades can easily cut down the hardwood and considered as a multi-purpose device, either during survival times and in-home gardens.

So, find the knife blade according to the use and then buy what fits in your budget and supports you during the trips and daily chores. All the Ontario knives commit quality and you can measure their efficiency after one single stroke.

Ontario Knife Handle

The type of handle style and handle material is a large concern. You can't imagine a handle grip can power your strokes and make your cutting more precise and accurate. There are many materials been used to design and fabricate these handles.

You may find that the knives come with the hard material, wood, and mostly covered by the rubber or any other additional sheet, rest assuring that confirms stronghold and reinforced strokes.

A solid wooden handle will always provide users a great grip. It can be cracked or damaged once it is contaminated with the water. Hence every material has some drawbacks and benefits.

The Ontario knives are less made with the plastic handle. The professional users never prioritize the plastic handle as it gets slippery and that's not recommended. The Micarta handle provides an excellent grip, while its combination with stainless steel make the knives ideal, but quite expensive.

The handle design is also an important aspect to choose an Ontario Knife. Professional machete users need a perfect ideal grip and that's why the design of the handle is very significant.

It must be handy, not too thick, long, and geared by lanyard holes. This supports multi-level positioning while grip and makes any machete handle maximizing the performance.

How to Use it

There are a lot of designs ranging from folding pocket knives to different long-styled machetes. There are some special precautions to use these knives safely otherwise, anyone can harm the hands or the body.

The short knives are easy to use and highly portable, while the long sharp styled Ontario needs some special practice to use.

Holding a machete is quite important. With time, the professional and new machete users learn to hold the device in a flexible manner, using a multi-level grip and known as pinch grip. You must hold the machetes not too tight, avoiding the vibrant, and even never leave it fully loose.

The angle of the machete is quite important too. While striking into the hard surface or cutting the wood, it requires a special angle of 45 degrees.

Moreover, always carry a machete in a fixed leather cover, so you will never get harm unless you are suing. Most of the Ontario machetes come with a leather cover that is perfectly tailored according to the blade size.

So, it's always better to have some practice before you sue the deadly knife as it can harm your hands and body. Most of the machetes come with a sharp blade and you never need a manual initial sharpening. Keep sure the level of grip, angle, and then accurately apply the pressure for a precise cut.

Different models of Ontario Knives

The company has been creating a wide range and selection of machetes across the globe. All come with standard blades and build according to the USA Military standards.

1. Ontario Bushcraft Machete
2. Ontario 1-18 Sawback Machete
3. Ontario CT1 12″ Military Spec Cutlass Machete
4. Ontario SP-X Machete
5. Ontario 22 Inch Traditional Machete
6. Ontario 18 inches Military Jungle Machete
7. Black Nylon 12-inch Bush Machete Sheath from Ontario Knife co.
8. Ontario 12-inch traditional cutlass camp and trail machete
9. Ontario 22 ¼ inch heavy duty machete with black D-Handle
10. Ontario 16-inch Bushcraft machete with sheath

These are some high quality and popular Ontario machetes available in the market. Still, you need to review these and find which machete knife suits your purpose. Select a multi-dimensional device that you can carry during the jungle trips and even helpful for backyard garden tasks.

Ontario Knife Company 6144 Military Machete - Retail Package, 18″

You may find the Ontario machetes are an awesome all-around chopper. Either you are looking to cut down the grass, brushes, chop down the trees and pierce the items, the Ontario machetes are an all-time favorite and productive. This Ontario Knife Company 6144 Military Machete is long structured and designed according to the military standards.

The Ontario knives are overbuilt to handle as it supports maximum strokes and quite strong heavier cutting jobs as well. The knife is made through solid materials, thus benefiting the professional users. The 18-inch-high quality carbon steel blade confirms the sharp cutting and an ideal device for professional users.

The device is an expensive machete than a regular one. These always come with a high-quality sheath, solid blade, and resilient handle that confirms a great grip and powerful strikes every time! Mostly, the manufacturer provides a custom-fit leather cover so as to escape from the harsh external climate.

The Ontario machete is a full tang device and the blade is embedded to the strong handle, supporting a strong structure, powerful stroke, escaping the vibrations during the heavy task. These knives have extremely strong designs as the complete black structure of the machete gives it an awesome look.

The handle is added with the sheath, that adds a non-slippage attribute while the users enjoy the same performance either in wet or dry condition. The blade has a pointy tip, with teeth and helps in piercing and scrapping. Find the lanyard hole at the handle, that adds flexibility to the multi-dimensional grip! Here are some top key features of this solid structure machete!

Key Features
  • A solid blade supporting precise cut
  • A handle that empowers solid grip
  • The device has a full tang structure
  • The designs are elegant
  • Best for chopping and cutting
  • Survival machetes during jungle trips
  • The machete is powered by a sheath
  • The blade is made by strong steel
  • The blade is covered by rust resistive layer
  • Lanyard holes at the handle
  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Strong handle
  • Full tang structure
  • Easy to carry
  • Multipurpose machete
  • Long sized

Buy them at eBay, Etsy, Walmart (subject to availability)

Ontario Knife Co 1-18" Military Machete - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Ontario Knife Company CT5 22" Machete - Retail Package - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Ontario Knife Company 8683 SP8 Machete Survival 10"" Sawback Blade, Cordura and Leather - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Ontario Knife Company CT1 Retail Packed Machete, 12", Black (8286) - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Ontario Knife Company 8521 Ontario Orange D-Handle Heavy Duty Machete 22-1/2" Fixed Blade - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Ontario Knife Company 6144 Military Machete - Retail Package, 18", Black - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Ontario Knife Company 8515 Field Knife with D Black Handle - Retail Package, 18" - Walmart, Etsy, eBay


You have gone through the positive aspects of the Ontario Machete review in 2023, as this empowers the users with a sharp cutting performance. The device is a multipurpose cutting machine, best fit for the daily task, and even for the heavy chores during the jungle trips.

The handle of the Ontario machetes is designed to support a good grip with the added sheath or the rubber layer that confirms a non-slippage attribute.

You may find these devices some expensive but it stays over the years as a partner and can be a family heirloom. No need to sharpen every time while cutting - just grab it and strikes in to enjoy a precise and quick cutting.

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