How to Clean a Blade – Care and Maintenance Guide!

by Terry R.

Do you have a machete? Its blade might get rusted or wrecked with time. No worries, as this article will explain proper ways on how to clean a blade and make it functional once again. Everyone wants the machete to perform better and that’s why it is necessary to follow all the different cleaning methods to make it look refreshing and work flawless once again.

It is a good always a good approach to keep the machetes in a safe area, away from any moisture and water droplets, so as to avoid any direct contamination from the rust. To make sure the machete performs better, it is necessary to take care of all its parts. Let’s check out some details on how to clean a blade:

How to Clean a Blade

How to Clean a Blade
How to Clean a Blade

Blade Care

The blade is the core element of the machete. It must be kept in care otherwise; you can’t enjoy a sharp cutting range. Every blade comes with different cleaning and caring instructions but one thing is for sure – keep these away from the dampness and sharpen it with time to make it a rust-free fully functional device!

Carbon steel blades and stainless-steel blades are considered to be the sharpest of all blades. It can easily get in contact with rust and there are some precautions and cleaning guidelines to follow, making sure the blade rocks again!

1. You need to keep the blade away from the water contamination
2. It’s better to dip the blade in oil
3. Use after sharpening it with a good sharpener
4. Keep the blade in the leather cover

You must keep care of the blades with the following instructions so they stand out and will surpass the cutting performance every time.

Handle Care

The high quality and top-notch machetes come with an ergonomic handle. There is a wide collection of handle material, widely been seen. It includes the wooden handle, rubber, plastic, and micarta, etc. These handles are famous for their great grip and reinforced stroke!

Each handle needs special care and maintenance. To avoid any crack, damage, or rupturing, it’s better to follow the guideline on how to clean the machete and to keep the handle in shape. The precautions again depend on the nature of the handle and the material used

1. Plastic handles are almost carefree. You never need to follow some guidelines and invest some time to take care of these types of handles.

2. On the other hand, the wooden handles are quite vulnerable to moisture and they can cause damage because of water contamination! Lemon oil or furniture polish are the two ingredients that can help to protect the wooden handle. It will keep away the rust and that retains the performance, grip, and value of the machete.

3. Rubber or textured handles are famous for their excellent comfort and great grip. Users feel these handles soft while touching! They must keep in a place covered by the leather cover.

4. Micarta handles, that are well famous are the top of the list. These support best cutting ranges are very durable. If you find any debris or stains on it, you can clean that with the sponge or even can use special detergents to make it look refreshing!

So, follow on these guidelines, choose the material of the handle and then clean it to make it look new again and stand out with perfect grip!

Sheath Care

Without a sheath, it is really hard to carry any machete while you are on the jungle trip! Just like the machete sheath care is also important. It gives extra protection to the machete parts. It is highly important to keep this away from the humid zone and avoid any contamination!

You must keep the sheath away from the dirty and dusty places, as it can cause cracks or can completely ruin it! The care now depends on the nature of the machete sheath that is described below:

1. Nylon Sheath is very easy to maintain. There are some special detergents available in the market, help it to clean and it stays in perfect order. Remove the dust and stain particles to grab the refreshing nylon sheath look and make it fully functional You can also expose it to the sun that removes the smell!

2. Leather Sheath is also a widely seen sheath and requires some attention. You can’t use detergents to clean the leather sheath. It’s better to try it with a brush that will slowly remove the dust and then afterward, better to clean it with a wet cloth. Retain the glory and beauty of your device once again in no time!

Storing Your Machete

Machete is quite a deadly weapon and it must be kept away from the children’s approach, in some locker, or any cupboard. Use to dip the blade with the oil before you store, so it never gets the rust contamination!

How to Clean a Machete Blade?

Cleaning the blade is not a difficult task. You just need to follow some guidelines and understand the nature of the blade material. After that, some care is taken to clean it. You can use the vinegar to clean the surface of the blade and this technique is valid for all types of blades. It removes the corrosion and rust, making the blade looks shiny and outstanding in performance!

How to un-rust a Machete Blade?

It is very easy to un-rust the blade of the machete. Place the place for about one day in a vinegar bowl. It will extract and remove all the dust particles. After that, gently rub the blade with a soft and smooth wool cloth. In the end, wash it with clean water and after some time, you find your machete’s blade shine, and it’s completely un-rusted!

Tips for Perfect Machete Care!

1. To keep machete on the dry place.
2. Clean the moisture and make it dry before placing it in the sheath.
3. Use oil to control the moisture contact environment.
4. Avoid water usage to clean the handle of the machete.
5. Keep the machete away from the children.


It’s better to keep your machete clean and for that, this guide on how to clean a blade of machete comes with great information. Realize the nature and the quality of the blade, implement the action plans, and find the blade of the machete back to pre-factory conditions.

Either it’s about cleaning a pocket knife, long structured machete, or any other cutting device, this cleaning manual will help users to restore the blade. Once you clean the machete and you think it’s out of perfect edge so you need to use the reliable knife sharpener for it. and if you are the hunter then you must go for this hunting knife sharpener.

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